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Maverick VPW (for VPX 10.7) (Data East 1994) 1.3

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Ante Up! Welcome aboard the Lauren Belle for the release of Maverick from the VPW team!


This one is one of many peoples grails, with (as far as we know) no version since a vp9 one. We were lucky that someone supplied us with a lovely set of photos with which we could build a lovely playfield from so this could finally be a reality!


** Please use VPX 10.7 ** - This won't necessarily be normal for VPW, as it's caused more than a few issues, but we wanted to try it as an experiment.
** Make sure you have the latest VPX 10.7 build, 249 was broken. **


VR Options are all in the script.


'*** V-Pin Workshop Mavericks ***

Antisect - 99% of the table construction and work!

Edizzle - Donating  his script for the rotating wheel from his vp9 table and advice.

Tomate - Primitive ramps and flippers, primitive assistance

Sixtoe - VR Room & general fixes and tweaks

Apophis - Dynamic ball shadows, physics additions, scripting stuff, playfield cleanup and redrawing

Flupper - Ramp assistance and tutorial

Fluffhead35 - Wire rolling sounds.

Ebislit - Playfield alignment assistance.

Dark - Lauren Bell Boat Model

iaakki & daphishbowl - script assistance

Rik & VPW Team - Testing

The whole VPW Team, for their assistance and support.


'001 - 039 - Antisect - 99% of table completed.
'040 - Sixtoe - Added VR table and scripted in some bits and pieces, physics tweaked, loads of old and/or redundant script stripped out and things rescripted, redirected game load to de.vbs, fixed drop target bricking, adjusted kickback and plunger, should be more reliable? not sure how strong the plunger is supposed to be.
'041 - apophis - Added Wylte's RTX dynamic ball shadows. Removed old ball shadow stuff, Increased plunger strength and speed. Removed duplicate sound related functions.
'042 - apophis - Updated RTX BS to current version
'043 - fluffhead35 - Adding RampRoll Sound Loops, Added new RampSound Triggers to turn RampRolling on and Off on table
'044 - apophis - Fixed ball release bug. Added target bouncer, flipper rubberizer and coil rampup mods. Tweaked RTX shadows. Reduced skillshot autoplunger strength.
'045 - Sixtoe - Compressed some webp images, converted audio from wav to mp3 (cut 90meg off the file size),
'046 - apophis - Work around for ball release bug
'047 - Sixtoe - Bugfixes

'1.0.1 - Apophis - Positional sound calls added / updated (specifically for the VUK etc.)
'1.0.2 - Sixtoe - Flashers updated / tweaked, desktop room tweaked, plunger tweaked.
'1.1 - Sixtoe - Reverted all mp3's to wavs (should fix all audio issues, there is mp3 support in 10.7, but not for things like ball rolling etc.), Flashers updated / tweaked, Desktop background tweaked, Plunger speed tweaked (you should be able to make the skill shot more reliably now, Updated credits
'1.2 RC1 - Sixtoe - Flipper power adjusted and lowered and table gradient reduced (thanks Rik and Randy), plunger adjusted (thanks to Goldchicco & Rik)
'1.2 RC2 - apophis - Removed ball shadow z position dependency on ball z position.
'1.2 - Sixtoe - Final tweaks and tidying


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