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Diner (Williams 1990) VPW Mod

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4.9 From 31 reviews
166.5 MB File Size
diner_l4 ROM Name
Flupper, VPW Created by
Williams Manufacturer
1990 Year

2 Screenshots

It's Dine Time!!!!!


The VPin Workshop presents an update to Flupper's amazing Diner Table.

  • Fluffhead35 - Project Lead, Scripting, Roth/nFozzy physics, Fleep sound effects, Flupper Domes, Dynamic Shadows, insert lighting, Roth DropTargets, apophis slings
  • Leojreimroc - VR Room, Animated Backglass, Desktop DMD
  • Skitso - Update GI, LUT, Textures, Inserts, and Ramp materials
  • Apophis - Various Lighting suggests, fixed insert alignment and DINER Inserts
  • Sixtoe - Ramp Adjustments and VR Adjustments
  • Iaakki - Flipper Primitive and Angle Adjustments and Solved ball getting stuck on Left Ramp
  • Rawd - VR Testing and added that amazing Burger and Fries object
  • Rik - Testing and gameplay knowledge
  • PinStratsDan, VPW Team - Testing


If you are using Blacksad's great backglass (see below) then you can enable its cool feature by going into the vpx script and setting EnableBlacksadBackglass to 1.

A big thanks goes out to Flupper for allowing us to update this beautiful table and to all that came before us...

  • Diner by Flupper
  • Based on VP9 version by Tamoore which was based on Pac-Dude's version
  • Playfield redraw by Bodydump
  • Plastics redraws by Ben Logan
  • Several plastics photos from George
  • standup target by Dark
  • many sounds from Knorr's sound package
  • testing by Clark Kent and Ben Logan
  • Shadow ball code by Ninuzzu


RIK's Video


Contact Author First.
v10.7 required

What's New in Version 1.02   See changelog


' v1.0.1 fluffhead35 - Rotated Flasher on back wall 180 degrees.  Fixed flipper shadow overlaying serve again light.  Increased apron wall height to prevent lost ball. Fixed droptargets alternative decals from not showing up.
' v1.0.2 fluffhead35 - Updated Lut to load durring it, so default contrast settings are applied at table init.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Yay - a Flupper masterpiece that realllllly benefits from the newer more-accurate physics. Thanks team I love you guys!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Fantastic and I'm not even being bias!

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   0 of 2 members found this review helpful 0 / 2 members

I know I'm a bit of a party-pooper here by stating that I liked Flupper's original version of Diner better but I just can't bear with the frustrating difficulty of this new version despite the improved visuals and probably more "realistic" physics. Playing this table is more a "chore" than fun to me.

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Thanks for the update, Looks well improved & detailed diner table

thumbs up!

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Nothing but love ! 


That VPW lighting and those geat physics are what keeps me hooked ! 


Great and (i.m.o.) underrated classic !!

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Somehow improved on perfection. The original for me by flupper set a new standard and was ahead of its time but somehow u found room to make it even better. To me this is still one of the best photo real looking tables out there and it’s a lot of fun. Cheers guys.

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Excellently recreated. Visually stunning, and spot on physics to boot. Like the physical table, it's a challenge but an enjoyable one. Thank you Flupper and the VPW mafia! 👌

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This is a beautiful table.  Realistic action, funny sound bites, vivid colors, and crystal-clear resolution make this table a winner.  Hats off to VPW.  Great job!


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perfectly made table, beatiful and hard to play. 

It's always a pleasure to get snarked at by the guests

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It’s VPW, so obviously you get amazing quality. Easily one of my favorite tables and paired with the altsound you get perfection.

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Maybe the best looking table on VPX. It's up there in the top 5 and the lighting is incredible! What amazing feel to the table and physics too. Pair it up with the alt sound file and it's just one of those tables that takes you away to another place. Hall of fame table here! Great job VPW team!

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Magnifique travail, les graphismes sont superbes.


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I thought Flupper's version was to notch already, but this bumps it up even higher!

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This is just excellent.  I played the flupper version a lot and am amazed at how solid of an upgrade this is!  Visuals, audio, feel/physics, it's all improved and really makes this a fantastic experience.  Way to go VPW team and thank you very much for all you do for this fun hobby. 

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Thanks for all you do, this table is another masterpiece as I have read over and over.


Loved playing the table definitely going to spend some more time on it and not just a one and done for sure.

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This new release is amazing!  Diner is one of my favorite tables, so great to have such a fantastic recreation.  The lighting and physics are on point, thanks!

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Thanks to the whole VPW team for this mod of this superb table from Flupper. 

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Wow, what a pleasant surprise!! I'm so glad you guys chose this table to update as it's in my top three all time favorites. Sure is was great before and because of that I wasn't expecting anyone to tackle making it better, but you did and it's awesome! Both the VPX and the VR versions look and play so real, it is very well done and the burger and fries in VR look edible :) Thanks for another superb update, your work keeps getting better and better. 

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Many thanks for this update on a table that was already a masterpiece. 🤩

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Great Release!!!   ThanXXX  One of my Alltime Classixxx😍

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