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Diner (Williams 1990) - 2 & 3 screens - db2s

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About This File

Specifications :

  • Full rebuild from scratch
  • New dark translite image rebuilt from differents pictures (crazy photoshop puzzle :blink:)
  • Resolution 1600 x 1204 @70dpi
  • 2 screens grill full redraw
  • DMD image full redraw for 3 screens
  • Authentic color lamps and flashers
  • Some new lamps IDs, everything switch off when tilt and restaurant lamps switch off during the game over sequence (like the authentic).
  • New spring animation for the characters
  • Each character moves independently of the other
  • The movement of the characters is triggered by the solenoids [ Code by STAT, Thanks for sharing ]
  • The characters are surrounded by plastic (like authentic), [ based on the Pookamoondo .psd file, Thanks for sharing ]
  • Flashing restaurant windows lights behind each character
  • Lamps reflection on the 2scr grill
  • Contains about 80 snippits

Installation [ To activate the animations of the backglass characters ] :

1. If you use this b2s with the table version "Diner (Williams 1990) VPW Mod 1.0": [ table link here ]

  • 1.1  In Visual Pinball, edit the vpx table script, modify the setting "EnableBlacksadBackglass" to 1, click on compile and save the table.
  • 1.2 As usual rename the B2S file exactly like the table name.
  • 1.3 EnJoY !

2. If you use this b2s with the table version "Diner VPX 1.2 (Williams 1990) by flupper1": [table link here]

  • 2.1  In Visual Pinball, edit the code of the Flupper's DINER TABLE and replace it all by the STAT's code from the file "Diner_STAT.txt", click on compile and save the table.
  • 2.2 As usual rename the B2S file exactly like the table name.
  • 2.3 EnJoY !


A special thank you to Flupper who shares his magnificent tables and to the VPW Team for their excellent works (and all the other authors as well ;) ).




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Thank you for your hard work on this backglass. I was blown away by the attention to detail and realism. Truly helps the experience when the backglass is as close to the real thing as this. Got a high score after 4 rounds!

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Wow!  Just what I needed for my three screen 'slim' DMD cab.  Thank you so much!

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Thanks for all the hard work on this one.....everyone involved......really nice!!

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Thanks.  Appreciate the vibrant colors and refined animations.  Nice enhancement for a fantastic table.

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I can imagine how much work and also fun you had until you were able to release your Diner dB2S version. :-)

Thank you very much to try the challenge and to solve as far as I can see it nearly all possible challenges!


Diner is a complex and beautiful backglass and to preserve the great original light show is not an easy task!

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I really had enough with Diner and the B2S Time - but this is worth the Change again ! Cool, thank you !

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