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Apollo 13 (Sega 1995) w VR Room

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I Added the VR conversions to Apollo 13 last year (2020), the version of the table that was modified was done by Balater (Thanks for the permission to mod!), originally done by Herweh, Fransisco666, and 32assassin.  Over time several authors worked on the early versions of that table including, Thalamus, JP, DJRobX, Rothbauerw, Amgrim, ClarKent, Chucky87, agentEight6, and Bigus1. I also used the dark image from chucky87's backglass file and imported into the table for use in VR.  


That mod done in 2020 had several updates specifically for VR, and other light mods.  Sixtoe assisted at that time as well.  Also, Retro27 added a topper and a few other VR updates and  I animated the backglass for VR as well.  


Since that time I added several more updates, including nFozzy and Roth physics and flippers, Fleep sounds, several physics updates to the table, slings, and bumpers.  A few other modifications were done as well to the sounds, playfield, and other adjustments.  Thanks to Bord for posting tutorial videos.  Also thanks to the VPW team for their help and examples.  I also added dynamic shadows done by Iakki, Apophis, and Wylte.  


The latest update, Version 2.0, includes so many fixes and updates.  I've corrected the number of balls coming out of the rocket during multiball, as well as the rocket timing, and subway trough.  The ramp behind the moon now works for the orbiter and moon gravity missions, the trap door for the 8-ball lock is animated, fixed the slings, and added holes under the sling movements. Also the left spinner lane didn't send the ball into the upper saucer.  That is now corrected.  I've also added 16 switchable LUTs.


Then, several members from the VPW team jumped in and made this table so amazing.  What a great group!  Thank you all!


oqqsan: Added Flupper dome lights and flashers. Also fixed the ball stuttering when the moon rotated with the ball.
Tomate: created new ramps and textures (they look so real!)  Also wire ramps, posts, gates, apron, missing materials in some screws, and other stuff.
Skitso: redid the GI lighting, spot lights and inserts.  Also warmed the LUT a bit.
Sixtoe: Did some visual updates to the ball, moon, rocket, and plastic ramp
Apophis: Updated the playfield image for alpha cutouts for Lampz inserts.  Added Lampz code, and new inserts.  Updated some flipper nudge physics.  Corrected the triangularization dynamic shadow effects, removed the subway ball shadows, and lowered the number of dynamic sources.  
Sheltemke: Provided an updated translite image for the backglass.  It's now included in the VR version, and Wildman created a new b2s file.  Also, modified the text on the inserts to a text flasher to make it more readable.
RIK, Fluffhead35, Lumi, and Wylte all tested and provided feedback.
Wylte:  Updated the ball shadow code to not turn on when in subways, and other optimizations.  Also modified for better performance.  Separated dynamic and ambient ball shadow options, and added lockbar key as plunger alternative.

This table is a hybrid release, so it will work on desktop, cabinet, and VR.  


Options can be selected in the script to change to desktop, cabinet, or VR mode.  For VR mode, there's an option for two different room environments, and to add a clock on the wall.  


Also... VR users... the Dynamic Shadows performance issue has been corrected.  However, if you still experience performance issues, you can turn off dynamic shadows or ambient shadows or both in the script.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!  And thanks again to Balater, retro27, Sixtoe, oqqsan, tomate, skitso, apophis, sheltemke, RIK, Fluffhead35, Lumi, and Wylte, and the entire team of authors that have contributed to this table over time.  If I missed anyone in the credits, let me know, and I'll add, as I don't mean to miss anyone.

v10.6 required

What's New in Version 2.05   See changelog


Version 2.04:

- The LUT selection wasn't saving upon exit.  It now works as it should

- RAWD suggested an option for a green DMD when LUT 14 (black light) was used.  It was hard to see the DMD in some modes before

- Tomate added a new apron primative that looks even better than the one he did on the prior version.

Versiuon 2.05:

- had to move a VPMDMD script back.  Messed up blastoff flashers


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Finally a very enjoyable version of this great table. Plays and sounds awesome. Thank you! Great job!

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Thanks You! Love it!  just tried it on desktop, pays great, flippers accurate on outer shots like orbit or side targets, rubbers responsive. Closest playing to the real pin yet. Can't wait to try on VR..🤩

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