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Defender (Williams 1982) VPW

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dfndr_l4 ROM Name
VPW Created by
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Williams Manufacturer
1982 Year

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Landers, Mutants, and Bombs… Oh My!


The VPin Workshop presents the classic pinball from the late great Barry Oursler, based on the classic arcade game of the same name, DEFENDER. Once we tracked down the beautiful playfield and plastics scans of this rare machine, building the table from the ground up was inevitable (and fun). Defend those poor Humanoids from Landers and from becoming Mutants… Avoid the Baiters, destroy the Swarmers, and Warp yourself into victory!


Apophis - Project lead, Scripting, Roth/nFozzy physics, Fleep sound effects, Flupper 3D inserts, Shadows

Bord - 3D models and rendering

Uncle Paulie - VR Room

Jutsuka - Asset research and testing

G94 - Playfield and plastics scans

VPW Team – Testing


This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us. Thank you!

Edited by VPinWorkshop
Update to table version 1.1

Contact Author First.
10.8 required

What's New in Version 1.1.1   See changelog


Version 1.1 fixed the black playfield issue, and now version 1.1.1 fixes the playfield reflections. VPX 10.8 is required now.
' 1.0.1 - jsm174 - Standalone VPX compatibility updates
' 1.0.2 - Primetime5k - Staged flipper update
' 1.0.3 - apophis - Added slingshot corrections. Target physics material updated. Automated VR_Room. Fixed issue with playfield_mesh in ON_Prims collection (for 10.8 compatibility). Organized layers.
' 1.0.4 - Primetime5k - minor staged flipper fix.
' 1.0.5 - apophis - Unchecked Spherical Map on ball image mapping. Changed ball scratch image. Fix for standalone (thanks jsm174)
' 1.0.6 - apophis - Fix SolCallback(36) issue. 
' 1.1.1 - apophis - Fix playfield reelections: deleted old playfield_mesh and renamed playfield_mesh_on to playfield_mesh. Put center post in Rubbers collection. Deleted old plastics flasher. 

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· Edited by KiwiBri

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I was a big fan of the arcade game Defender, loved it. The sounds and the atmosphere of this simple game. I never knew there was a real pinball machine version of this game! (I had thought someone had made an original table)


So I am mind blown with this recreation. The table looks amazing, the lighting effects as the ball travels around, the latest physics are great, flipper flipping and reacting amazing well. Wow. Oh, and I was so excited to hear the iconic "Defender sounds" - then just the sounds of the table, the ones the ball makes in the outlanes etc.. stunning!


thank you @VPinWorkshop   and all team members!!!

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This is an amazing table! I saw it featured on a vpin video. The physics, lighting and feel of the table are all 5 stars ***** Nice job!

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It makes you believe that you are playing the real table.
Top notch!

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This is an amazing combination of an OG 80's arcade classic, innovative 80's pinball trying to capitalize on this quirky theme, and the VPW crew polishing up and resurrecting this oldie for us all to enjoy. This version of the table is far more vibrant and crisp, which also adds depth to the dimensions. Physics add proper weight to the ball, which is also augmented by improved sound. Now, I've just gotta figure out all the rules!

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after  fire power , the second pinball based on defender the arcade game , good job . lot hour of pinplay for tomorow . 

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ooooh thank you VPW team !

so happy to have that one in my collection now

beautiful realisation

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I have fond memories of playing the crap out of the standup arcade machine when I was young. Enjoyed previous VPX version but these versions (VPX and VR) are so realistic, table looks great, plays and feels great. Excellent implementation of Roth/nFozzy physics and Fleep sound effects, thanks to all involved for your time spent and for sharing yet another masterpiece. 

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Love this table…the sound sure brings you back.  Great work as usual!

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Wow I finally played it, it's on of the best of this era !

Perfect arcade atmosphere, so well rendered. The feeling is awesome !


Thank you again !

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