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Lethal Weapon 3 (Data East 1992) VPWmod

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Javier, VPW Created by
Data East Manufacturer
1992 Year

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OK, OK, OK! 
Lethal Weapon 3 table Tune-Up by VPin Workshop. 
It all started by again by just thinking about adding nFozzy’s physics and some missing textures in the original table, then we started replacing some primitives and reworking the existing ones, then the apron, cabinet, metal ramp, bats and a few other things were replaced. Totally new 3d inserts. Then different lamps were added to have a better lighting of all the new baked textures and finally adding a built in VR room...


• New/reworked primitives: tomate
• Baked ON/OFF textures: tomate
• Inserts: Sheltemke, oqqsan
• Scripting: oqqsan
• nFozzys physics: tomate, iaakki
• Fleep sounds: apophis
• Flashes & Lighting Overhaul: tomate, Sixtoe
• VR Room and fixes: Sixtoe, 360 Room by pattyg234.
• Miscellaneous tweaks: Sixtoe, tomate, oqqsan
• Testing: Bord, Rik, oqqsan, VPW team


This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us, including most notably, Javier for the original vpx table, EBisLit for the new playfield image and 32Assassin for the rework. Thank you.

Thanks to Flupper for his beautiful domes and Bumpers caps, Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics and Fleep for sounds.



Contact Author First.

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


hauntfreaks - fixed indicator lights, added GI shadows and drop target shadows

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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

Thank you for posting this excellent update! Love the new assets and faster gameplay.


For anyone wondering where the PUPPack went after updating (like me), change the value of PuPHide from 1 to 0 in line 389 of the script.

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WOW, I didn't expect this table to be so much fun.  Thank you for the excellent work, it is beautiful and plays so well!

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Un duo d'enfer au début et par la suite un trio magique avec Joe Pesci.

Merci pour le travail

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The best review I can give a table is that I forget I am playing a virtual table. Great graphics and lighting can only take it so far, its the misery that only a real table can give you that you look for, which means getting the little things right. That gate on the ramp is so frustrating that again, you forget it is not real. This is one impressive table and one you can really get immersed in. This has quickly become one of my new favourites.

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The latest update is fantastic!

Thanks for all the hard work and congratulations to the whole team. I am loving it!


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Thanks for the 1.1 update.  Looks and plays even than ever and luxuries like the LUT selector are greatly appreciated.  VPW FTW!

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Terrific tuneup as always….I never miss a VPW release.  Outstanding work!

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VPW have nailed it again. The lighting and playfield is sublime. Many thanks

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Thank you for your hard work and your sharing.

This version of the table is really extremely fun to play and beautiful to look at !

Many thanks

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Looks, sounds and plays great. It was hard to stop playing.
Thanks a lot to everyone involved!

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Wow! The wall reflections are so cool! Another 5 star table guys, thank you so much!

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Merci de rendre les tables super encore plus super🤩. J'adore OK OK OK

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Table is fantabulous in VR........and VPX :)  Thanks for another great table and for adding the VR team. 

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Très belle table, le visuel est proche du réel. Je mettrais juste un effet de miroir lumineux sur la balustrade en métal. Merci, excellent travail.

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WOW!!! Thanx for this Tune up! This was not one of my favorites but it looks now better. I will test it tonight 🤩

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