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Lord of the Rings Valinor Edition (Stern 2003) VPW 1.3

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The Quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little, and it will fail, to the ruin of all. 

The VPin Workshop Fellowship proudly presents an entirely reimagined and originally illustrated Lord of the Rings pinball experience.


Ver 1.3 Notes;

Among other things this should help a lot with anyone who was getting white texture issues and fix some stuttering issues for some people.


Ver 1.1 Notes;
LOTR was designed in 10.6 (as are 99% of our tables) and this time converted to 10.7 on the very last revision so that we could use webp image support to cut the file size down to almost 1/4 of the size. However it seems that there are numerous issues with how 10.7 deals with either large textures, large file sizes or something else, which has resulted in the white textures reported. We're looking into why this happens and will work with the VPX devs in any way we can.
These bugs, combined with 10.7 not being fully compatible with VR yet have led to us to revert to 10.6 (as all of our previous files have been).
Other fixes including minor physics repositioning and cabinet mode tweaks.


The journey began when we received an excellent playfield scan, but soon found ourselves wanting to drastically change the artwork. So began the long journey into the depths of Mordor, where many challenges were encountered and overcome. The table is entirely rebuilt, with much effort spent toward making it as physically accurate as possible. All the figurines have been scanned from the actual pinball toys. The table is exquisitely modelled and raytraced, with special visual features added to some modes to enhance the drama.

Your quest through this game will not be easy, but we hope it will be enjoyable!

•    Apophis - Project Lead, Scripting, Determination. Hairy feet.
•    Astronasty - All Original Artwork. Large Axe.
•    Tomate - 3D Magic and Wizardry.
•    Sixtoe - Random Stuff, VR Things, Screaming. Sword.
•    iaakki - Some flashers, random stuff. Bow and Arrow.
•    Skitso - Lighting tuning.
•    EBIsLit - Baseline playfield scan, purchasing the playfield figurines.
•    Dazz - 3D scans of all the figurines.
•    Wylte - Ball Shadows, Palantir Sauron eye movement.
•    Fluffhead35 - Ramp and ball rolling sounds.
•    HauntFreaks - Blackglass B2S.
•    Bord - Playfield mesh.
•    GTXJoe - Shot testing tool
•    Flupper - General assistance with rendering issues.
•    RothbauerW - Physics tutorial, general assistance.
•    PinStratsDan & VPW Team - Testing.

•    Rik - Lord of the Screams.
•    Everyone in VPW for their support and encouragement!
•    The PinMAME and VPX Developers for the programmes we all use!

This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us.


Thank you...


Fly, you fools!




Performance Tips;

Set DynamicBallShadowsOn to 0.


Additional VR Performance Tips;

Set PlayfieldToys to 0.






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