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Found 6 results

  1. Version 1.2


    This is a conversion of shiva's Original 2004 Trigon which was created using shivaEngine 2. This is one of the greatest original tables ever made in VP and has lasted through the test of time. Big Thank you to shiva for allowing the release of this conversion of his awesome table. Thank you to Shadowsclassic for his work on the backglass clean up. Thank you to Itchigo for his WIP thread and motivation to make this conversion and for his project management. Nice whip cracking dude.
  2. Version 1.0


    An original from Stevoz, done from Rascal's Hybrid view. Comissioned by Steveoz. Really nice, although I did replace some of the old vp8 sounds in it. Full working backglass, the same as the hybrid view version- which doesn't have "Game Over" and "Tilt" in it. Tested in vp 9.9.
  3. Version 2.0


    This is Shiva's Trigon, Modded to Full Screen DirectB2s. Sorry this took so long, but here it is. I had problems with notepad and editing this, as well as understanding the script. Try editing files without word wrap working on a large script, actually 3 large scripts. This table has almost 5,000 lines in it! I then left it and came back to it. There are enhanced images in here given to me by Shiva. The playfield image and The plastics are a bit off in scale and position. It looks like these were unfinished updated images. However, if I use the original ones they "wash out" in vp 9.90. But still, these look great! And it doesn't affect the gameplay one bit. Works in vp9.90. Thanks go to: Shiva and CO.: For making this awesome original, and giving permission to mod this to FS Rascal: For putting up with me, and the backglass. PBecker1946: For trying to help me with the plastics images. For those of you who don't know: There are 3 script files in the zip- you will need them in the same folder as the table! DO NOT RENAME THEM!
  4. Version 2.0


    This is Rascal's Flying Turns for Cabinets. Done with Rascal's blessing, thanks Rascal. This is an unmodifed version- nothing was changed, except to make it work with a backglass. The table and all images are from Rascal, I only assembled and coded the backglass. Directb2s is in the zip. Feel free to change any layback or angle settings.
  5. Itchigo


    Version 1.0


    This is the Full Screen Direct B2s version for cabinets. It was modded from the vp9 version of Ash's table. I stretched it to Full Screen, made a Directb2s for it, and did some clean up work in the center, and at the top. Thanks to Bodydump for the playfield image. Direct B2s is in the zip. Enjoy.
  6. Version 1.0


    Distant World FS DB2s Top 4 lanes advance X. Left 3 targets advance value of right kicker. After you max that out it lights special in the outlanes. Hitting S-P-A-C-E targets down advances lights until Extra ball lights. Hitting them again gives you an extra ball. Dropping inline targets allows you to lock balls. Locking two balls lights multiball by the 3 bank. Dropping the 3 bank when lit initiates multiball. During multiball all scores are either 2X or 3X, based on balls in play. During multiball, drop all inline targets and relock the ball for Jackpot. Replays at: 1,000,000 1,400,000 1,800,000 Highscore: awards 3 credits. Match: One credit per player. Youtube of it in action: (DB2s is included in the zip).
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