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Batman (Data East 1991) VPW 1.1

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Have You Ever Danced With the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?


The VPin Workshop members present Batman by Data East! This is actually a really fun table that benefitted from a lot from a proper rebuild from the ground up and conversion to it's correct widebody dimensions, its definitely worth a play even if you didn't enjoy it before :)

Includes a built in VR mode and numerous options which you can enable in the script.

•    Main table overhaul: Cyberpez

•    Visuals: Skitso

•    Inserts: iaaki
•    nFozzy physics: fluffhead35
•    Fleep Sounds: baldgeek
•    VR Stuff: Sixtoe
•    Miscellaneous fixes and tweaks: Entire VPW team inc. Sixtoe, iaakki, Skitso, apophis, wylte, fluffhead35, oqqsan

•    Apron Primitive: tomate
•    Testing: Rik, VPW team
This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us including, in this case, Javiers VPX version, some 3D models from Dark and the original playfield by 85vett.

Thank you to Rothbauerw and nFozzy for the physics. Thanks to Fleep for sounds.


We recommend that you run this with the fabulous altsound from iDigStuff, which, like most Data East licensed tables, truly enhances the experience!


             ** VPW Mod V1.0 - CHANGE LOG **
                       VPin Workshop Revisions
' Started from Skitso mod of Javiers VPX version.
' 002 cyberpez - All table objects and playfield re-aligned, altered and resized to correct proportions.
' 003 skitso - visual pass
' 003 cyberpez - Added primitive playfield, Reworked Joker Ramp and trough (Primitives - got rid of fall through kickers) also reworked musuim kicker.  Chanaged playfield image to one without transparent holes.
' 006 baldgeek - Added Fleep Sounds
' 007 fluffhead35 - nFozzy physics
' 008 skitso - repositioned and tweaked lower playfield GI lights, remade gangster inserts, batman face and logo inserts and moon insert with skitso style, removed primitive playfield that was of wrong size.
' 009 skitso - repositioned rest of the GI lights, made bat cave toy opaque, made flugelheim toy disable light from behind, fixed ton of depth bias issues around right plastic ramp. Cyberpez added mesh playfield back.
' 010 cyberpez - added nFozzy lighting script. Primitive inserts.  Flupper Flasher Domes, sixtoe-tweaked plastic ramp.  Probably other things.
' 011 skitso - redone joker ramp lighting and flashers, improved left side dome flashers, improved top flashers, added proper bumper lights, tweaked insert primitive material colors, slight tone tweak to PF, improved skitso style inserts (moon, batman face and bat logo), Added shadow to plunger lane and bat mobile.
' 013 skitso - improved backwall flashers (better color, a tad thicker font for better readability), improved left flashers, tweaked gangster inserts, small tweak to top bumper light
' 014 gtxjoe - add debug shot tester (Press 2 for outlane blocker, Press and hold key to test shots: w e r y u i p a s f g h.  While holding a key, use flippers to adjust shot angle )
' 014b cyberpez - reworked museum again.  I think its working.
' 015 skitso - remade bat cave flasher, tweaked blue insert_on material
' 017 iaakki - 3 prim insert rework
' 018 iaakki - 3 prim insert rework continued
' 019 iaakki - 3 prim insert rework continued...
' 020 skitso - tweaked Joker ramp decals to have more pink tone. (warm lighting subdues the change though), improved right hand gangster insert (skitso style) and flasher, tweaked bumper lights more more accuracy, moved Flugelheim walls to more correct position and added shadow.
' 021c tomate - collidable ramp fixed, alternative apron adedd
' 022 skitso - tweaked iaakki's middle PF square 3 prim flashers. Added 2 arrow 3 prim flashers (first try, please be gentle)
' 023 iaakki - apron scaled, rubberizer added, targetbouncer added to posts and sleeves, live catch fixed, rubbers hit treshold fixed, slings tuned, flipper angles and sizes fixed, batcave texture swap disabled
' 024 Sixtoe - Fixed left flasher flare positions, added VR cabinet, room and modes, added blocker wall for left middle plastic as ball can jump over and behind it, aligned a couple of handful of metals, aligned top middle left flasher decal, removed collidable from a handful of things, aligned batmobile in shooter lane, aligned and resized batcave a bit (it was very tall in VR), adjusted triggers (dropped and lengthened), adjusted apron wall and made visible for VR, adjusted apron guard prim, adjusted depth bias of shooter land plastic to -1000
' 025 skitso - added skitso style insert "see through" effect around center playfield square bat tv inserts, 'joker's mouth 4 million' insert, green multiplier inserts and 'shoot again' insert at the bottom of the table.
' 026 skitso - remade the two green lamps on top of the joker ramp, repositioned orange flasher domes.
' 027 cyberpez - started to change out nut bolts and things.  Fixed plunger lane.  Added ramp tweak to cave entrance .  Started changing diverter.
' 028 skitso - set slope to 5.2, bumper force set to 9. Tweaked left dome flashers, moved multiplier insert prims to z-1, fixed million plus and batlogo flashers on top of the batcave, improved bat logo lamp on flugelheim front, improved plunger lane red bulb, resized all GI lights to new table measurements, fixed texture swap for bumpers and Flugelheim flashers, improved Flugelheim flashers, tweaked bumper off texture, made Flugelheim and dome flashers reflect from batcave, small tweaks, iaakki improved batcave fading and fixed flipper nudge values. 
' 029 cyberpez - Changed plunger release speed to 90.  Change slings to 4.  Lowered back wall flashes.  Added rails and primitive flasher bulbs under Joker.
' 030 iaakki - Flugelgugel flashers reworked to have own timer. Made it swap PF flash to different depending to port state. Levels to be adjusted
' 031 skitso - further tweaked Flugelheim flashers and added side blade reflection, tweaked Joker ramp flashers, improved Flugelheim rising wall texture, fixed sticky plungerlane
' 032 cyberpez - Adjusted clear plastics.  More nuts / bolts / screws.  Made top left gate/bracket custom primitive and animated.  Maybe rotated left orage domes to line up with holes. Shifted Museum back and left a bit.  Adjusted Museum trough, hope it fixed 3ball multiball. Adjusted rubber on the small random posts by bumpers.  Adjusted top side of lane guides.  
' 033 skitso - fixed museum flasher locations, fixed top right ramp/protector depth bias issue, removed ball reflection status from few GI bulbs, fixed jackpot insert below Flugelheim. Added a slideblade reflection to left dome flashers (code missing)
' 034 iaakki - flugelheim pTrough primitive adjusted to work better for 3-ball mb, bar hit sound added, left domereflection added to code
' 035 skitso - tweaked left dome reflection
' 036 skitso - fixed minor flasher clipping under Joker ramp, fixed clipping decal on top skill shot flasher dome, improved w/lit insert flasher
' 037 cyberpez - shrunk museum a bit. More nuts and bolts and things.  adjusted switch 28 and 29 posistion, animated primitive gates.  Animated switches for Joker Eye's and Mouth.  Tweaks to diverter.
' 038 skitso - resized and moved museum flashers once more. Removed one stray peg inside museum, made Joker mouth flasher visible through the mouth hole.
' 039 iaakki - rtx ball shadow code included with ramp rolling etc. Some depth bias or z-order issues visible. Shadows are too dark on purpose. Should be reduced once it work
' 040 skitso - resized insert prims to correct size and shape. Removed playfield reflections from insert prims and a bunch of other crap that didn't need it for a hefty performance boost
' 041 iaakki - NormalMapped inserts only in VR mode, right ramp sleeves fixed, shadow depth bias debugged etc
' 042 cyberpez - orginization baby.  Also tweaked bumper "ring drop offset.  changed out "random" posts on either side of bumper area.
' 043 apophis - Fixed the Fleep installation. Fixed some ballshadow issues...shadows are still bugging on insert primitives. Cleaned up the script a bit.
' 044 Wylte - Fixed shadows, with update to latest primitive/image/materials.  Updated RollingUpdate sub with latest shadow code.  Thinned shadows slightly
' 045 fluffhead35 - Added BallPitchV Function and used for Plastic Ramp Sounds.  Changed TargetBouncerFactor to 1.5. Added RubbersD point to make microbounces happen  
' 046 fluffhead35 - Updated PlasticRamp Sound and amplified the volume of the sound. 
' 047 fluffhead35 - Updated BallRoll Sound and amplified the volume of the sound.  Fixed BallPitchV as it was on a BallRoll sound and put it on plastic ramp sound.  Added in ligic by oqqsan to stop ball rolling sound at no balls in play.
' 048 fluffhead35 - Reverted TargetBouncer Logic to iaakki version.  Changed BallRoll Sound to use version with lower amplification. Enabled sw14 for BIPL
' 049 oqqsan - Fix for poltergeist ball at plunger (forgot to save?)
' 050 Wylte - Implemented ".  Commented out dynamic shadow z live updates, left ambient for ramps.  Changed recommended TargetBouncerFactor maximum to 1.5
' 051 fluffhead35 - Implemented option BallRollAmpFactor to set amplification factor for BallRoll Sounds.
' 052 cyberpez -  added a couple stragic walls to help stop stuck balls.  Added wall under Flugelgugel to stop clipping of plastic.  Stop ball collison bellow 0 Z. Started adding options.
' 053 Sixtoe - New playfield mesh, adjusted playfield hole primitives and added new playfield edge texture, fixed lots of VR depth bias issues, hooked up plunger, changed black nut material to black powdercoat to make it slightly mmore visible, adjusted primtives to line up better in 3D, adjusted collidable primtivies so they line up correctly, adjusted sideblade flashers to light orange-ish so it doesn't blow out with pure white anymore, added cut down museum flasher so it doesn't stick out of the cabinet. Split rubber collidables where they have a post in the middle, probably some other stuff I've forgotten...
' 054 cyberpez - copied LUT swapper from tftc, JokerRampFlasher mod.  halfpost mod. rubber color mod. added a couple missing screws and adjusted floating rubbers.  
' 055 tomate - New apron added, cab POV changed
' 056 Skitso - fixed default LUT (vpx original) to what it was earlier, tweaked apron texture and disable lighting. Added subtle shadow to the plunger lane, below bat mobile/apron. Set white rubbers as default. Made final visual pass with tiny tweaks here and there.
' 057/8 Sixtoe - Various tweaks and fixed, desktop pov fixed, script cleaned, rails fixed in desktop, playfield mesh error fixed, lights cut to shape


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