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Batman 66 Stern Tribute  1.1.0

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BATMAN 66 Stern Tribute

Daphishbowl, Mr H, MPT3k & Harlan 


Special Thanks: 

  • Harlan - Pup help, graphics, sounds 
  • MPT3K - Gameplay, videos, real table comparison, sound and testing  
  • Dimi - Video & resources 
  • Flipstream - Awesome Gameplay videos 
  • EbIsLit - Playfield scan 
  • Nailbuster - Massive Pup help (and VPX code tips!) 
  • Rik - Massive Testing 
  • TerryRed - DOF and lots of support  
  • wAxx - Awesome Physics and detail tweaks 
  • Joey - Backglass graphics 
  • DJRobX - Turntable help 
  • Sixtoe - VR Room  
  • G5K - Turntable help 
  • Pinballfan2018 - Table support 
  • VPW - nFozzy fixes and details (Benji, Apophis, Iaakki, Astronasty, Bord, Sixtoe) 
  • Alpha/Beta Testers - Too many to list 


INTRO:   Huge thanks to everyone for the massive help!  After a year in the making we hope yall enjoy it and feel it was worth the wait.  Nobody can match the amazing code Lyman Sheats did for the original table but this was hand coded and shows how much work it must of taken to make the real table.  We tried to replicate every detail on the gameplay with exact scoring, bonuses, modes, pinup interactions, gadgets, service menus and so forth. 

    In the 27K lines of code I am sure there are a few things we still missed so feel free to let us know.  Our goal is to pay tribute to this amazing table but also show that there are no limits when it comes to originals.  We hope this will bring something the community will enjoy and inspire others to join in on the fun. 


NOTE: YOU WILL NEED THE NEW 1.4.6 PINUP (also included in the Baller Installer):   



PUP Pack:

Run the appropriate batch file and "Read the on screen instructions to know how to setup the script in VPX"

Version 1.1.0   -  https://mega.nz/file/XMIgnRwC#LmRlA5GjAzxrWdjxl4O87PxqjUldOF4kA-fLoU0odFQ

Version 1.0.0 -  https://mega.nz/file/eJh0lARL#BCzPwXZLqc9ylRgwwlLtEFd6FAmdGymNMrrPf_kIiEo


The Rules: 

There is a lot to this table so don’t forget to read the rules so you can enjoy all this has to offer 




This table is collectively owned by all of those that contributed to it in order to give back to the community.  No one author retains the right to pull this table from the community.  If you would like to mod this table you shall obtain permission from one of the authors, leave the list of original authors at the top of the source and finally add your name to the list.  If for some reason we all leave this community and we are unreachable then this table will then become open to anyone in the community. 



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