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Stardust (Williams 1971)


Dear friends, this game-flippers that I created  (or update) is for FUN ONLY, and above all for FREE,
which is downloadable ONLY, in  this site Vpuniverse,and PinSim site.
If you see it on other sites, know that it was against my will, and consequently it could be usedfor profit purposes,I urge you not to compromise with users or owners of incorrect sites,which require some type of specific action to download this game.


This table only works with BAM, and precisely with the LATEST VERSION,make sure you have it installed on your PC.


Bam Here---->https://www.ravarcade.pl/download

Stardust / IPD No. 2359


Info and Options:

* ToggleHudKey: Hud-Desktop On/Off

* Custom Camera:  choose  Flipper-Left "Deny", for the "camera" set to Fp, choose Flipper-Right "Allow" for    Custom Camera in Added Bonus.

* Multiplayer game available.

* Optimal Physics made with great care, for optimal table gameplay.



*Advance Bonus : Hitting the top slingshot and center targets.

*Bumpers Yellow/Green: Hitting the top target for light-modes.

*Bumpers Red: Activate the wheel of fortune, and activate light extraball change.

*Slingshot Left/Right: Activate light extraball change.

*Kickers: Wheel of fortune value.

*Target Center: Activate wheel of fortune,and post up.

*Wheel of fortune: Activate and spin for indicating the prize.


Have fun!


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