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  1. There truly are mutants with extraordinary powers living among us... Another epic release. Thanks.
  2. Amazing work as always. Loved Bord's Pin-bot and Jack-bot tables so was happy to see VPW complete the trilogy with this release. Always blows my mind when a table like this is released and makes you appreciate the talented VPX community we're lucky to have. The table looks, sounds and plays fantastic. Thank you for another top table.
  3. THIS IS THE STAR WARS TABLE YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! After the phenomenal Sonic Pinball Mania table, Terry has updated SlamTilt's classic table to a new level. Sometimes its hard to believe that your are actually playing a Future Pinball table, the improvements made through BAM are just epic. This table is intense, with fast frantic gameplay that will take time to master. I won't be blowing up the Death Star anytime soon but that won't stop me from trying because this table is so entertaining to play. Fantastic work Terry. Soooooo looking forward to RetroFlair 2.
  4. This was an awesome table by Flupper. One of a handful of tables from years ago that I still play on my cab. This VPW update makes it better in all areas and now the experience is just on another level. Between this and Bad Cats I would be on my cab non stop if it wasn't for the recent heatwave here. Lovely update much appreciated. Definitely recommend playing this with Blacksad's amazing backglass. Thanks again team.
  5. One more time... This table brings back some great memories. Having discovered the initial release of this table tune-up by VPW, I was blown away with their work back then. From then on I looked forward to their next release knowing it would be something special. Fast forward a few years or so and this epic team is knocking out some of the best virtual pinball experiences you can possible play. Its great to see you guys are giving your earlier releases a new coat of shiny awesomeness. Love this table. Plays sounds and looks great. Thanks.
  6. Hello there.. I just get the disco ball drop sound but no music. This is only my second table with altsound. The other is your batman package. I will leave it has it is. When I tinker with my setup something always goes wrong... thanks.
  7. I live for VPW table tune ups...these are the tables I play the most. From tables like Bad Cats to the recently released The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard once I load one of these up my free time is gone. Simpsons Pinball Party is another fantastic release by the team who know how to give tables a makeover that just blows you away. Totally appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Another fantastic altsound package. Takes the awesome VPW table to another level. Would it be possible to add an additional sound to the match sequence when Disco Stu is dancing? Thanks
  9. Thank you for the advice Terry I will double check my video settings.
  10. In a couple of games I've had the ball get stuck inside the bottom bumper. See attached photo. Anyone else experiencing the same issue or know how to resolve it?
    This is truly amazing work by a highly talented individual with a passion to push virtual pinball to its limits. Slick presentation, fast fluid gameplay, great complimentary audio package and out of this world visuals! You have to see hear and play this table to believe just how good, so good it is. I could go on and on about the insane lighting, shadows, the animated toys, ball movement but I'd rather go and play it some more instead! Its good to see Future Pinball is still alive and kicking ass. Thank you Terry for sharing this masterpiece with the community. More of the same please.
  11. This table is weird, wacky and lots of fun. Fantastic update with great visuals (plastics look fantastic!), better mechanical sounds and smoother gameplay. Good job. Thanks.
  12. The Force is strong with this table... Another cracking release by the VPW crew. Expect the usual, great graphics (R2 looks awesome!), realistic physics/sounds and smooth gameplay that we all love and know this team can deliver. Thank you guys. Imagine if there was an altsound package by iDigStuff for this table.....
  13. I'd never heard of this table before and boy did this turn out to be a hidden gem. Has mentioned by others the lighting, plastics and playfield on this table are insane. The UN Orion looks fantastic and the ramp...the way it looks and the way the lighting reflects off it.. its soo good. Plays smooth and fast and the sounds are great too. Big thank you to the VPW team and thanks again for sharing your amazing update of this rare table with us. VPX 10.6 rocks!
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