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WoZ (Original 2018)

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ckpin Created by
EmBee, Tarcisio, sliderpoint, SnakeEyes, Friex, Dark Artwork by
ckpin, JPSalas, Nailbuster Scripting by
2018 Year

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This table is being released in response to the requests received and to give back to a community that has provided hundreds of fun tables that my family has enjoyed.


This is a modified version of what was uploaded to VPinball.  All the changes and hopefully most of the credits are detailed in the table script prolog.  One obvious change is a playfield screen option menu (F6) offering changes to the game rules to help less experienced players reach the more difficult modes (e.g. Somewhere Over the Rainbow).  


Installation Note

Included in this release package are: vpx table, backglass, ultraDMD directory, and a PUPpack. There are also  DOF Configtool entries for this table.  The backglass  file is large and loading may require applying the 4G patch to the backglass server.   The  backglass provides information on game progress.  Removing the backglass is not recommended  even when the PUPpack is installed.  There is an option in the table script under GAME OPTIONS  to turn off the PUPpack triggers if you don't install the PUPpack. Images, animations and sound files will replace the PUPpack videos. However, the PUPpack videos significantly enhance the gameplay experience.  Whether the PUPpack is installed or not, the backglass should still be left in the table directory.


This table is available to be modified without permission.  However, as detailed in the table script, this table is for private use only.  Its use for any commercial purposes is NOT  in anyway sanctioned or supported.


Thank you.

v10.6 required

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Thanks a lot you for this table. I can feel how many hours of work went into it.
Note for Desktopper:
You usually turn off your backglass when you use a pup pack, right? This table requires both. Both windows need to be exactly the same position and size. Backglass and PupPlayer Backglass.

Response from the author:

Yes. Keeping the backglass in the table directory when the PuPpack is installed is not what is normally recommended.  This table was developed at the same time PuPpacks were being introduced (e.g. Terry Red's Tron & Transformers blew us all away).  Back then changing backglass screens to indicate game progress was the main approach available.  One of the best previous examples of this was done by STAT for Diablo.  Consequently this table used a hybrid approach that depended heavily on existing backglass technology while trying to take advantage of the new PuPpack capabilities. Splitting the backglass screen into independent quadrants to indicate game mode progress using graphics triggered from the table script while also having videos required a blend of both approaches.  Conversion to an approach using the PuPSystem like ScottyWic's tables is a great idea and the way to go today.  So please keep the backglass in the table directory.  


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Wow, the images look awesome. I am not able to start the table. I get a "object required 'controller' error."

Certainly it is my fault and probably easy fix but I do not know what to do. Please help.


Thank you.

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· Edited by SixOfTwelve


Love the idea of the table! It's an extremely ambitious project, but nevertheless it has a very "unfinished" feel to it.

I often keep getting multiple balls dropped on top of the plunger when I start a second game (especially if I had locked balls in the previous game). And on more than one occasion the palace guard music just keeps playing, even through a Game Over and a restart.

I'm sure with a table that beloved, someone is going to try their hand at updating and tinkering with it, and maybe will fix some of the problems. (By "someone" I mean someone who's actually qualified, as opposed to myself, an armchair critic at best). Looking forward to the eventual updates!

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I have been wanting this table for so long now since it Vpinball went down. Great work, thanks!

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This upload is now one of my favorite pup-pack tables! Right up there with TNA and GOTG!

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