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Tales From The Crypt VPW Premium (Data East 1993)

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110.97 MB File Size
tftc_400 ROM Name
VPW Created by
Data East Manufacturer
1993 Year

2 Screenshots

Welcome to the frightfully fun release of Tales From The Crypt from the VPW team!

This is our first scratch built table using all the tips and tricks we've picked up in our past releases and mods, and we're super proud of it and hope you all enjoy it!


** Please use VPX 10.6, there may be issues with 10.7  This is now updated to 10.7.


With all of the options on the table is quite "heavy", and the new "RTX" ball shadow code is fairly costly in terms of performance, we think it looks amazing (if we do say so ourselves!) but can be turned off.
VR Options are all in the script, with options to include or exclude the RTX shadows.
(by the way, RTX has nothing to do with nvidias RTX, it's just a name!)


'*** V-Pin Workshop Spooky Crypt Team ***

- Project Manager: Tomate
- Models and textures with Blender & Octane: Tomate
- Ramps: Tomate
- Primitive fading code for GI and flashers: iaakki
- "Three layer" 3D Inserts: iaakki
- Tombstone Code: Sixtoe, DJRobX
- PF edits and insert texts: iaakki
- Additional lighting: iaakki, Sixtoe, Skitso, G5k, Tomate
- Wylte RTX ball shadows: Wylte, apophis, iaakki
- VR & Various Fixes: Sixtoe
- nFozzy physics: iaakki, Benji
- Rubberizer and TargetBouncer: iaakki
- Fleep Sounds: iaakki, Benji
- Miscellaneous fixes and tweaks: CyberPez, apophis, kingdids, baldgeek, fluffhead35, HauntFreaks
- Testing: Rik, VPW team


Table Rules


' 002 tomate - wireramps and metal ramps prims added
' 003 tomate - correct POV, backwall added
' 004 tomate - ramps height corrected 
' 005 iaakki - NFozzy lighting script in, PF and new insert Text ramp, First inserts layed
' 006 iaakki - insert bulb primitives added for testing
' 008 iaakki - OFF insert Normal Map added
' 011 iaakki - round inserts done
' 012 iaakki - rec star inserts
' 013 iaakki - some insert adjustmens
' 014 iaakki - updated PF and text, rest of the inserts done. lamps on layer 8 needs adjustment
' 018 tomate - some new prims and textures added
' 019 tomate - rest of the new primitives and textures added (layer 1)
' 020 tomate - some tweaks on VPX stuff, low poly colidable ramps added (layer 2), some tweaks on LUTs
' 021 tomate - more tweaks on LUTs, add flippers prims to work properly, add new holes on PF mesh, tumbstone prim and VUKs works properly now, some tweaks on upper plastic, apron plastic primitive fixed
' 022 Benji - Physics scripting in place with working flippers, no rubber dampening applied to objects yet
' 023 kingdids - some tweaks on table lighting settings
' 024 tomate - correct all the textures from camera POV, some tweaks on lighting settings and LUTs 
' 025 tomate - separate eye target and remplace original prims, separate drop targets and spinners prims (doesn't work yet), redone slingshots and separate prims of SLING1/2
' 026 sixtoe - Refactored timers, added playfield trigger and top vuk hole sides, aligned ramp entrance lamp flashers, sorted out some of the vr cabinet prims (temp invisible), 
' 027 iaakki - Checked physics code, made new collections for rubberbands and posts, added fleep sounds on most of the collisions (all other sounds removed for now), laneguides had wrong physics so ball felt spinning all the time
' 028 iaakki - RightFlipper1 added back with ssf sounds
' 029 iaakki - Plunger, drain, bumper and wire gate sounds tied. Upper right flipper live catch should be now possible
' 030 tomate - OFF textures added
' 031 iaakki - Metals and MetalRamps duplicate prims done to layers 7 and 9. Created material for fading and tied them to GIUpdates.
' 032 iaakki - some new material and cab sides tied to gi
' 033 tomate - rubbers posts and sleeves separated and applied to the collection dPosts and dSleeves respectively. Rubber bands separated and assigned to the aRubberBands collection. Physical materials assigned to rubber posts, sleeves, metal walls, plastics, and metal ramps. Correction of the location of a rubber post that invaded the loop ramp
' 034 tomate - erase original rubber bands, remplace LSling1/2 and RSling1/2 with baked prims. Cleaning g02 texture so that it looks correct when the slingshots kick
' 035 tomate - spinners and gates prims in place and hooked up, standup target and eye targets in place unhooked.
' 036 iaakki - wireramps added to gi fading, metalramp db issue fixed, ball shadows, insert text, flip shadows fixed by aadjusting Z.
' 037 iaakki - off prim D default values changed. Added more stuff to giupdates
' 038 tomate - animation of gate1 and 2 fixed. Collections created according to textures, primitives assigned to collections. All the primitives has "colormaxnoreflectionhalf" material
' 039 iaakki - rest of the OFF prims done, double checked all settings for ON and OFF prims. Dedicated materials created. GIupdates is now using UpdateMaterial with aLvl^5 for gi events. RF_plastics image imported, but not taken in use.
' 040 iaakki - created materials for each type of prims: gi_on_plastic,metals,cab,blubs and those are faded differently in giupdate. Made fading speed faster.
' 041 cyberpez - Animated standup targets. Reworked drops to be animated and Roths Double Drop mod.
' 042 iaakki - Added standup and drop target off prims and added to fading. Fixed drop target transZ to transY. Updated to rom tftc_400. UseSolenoids=2 in too.
' 043 tomate - A few textures fixed and some LUTs added
' 044 iaakki - PF GI flasher reworked, some OFF prim default DL values adjusted, MetalsOFF prim size adjustment to avoid z fighting, New on/off collections to hide primis when GI full on/off
' 045 iaakki - tombstoneOFF made to move too
' 046 iaakki - Sol4R created for right flasher, only gion state for now.
' 048 iaakki - Sol4R kind of working in gion and gioff state. Various DL values should be fixed in each state. Simple preloader done
' 049 tomate - All prims with DL=1, plastics prims replaced, top_plastic unhooked from GI, plastics_off texture modified, collideable metal walls reworked (ball now acts naturally when left VUK kicks or when falls from left spinner), collideable prim for center vuk added , center vuk strength corrected
' 050 iaakki - flipper physics restored and loophelper implemented.
' 054 iaakki - RF and LF code implemented to debug version
' 055 iaakki - textures imported back. cab_RF was broken and fixed it. Plunger lane plastic is broken on some textures.
' 058 iaakki - flasher and gi fading finalized, 68 and 71 lamps assigned, sling animation items added to fading, but removed from visibility swaps. May flicker in VR??
' 059 iaakki - new plastics prim and GI control. Changed PLAYFIELD_GI1 depth bias as it had issues with plastics. OFF flips made darker
' 060 iaakki - ball brightness fading with GI. Consts ballbrightMin and ballbrightMax are used to set the limits. 
' 061 tomate - new set of prims added, new set of texures added, prims separated and placed into collections
' 062 iaakki - fixed some DB issues, added flasherblooms, adjusted lighting
' 063 tomate - bumpers prims divided, bumperRing 1/2/3 animation done, off primitives still missing
' 064 iaakki - fixed sling DL values that were not consistent, added some magnasave button action, made some tests to pf flashers, GI bulbs still broken, some other lighting tweaks
' 065 tomate - new set of backwall textures added, slings DL values bring to 0, erase slings from g02, scatter value added to left plunger to make shots more random, modified strenght of central VUK to match with gameplay videos
' 065a tomate - increase scatter value to the left plunger, bumperRing Off prims added to Script
' 066 Sixtoe - Split ramp bulbs out of g02 and added them to DL, split bumper caps out of bumpers and added them to DL, cut holes in PF, adjusted some lights and flashers, realigned and coded VR cabinet & modes, adjusted shooter lighting and disconnected bulb from g02 prim, added under table GI lights for ball reflections,
' 067 iaakki - tombstone redone and shaking. rubberizer and targetbouncer added; not adjusted
' 068 tomate - jurassic dome OFF texture tweaked, LF and RF flasherbloom moved up, main gate texture changed, PF thickness added to hole near upper flipper, bulbs primitive separated in ---> bulbs and lamp_bulbs and placed into collections
' 073 iaakki - Merge various triggers and ballshadow code from duplicate 065 version
' 074 baldgeek - set plunger to auto, added enter/exit sounds for scoop next to left ramp
' 075 baldgeek - fixed scoop exit sound
' 076 gtxjoe - Add debug shot testing.  Press 2 to block outlanes/drain.  Press and hold any of these keys to test shots:  W, E, R, Y, U(Vuk), I(Crypt Vuk), P, A, S, F, G
' 077 iaakki - At least the ball uservalue bug fixed by having an array to carry wireramp status. Uses BallGoesWire sub. TargetBouncer taken in use for targets, posts and sleeves.
' 078 fluffhead35 - Added RampRolling sound playback logic for wire ramp sounds.  Implemented WireRampOn for sw47 & sw58 and WireRampOff for Trigger1 & Trigger2
' 079 iaakki - ramproll stuff combined to ball shadow code. Triggers reworked one more time, Right vuk ramp fixed as ball jumped over the triggers, rdampen set to 10ms timer
' 080 benji - wire ramp loop sound swapped out for more seamless one. fx_vukExit_wire sound added to manager, added to VUK subs replacing 'popper' sound needs to be tested.
' 082 benji - reimported missing droptarget sounds, changed kickback sound from missing 'popper' to new KickBack2.wav 
' 083 fluffhead35 - tweaked ramp shadow code when looking up the ramptype from Wire RampRoll variables
' 084 iaakki - major merge for new trough from cyberpez. All the solflashers and related inserts recoded. tnob increased so can debug.
' 085 iaakki - adjusted flashers and added backplate vpx flashers
' 086 fluffhead35 - merged in 082 and 083 changes.  Added more balls to the RampRoll array because it was too small for the number of balls.  Added More RampRoll and WireRampRoll sounds as you need one per ball
' 087 iaakki - targetBouncer values reduced, scoop vuk fixed
' 089 tomate - wall008 at layer 1 deleted, underVUK prim at layer 2 reimported, pUpKicker material changed and lowered it to -10, cab/pf_adges/apron prims replaced, ScSp. relfections turned off
' 090 tomate - walls over the plastics at layer1 added, sw68 - captive Ball fixed (thanks gtxjoe!), central VUK fixed (thanks apophis!)
' 091 iaakki - Crypt shot fixed, BS depth bias issue solved, plunger -> droptarget -> drain fixed, 
' 092 iaakki - PF GI flasher style changed
' 092a tomate - collideable wall tweaked so ball doesn't touch slinshot after right orbit
' 093 iaakki - fixed bugs from ball shadow code and improved perf, new PF gion/gioff images with larger hard edges on insert holes, new insert text image with edges, spot lamp tied to gi. Narnia check should bring the ball back in game.maybe.. Report your findings.
' 094 benji - add sound scoopExit. Crypt VUK exit/eject sound should be "fx_vukExit_wire" but i cannot get it to play...
' 095 iaakki - f53TOP added, wood sound added to one wall, right orb return matched to few videos, rtxfactor 0.8, right wireramp exit hacked, coin sounds added, sw52 sounds improved, ball shadows removed when large flashers bright, diverter sound added, some debug cleanup, additional wall added under trough
' 096 Sixtoe - Organised some layers, sorted height walls, deleted old redundant assets, fixed plunger exit gate textures, cropped the bottom of 2 bulb prims that were showing through holes, dropped lamp under skillshot rubber as it was clipping, manually edited all the g02 textures because dropping the lamp under the rubber meant part of it was black..., redid texture of left flasher so it doesn't look odd when off, manually edited g01_ON.png to brighten back of spinners
' 0961 iaakki - Bug fix and script optimizations for RTXBS on VR
' 097 tomate - Switch and diverter prims separeted and placed in collections. New clear plastics texture added.
' 0971 iaakki - Diverter and wireramp switches animated with sounds.
' 0974 tomate - diverter DB issue fixed, jurassic dome material changed, slanted sideblades added, cabinet mode added, POV corrected to cabinet mode
' 098 apophis - included RTX BS distance calculation optimizations
' 099 fluffhead35 - added logic to only show RTX shadows for 3 balls
' 099.1 Wylte - changed shadow DB to -2000, upped flasher intensity required to hide shadows to 0.7
' 099.9 iaakki - 991 merge, Tied GI bulbs prim to updates, minor tweak to GI levels and collections, RTXBallShadows script option added, LockBarKey support added
' 100 Sixtoe - Split bulbs from g02 primitive (again!), tidied up layers a bit, deleted redundant stuff, added off prims to cabinet script, probably still needs more work. Left captive ball wall moved so ball isn't floating, Plugged hole in upper left plastic to stop ball trap.
' 101 iaakki - VUK issue solved, sideblades fixed, cabinetmode with fblooms fixed, TargetBouncerFactor introduced and default set 1.1 for now, flippernudge values corrected, red bulbs set to fading collections, metalramp DLFB values changed to make them blend better.
' 102 iaakki - Recoded LUT selector with 14 LUT files. save/load mechanism included.
' 103 iaakki - Insert OFF state normals added and insert balance tune, HauntFreak top notch tweak to red bulb flashers.
' 104 Sixtoe - Split off bumper prims, fixed script for them
' 105 apophis - fixed never ending ball rolling sounds. fixed slingshot sound effect locations
' 106 iaakki - ball shadow DB's adjusted more, RTX image changed (Thanks BorgDog for reference), RTX parameters changed to match new reference
' 107 tomate - post pass fixed, angleSidewalls for cabinet mode fixed (thanks Sixtoe!), angleSidewalls prims reworked and put into collections, OFF plastics textures tweaked
' 108 tomate - wall added over top plastics
' 109 iaakki - cleanup, crypt jam insert material tuned, spinner sounds added, rubberizer tuned, left ramp entrance gate tuned, DT threshold tuned
' 110 iaakki - subway redone, needs more testing
' 111 iaakki - Narnia rework, cleanup, subway tuned, collidable walls added under flips
' 112 iaakki - Lut changer tuned, insert off prim normals as script option, some insert prims were accidentally collidable, relay sounds added
' 113 iaakki - Some walls added on top of plastics, GTXJoe's "Debug Table testing routines" removed
' 114 Skitso - Fixed a bunch of lights
' 115 iaakki - upped sw39 hit threshold and tested it, under PF walls added to eliminate light bleed from inserts, VRRoom 1 and 3 disables RTX ball shadows, GI relay, Lutselector and spinner sound increased
' 116 Sixtoe - Fixed a couple of VR issues with the sidewalls, spent some time with how the ball looks
' 116DL1 tomate - all prims moved to DL=1, default LUT changed, apron texture fixed, flippers textures fixed
' 117 tomate - domes/ramps/bats textures fixed, bumper cap texture fixed Skitso!, trail strenght lowered to 30, POV tweaked, reflection strenght on PF lowered to 20
' 118 iaakki - vrroom mode fixed, plunger lane gate tuned, ball made a bit brighter with const ballbrightMax and ballbrightMin, improved GI bulbs that reflect to balls, plastics DB set to -110 to fix laneguides
' RC1 iaakki - bumpertop materials changed, metals and laneguide DL values to 0.5, bumpertop ID fix, default value checks
' RC2 iaakki - Bumpertop image swaps and DL tied to GI plus lampz, sw38 improved and wall added to center the ball, script cleanup, bumper lights adjusted for GIOFF state
' RC3 tomate - plastic texture over the bumper fixed, right slingshot rubber texture fixed, logo added
' RC4 tomate - VPW original LUT fixed, HauntFreaks LUT added, compressed images by g5k added
' RC5 tomate - SSR set OFF by default, LUT added

Contact Author First.
v10.7 required

What's New in Version 1.22


Most notably highly improved VR experience by Rawd and Leojreimroc, huge cleanup and file size reduction for VPX 10.7, updated physics (speed reduced a lot) with experimental SlingSpin feature (disabled by default), new PF from g5k, some new textures from Tomate and that ImageSwapsForFlashers option that was requested.


' 1.03 Rawd - Added vr stuff
' 1.04 Sixtoe - High invisible apron, script cleanup
' 1.05 iaakki - ImageSwapsForFlashers script option added. GI will still fade with double prims, but flasher image swaps can be skipped. Plungerlane bulb reflections, Rubberizer updated, Redo one fading hack
' 1.06 Leojreimroc - VR Backglass redone with image by Hauntfreaks.  Flashers fade time reduced.
' 1.07 Wylte    - Shadow update (integrated into BallFX Sub), rebuilt collection, lowered digital nudge strength 50%, very minor tweak to FS PoV (x/y relation same just below 1, and Layback 65->60 to remove sidewall jaggies)
' 1.08 iaakki - NF/Roth codes updated, plastic fading redone, most of the flasher code redone, layers organiced, most of the bakes converted to webp.
' 1.09 iaakki - Roth DT's added, prim orientations are not correct, semi-transparently fading laneguides done
' 1.10 iaakki - DT prims redone, Apophis Slings added, Wall053 slightly moved and sw38 made slightly larger to eliminate issue that BountyBob found.
' 1.11 iaakki - Slings fixed and sling corner spin feature tested
' 1.13 iaakki - rest of the todos done, fading code redone one more time, but not good enough. I left debugs in, so someone else can continue.
' 1.14 tomate - new pf bakes based on g5k playfield graphics
' 1.15 iaakki - pf reflections removed from standup targets on the sides, rollover material color change, DT drop height adjustment, debugs removed, restored POV from v1.01, modlampz removed from timers, f52top color adjusted, insert fading speed adjusted
' 1.17 iaakki - PF off mesh brightness adjustment, bumpertops are finally swapping textures for flashers and tied to lampz and gi at the same time
' 1.18 iaakki - Crypt VUK ball stuck on ledge fixed, Crypt RIP collidable wall size fixed.
' 1.19 iaakki - New PF bakes from Tomate, converted some textures to webp
' 1.20 iaakki - Slope 6.5 to 6.2, reduced flip power 3300 to 3100, reduced sling power 5 to 4.5
' 1.21 iaakki - bumper hue change, pupkicker sound and color fix, flasherbloom reduced even more
' 1.22 iaakki - One ball stuck fix with Wall054

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   8 of 8 members found this review helpful 8 / 8 members

I had the pleasure to watch this build evolve... and there is only one way to describe it, and thats "Mind Blowing!!", every aspect of the table was scrutinized down to the finest detail, over and over again, the physics, lighting, RTX ball shadow set this table at another level of realism I've never seen before.... VPW is forsure a premier building force

thanks guys for letting me be in the surgical amphitheater

TFTC promo.gif

Link to review

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

For me one of the best and most impressive releases lately.
The table looks, plays and sounds superb!
It plays so great, it feels like playing a real machine.  Well balanced, and hard to stop playing another last game.
And wow, I really like the fantastic lighting and reflection effects.

I wasn't even a big fan of the game itself  before. But now I am.
Thanks a lot to all involved for sharing!

Link to review

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Best overall lighting and light show of any game I have played lately. Fun table. Plays smooth on my weak 3 screen system. Lots of of great details all around.  Love it. Thanks!

Link to review

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I've been following VPW releases for about a year now and I can say that their work is immaculate. Top quality choice for cab owners, they always give credit where due, I have only praise for the published tables (I also love their FastBreak version). This release is no exception. Please click on "see other files" for their portfolio. If I can publicly request a VPW table make over that would be the The Walking Dead... my favorite table. Thanks VPW!

Link to review

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I have followed the construction of the table for a long time and am thrilled by the obsession with detail of the VPin workshop group.
Every object is worked on down to the smallest detail. Insanely elaborate work that you do there. But the end result proves you right, because the tables have a fantastic quality.
There was no better version from TOTC. Great.
I am happy about every new table from you.


Link to review

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I just played a couple games in VR :) this is shockingly beautiful. It has to be the best lighting I've ever seen.....and the table feels and plays great too. Thank you so much team!!!!

Link to review

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Wow, simply incredible! The flashers, textures, everything is just a home run....VPW are VPIN gods!

Link to review

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Truly inspirational work of art.


Link to review

   5 of 6 members found this review helpful 5 / 6 members

Have owned this real table a couple of times and regretted selling both times. This is the closest thing to the real table of any Virtual table out there. 


Amazing work to say the least.


Goes well with my themed Virtual machine as well dont you think❤


Link to review

   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

There are a lot of tables out there and I’ve played quite a few. But I must say, this is by far the most realistic I have experienced yet. 

I praise VPW on my YouTube channel all the time because the work that they all do is always amazing and essential downloads to any person’s cab. But this version of TFTC takes it a step further. 

I can compare this to the actual machine I play in my local arcade where the South Jersey Pinball League hold their weekly matches. I must say they are pretty spot on from what I can tell. 

But the most impressive feature of this table are the depth of the graphics. This table looks like the real deal. It has such polished detail and incredible lighting that I sometimes forget I’m playing a vpin. 

Pair this with a beautiful b2s and the full color rom and I could be happy playing this one alone for weeks. 

Bravo VPW! I don’t know if anything can come close to this until the new VP engine comes out (in the far far future.) Bravo!

Link to review


Amazing table, ive never really played this one much so it will be nice to 'dig in' on this one as the cryptkeeper would say!  5 Stars *****

Link to review


Together with the incredible pup pack this table is an absolute visual favorite with guests (and myself)!


Atmospheric lighting and the great fluent flow of the table make it a great VPW-pin.


Splendid job, and thanks a million !

Link to review




Thanks for sharing.  Great looking table and plays smooth.

Link to review


Really digging the physics update on top of an already beautiful table. Thank you!

Link to review


Wow, this table is amazing! I'm just blown away--- everything is perfect.  Can't wait to give it a spin in VR!

Link to review


Tales from the Crypt Premium by the VPW mod team has quickly become one of my favourite tables. Everything happens at breakneck speed with slim margins for error but also with great strategic options.  VPW's reactive and tactile flipper physics and ball interaction is a joy to experience, as it makes you feel like you can be in full control of the ball (more than any other VPX table I've ever played before).  As others have said, it is pretty hard to stop playing once you get going... only one more game!

Link to review


Another beautiful release ! I Love it, many thanks to all your great team 😍

Link to review


As always, VPW knocks it out of the park again.  Love refreshing some already great tables into something even better.  

Link to review


Never played this table before, but since it's a VPW project I never hesitated to download, and as usual it was a clean, fun and realistic table and over and beyond that, what a lightshow it was! Backglass and table match each other perfectly, thanks for that @hauntfreaks.  Big thanks to all involved in the making of this excellent table!

Link to review
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