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TimeLord (Original 2022) - Avago- DOF, nFozzy/Roth physics, Fleep Sounds & Luts

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219.72 MB File Size
Avago Created by
Various artists, compiled by RusstyT Artwork by
JP Salas, RusstyT Scripting by
2022 Year

4 Screenshots

Avago present to you the Time Lord pinball game. Our objective was to make a game that looked good, played great and was fun to play. Hopefully we have achieved that but ....Time will tell😁. The Backglass, VPX game, wheel & rules are include this download and a game instruction video available here on Youtube.

https://youtu.be/2HrowxmZe58. You require VPX10.7, Freezy and Flex DMD to run run this game. No ROM is required.

The game is built on a JP Salas game framework using Darks DMD and flashes. It has been a great pleasure to work with JP to produce a game that plays like a great JP Salas inspired table should. Gedankekojote97 applied the latest nFozzy/Roth physics, Fleep sounds, luts, and ramp textures to what we thought was fun game and make it so much better than we ever imagined.  DOF is applied to the game only in the 1.0.2 version. VR is in the pipeline with Rajo Joey coming on board and joining the Avago team.


The Game

The game is based on a story by Hayden Perno about an evil imposter who has set himself up as the Time Lord by assassinating the the Master of Time, stealing the throne and banishing Q-man the rightful heir of time, to the far reaches of the galaxy. In the game you must complete 5 tasks to defeat the evil imposter TimeLord and restore Q-Man's position as the true Lord of Time. During gameplay  table graphics change, rotating planets appear, dragons eyes follow your every move, rotating clocks can suddenly change direction which are all very nice buuuuut, poor shot selection will be greeted by let's say with commentary by a less than complimentary robot. This game was built for fun and the callouts are a highlight of the game. The ultimate goal of the game is to complete the 5 tasks and the reward is a whole new playfield. The glory table  will appear for 60 seconds and you have an opportunity to make glory billions via the the centre spiral ramp.

Table influences

The current version is third 3rd generation & 2 years in the making so many influences can be seen as this table has evolved.

Seeing  JP's  scripting in Serious Sam was the turning point and his generosity and support to use his ideas and help with the final scripting has made this game possible.

Scotty Wickburgh is also huge influence on this game and you will recognise some of his ideas in rotating bumper caps and a captive ball spinner. Other influences you may notice include the TOTAN style ramps (They were the first objects on the table and remained till the end), the Shovel Knight lifting ramp ramp for ball locks by Wiz and the plunger lane style ramp from Bride of Pinbot. All of these have a Time Lord twist to suit the the Time Lord gameplay and story.

Of course there are many other people to thank. Those who produced the VPinballX framework, freezy, flex dmd and those who run a site to share. Thanks to Flupper & Bord for tutorials & last but not least to Crackers and Mozzie1 for making sure this game was kept real in every way. They made it fun & kept the energy up.

The Avago Team are

JP Salas- Game framework, playfield objects , testing & final scripting

Gedankekojote97- nFozzy/Roth physics, Fleep sounds, Luts, Ramp textures & dynamic ball shadows

Crackers & Mozzie- Table production team and testing


Wheel by Vtdmame

RusstyT- Table graphics,Game Design, scripting, callouts, Project lead, 



For those people with 7:1 sound setups and are experiencing problems with allocation of Backglass Sounds to the table please see the note I left in the review. This link is to a demonstation of the gameplay and table exciter speakers with the designed setup. The overlay sounds such a the Dragon roar do not cause the flat speakers to distort.


I find that 7.1 SSF enhanced sound setting reduces clarity and separation of the sounds and its not my preferred setting. This is a link to a demonstration of that game




This game is not for resale or redistribution




included in download
wheel included in download
Contact Author First.
v10.7 required

What's New in Version 1.0.3   See changelog


High Score bug fixed.

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   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

RusstyT, this is amazing, why I have I not heard of your work before?!?! Ashamed of myself, this table not only plays well, but as studly already stated so well, the sound design is freakin' perfection, really hear the attention to detail and care put into the table. I have a lot to learn about the play, but it is very engaging and I have not stopped playing since download except to write this and work, just wow and thank you so much!

Original tables that are this well thought out and executed are hard to come by, and this shines like a diamond in the rough. DOWNLOAD THIS NOW, I promise you won't regret it, and leave a like on the table will ya?!?!?

Response from the author:

An absolute pleasure to bring a bit of joy and fun into the world. JP is a gem. I enjoyed watching your review. Was chuckling away so thanks for that. By the way the latest mod has DOF and a fix for the ball getting launched off the left ramp. There is also different flipper and inlane physics to stop the ball grabbing in the connecting region of flipper and inlane.

You haven't heard of my work because there's nothing to report. This has been a long project and Ive only been involved with visual pinball for 3 and a bit years. 

I'm looking forward to having a chat. I think Avago is a great community based story and I know myself Crackers, Mozzie have all learnt a lot with this project and are stoked to have JP, Gedankekojote and Outhere join the Avago team.

PS I think after doing this table that Shovel Knight has the potential to be an incredible table as well. I did a graphics mod on that table primarily because I was digging into to see if I could apply the scoring in TimeLord to a Solid state screen.

I think the main reason Shovel knight  wasn't popular was because the sounds are too busy. there is something like 30 changing songs and its hard to know where you're uptown in the game. It's incredible if your hyper. The scripting in that game is next level. It's a fully scripted Solid state style original table.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Wow, what a great table!! From the atmosphere to the SSF and the flow of play, it's a real looker too. The ball has some nice weight to it and sounds like it's cutting the bottom of my cab when it rolls, love it. The table has lots going on and you did a great job assembling it for VPX but I had to try it in VR to get a better look and I'm glad I did, it looks and plays awesome. Now to go discover what the table is all about and rack up a nice high score. Thanks Team Avago, your hard work paid off.

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I just say Wauuuuw, what a gem! Thanks for creating and sharing this table. I love the sounds  the artwork, the physics. This one will stay on my cab for a verry long TIME. I only moved the dragon sounds from the table to the backbox. (My wife didn't like the loud roaring😁)

Response from the author:

Thanks cords and I really like that you shifted sounds around to your liking. I think the dragon sound is mono so in the back glass it might go one  speaker. You can pan it in soundmanager to bring the sound the middle where the low frequency sounds are normally set. I really appreciate this feedback.


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Fantastic Theme!  Brutal Gameplay. Those clear ramps are very unique.  Callouts are a little hard to follow.  Thanks for all the work you've put into this.  I'm going to be spending a lot of "time" with this one.

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An update from VPinWorkshop that there are still some bugs in 10.7 with ogg files. Best solution for people with those issues is to read below.

There is few people with Backglass sounds being allocated to the table. The best idea for those people at the moment is to open the sound manager and toggle the backglass sounds to table, then toggle back to Backglass. BarryODog did a little youtube tutorial how to do this and its in page 4 of the comments. After making the changes, save and close the file then open and they should be allocated to the right spot. I don't recommend running the table in enhanced SSF because there are to many moving sound layers and it it muddies it up. On my cabinet I think it makes it worse. These are links that demonstrate the game in both standard 7.1 setting and 7.1 SSF enhanced. 


This is 7.1 std as designed on my cab



This is a link to 7.1 SSF enhanced on my cab






Link to review


Great table awesome gameplay great objects am totally thrilled thanks for this beautiful work thanks for sharing like more of it 👍👍👍👍 

Response from the author:

Thankyou for taking the time to review. Im glad your enjoying the game and standing up to the d'robot. I hope you make the glory table even if you have to put it manual ball control to play the 60 seconds billions table.

Link to review


Love this Table.  Amazing work on it!

Response from the author:

Cheers Burt. 

Link to review


Great original table, tons of fun and loads of detail. 

Response from the author:

Glad you getting into it. I bet you're getting a gobful from that Robot.😂 cheers

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