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"table jouable en wip ; en élaboration les mini pf (tour et spinning disk).

script orienté multiball 

bam 337 IMPÉRATIF 

adaptation de Stern" -fastdraw



Godzilla 1.2.1 requires BAM 337 to play. This is a basic table with minimal script, no music, and no sound effects besides the physical table.


To play:

Launch "FP Loader" from the BAM folder. Open the Godzilla table, and click PLAY. 


This is my first upload. I do not know much about what I am doing, but I wanted to submit a small edited version of the FASTDRAW upload, Stern Godzilla for future pinball. I made the update because of some errors and it deserves to be finished a little. I can see that there is a lot of time spent even just making this version. it inspired me to keep going and make it better. Its been a lot of fun working on this. I am trying to get FASTDRAW attention any way I can, even if its just to know that an update is coming. Maybe we need some inspiration, so here is my effort.  I hope that you see this FASTDRAW! :) lets do an update and fix some things. i really want to get bulding multiball to work, thank you for uploading. Thank you for permission to mod. I did not attatch my name to anything because I did not do any real work, just play with images and script. respect must be given. I am working on another version that changes the shot through the building but I need to learn more about how things work. thank you again for patience...


Whats new in 1.2.1:


Fixed purple shadows on playfield (now they are gone)

Fixed black ball with purple shadows (now the ball is chrome with correct shadow)

Fixed playfield art with custom work - no more double flippers :) :):)

New side blade art and back wall art

New spinner artwork!!!!!!

Some changed textures, mechagodzilla magnet is now chrome

Some new physics adjustments

Fixed crashing because of timer :)




shoot mechagodzilla magnet to start mechagodzilla mode - it works! :)

Shoot left ramp 3 times for add a ball

Shoot scoop 3 times for add a ball

Right ramp works but does not add a ball, no working script there.

Building works (add ball with J) but does not release ball (you must restart the game if you press J)

shoot switches to to light - nothing. 




Coming soon once I learn how to do anything:


fix auto ball launch (you can practice skill shot soon)

better physics

more light and illumination scripting 

code switches to add bonus multiplier or something

correct shot paths and refine layout

add some sounds, music, etc. This will be the main theme of the table, most likely on loop.



***Thank you to anyone and everyone who has ever submitted a post here, commented on a group topic, left a comment, anything....you guys are well aware im sure of the grattitude. Just saying it again. I would not have even attempted this without you guys paving the way. I think maybe we could make this into something cool without using stern rom and getting into trouble. i know the rules, 3 years after production. I just want to practice shots when im not feeding quarters into the real one down the street :)


i would encourage anyone willing to help to please move forward with the project and leave a comment down below with any issues etc. 



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