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Star Trek The Next Generation (Williams 1993) VPW Mod

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166.71 MB File Size
sttng_l7 ROM Name
Knorr, Clark Kent, VPW Created by
Knorr, Clark Kent, VPW Artwork by
Knorr, Clark Kent, VPW Scripting by
Williams Manufacturer
1993 Year

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VPW are proud to present a table tune up of Knorr and Clark Kent's version of Star Trek the Next Generation from Williams.


Although already great, we've added updated nfozzy physics, added some fleep sound whilst keeping the original recordings from the real machine, added the full VR room suite from Rawd and Steely, updated Sixtoes VR cabinet with Leojreimroc making a fully functional backbox in VR and lots of other tweaks and fixes along the way.


The table now plays even closer to the real thing and we hope you enjoy it!


VPW Mod v1.0
Project Lead - fluffhead35
VR Holodeck - Rawd/Steely
VR Work/Backglass - Sixtoe/Leojreimroc
Tweaks - ClarkKent, Apophis, Sixtoe


v01 - fluffhead35 - Added Flipper Triggers, Rubbers and Posts, Bumpers, slings, flipper, and table physics corrections.  Adding in fliper and physic damperner code.
                  - Adding in materials for all code
v02 - fluffhead35 - Added Fleep sound
v03 - fluffhead35 - finished Fleep sound and fixing upper flipper, changing flipper polarity to early 90's and later. Added Sling correction.  Increased plunger strength.
                  - Added logic to stop ball rolling sounds in subways.  Set FlipperCoilRampupMode to 2 
v05 - leojreimroc - Imported Rawd's Holodeck VR Room.  Adjusted Laser barriers for VR.
v06 - fluffhead35 - fixed flipper triggers.  Rubber thickness fixed on upper flipper.  Increased flipper hit sound level.  Updated sling rubbers to use bottom corner for post pass.
v07 - clarkkent   - deleted zCol_Rubber_Sleeve008, RubberPost4,  SubwayScoop_Prim
v08 - fluffhead35 - Made Posts for post pass collidable, adjusted flippers to be in line with guide.  Adjust playfield friction to .15.  Adjusted sling posts physics for post pass.
v09 - apophis     - Added new playfield mesh. Increased speed of slingshot animations. 
v10 - Rawd        - Added ClarkKent Cabinet artwork, some VR fixes and tweaks
v11 - leojreimroc - Implemented Iaaki's flasher code to all solenoid flashers.  Fixed a few flasher positions that were past the cabinet.  Implemented VR Backglass lighting.
v13 - fluffhead35 - Added new ball launch sound to help prevent high bass sounds.  Adjusted size of sleave and physic materials of start mission scoop.  Removed ball dampening triggers.
v14 - fluffhead35 - updated the sling posts for post pass based on clark kents suggestions.  Changed Table difficulty to 56. Added option to switch if ball launch should have bass lowered.
v15 - fluffhead35 - Set default wire Ramp sounds to be from clark kents samples.  Added option to use the other samples if user wants.  Changed ball out to brighter ball.  Turned off flipper corrections on upper right Flipper.
                  - Changed environment emission image to be shinyenvironment3blur4.  Adjusted gi around inlanes and inline insert lightings.
15d - set the falloff of gi lights to 5. Set the day night to 1, set environment lighting to black, adjusted warbird material, adjusted lighting around upper lanes.  Adjusted some random insert lighting.  Adjusted ramp friction based on clark kents suggestions.
15e - changed elasticity and scatter of sw57 to give ball more random bounces and goes down inlanes based on BountyBobs testing
16  - fluffhead35 - merged in nfozzy changed to init throughts at game start as well as using new flipper physics.  Removed target bouncer from sleeve in start mission scoop.  Lowered bumpercap3 from 25 to 20. Added TargetBouncer to Targets_hit
17  - Sixtoe       - Added VR logo back in, hooked up cannon light primitives to lighting system, cleaned up script

Contact Author First.
v10.7 required

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


'v1.0.1 - Adjusted the neutral zone target, changed the vr wall heights to be correct
'v1.0.1a - disabled borgramp1a and set detarampendborg to collidable.
'v1.0.1b - adjusted the neutralzone sounds so that they will be heard. Moved sw48 on borgramp1 so that it see hit value, adjusted cannonlBall.z and cannonRBall.z to fix ball hitting habbit trail.
'v1.0.1c - added option to show cab rails in cabinet mode.  Added in staged flippers mod
'v1.0.1d - moved ramp3 to right a little to line up better with mission start scope.  Replaced the UpdateLamps subroutine with nFozzys versios to fix kickback light
'v1.0.1e - removed upper flipper from keyup and keydown as conflicted with solenoid calls.  
'v1.0.1f - Changed the Elasticity of neutral zone target to .2 and elasticity falloff to 0 for all targets
'v1.0.1g -  set T27P2 to be collidable so that ball hits target and gets into neutral zone
'v1.0.1h - scoopleft2 got moved to wrong position.  Fixed this issue.
'v1.0.1i - Added leftramp triger to start ramp sound.  Adjusting the ramp exit volumes some to make it better.  Added new logic for rampRoll to equalize sound and do a playsoundatvolumelevel call logic.
'        - Added left and right wire ramp gun ramp sounds.
'V1.0.1j - Replaced spinners that were used for gate animations with actual gates.
'v1.0.1k - fixed nuturalzone sound, changed sw27 to star and realigned, fixed issue with ramproll sound with default volume level not working right.  set some triggers to hidden.
'v1.0.1l - Added in code to try and help resolve vr dmd issue.
'v1.0.1m - nfozzy borg lamp fix, rawd vr reflection amount tweak, six klingon bird of prey tweak
'v1.0.1n - adjusted physics on lower sling posts.  Adjusted sounds lever for middle wire ramp. Put wirerampoff when entering borg ship.  Adjusted wireramp sound for vpw option.  
'v1.0.1o - Addeed Lockdown Firebutton. Removed unused sounds  Commented out Debug statements.  Made OriginalSounds the default.
'v1.0.1p - fixed missing variable and addede spacebackground.

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

This is incredible!  

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Another fantastic VPW update.  Set your faces to stun!  Thanks all!

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

One of my favorites. thanks for this awesome release.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

thanks from France !!!!!

Good job !

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

tres belle table , jolie travail , merci

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This is just great. One of my favorite tables and you all have somehow added even more fabulousness to it. Was magical already.....you all have made it more magical. Thank you, thank you, thank you!🙃🤩🙃

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INCONCEIVABLE was my initial reaction when I loaded and fired this up this morning. Amazing detail and playability. Flipper response and feel is everything to me, personally, as well as the sounds and weight that is given when you artists are doing the physics magic. All of them check very specific boxes for me and I thank you. I have yet to figure out what or how VR works but when I see and read superlative comments about VR, on titles like this, it really peaks my interest more and more.  I'm very happy with cabinet play as that is my preference coming from the conventional world but I'm really itching to get a VR mini and enter in that world for a few select games. Anything VPW will be my jump off point.

Thank you all in the VPW talent stratosphere. You're literally magnificent!




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I mean its a VPW Table, what else to say, looks and plays fantastically.

The outlanes on this machine hate me tho :D

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Another VPW gem!   My kids and I have been loving this table, but only today did I fire it up in VR...holy moly you guys aren't messing around!  First off, great that I didn't have to modify any script options to be in VR, just launched and was good to go.  The VR room is insanely cool, especially the ability to use magnasave buttons to move around the room (the door on my right auto-opening was a fun surprise).  The level of detail is remarkable and it performs great on my rig.  Thank you all for your amazing work, you continue to elevate this hobby to a whole new level.  

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you are the best in the world! all your tables are amazing : thank'sssssssssss

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