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Bad Cats (Williams 1989) VPW Mod 2.2.0

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About This File

Bad Cats v2.0 Table Tune-Up by members of VPin Workshop Discord.
Completely overhauled version of Unclewilly's awesome Bad Cats table.
Includes Desktop, Cab and VR versions in one VPX file as well as a Graphics Remastered B2S backglass file.
Updated Plastics: Benji & Brad1X
Playfield and Plastics: All table art completely re-drawn by Brad1X
Inserts and Lights: iaakki
Physics: Benji & iaakki
Debug: Sixtoe & iaakki
VR Stuff: Unclewilly & Sixtoe
Testing: Tomate & VPin Workshop Discord
Backglass Art Graphics Remaster: Brad1X
Thank you to Unclewilly for letting us tune-up this table.
Thank you to Flupper for 3D insert techniques.
Thank you to Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics.
All Logos, Copyrights and Trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Permission to Mod: Yes with approval

'069 - Wrd1972 - Added new flippers from Doctor Dude
'070 - Benji - Added material to flippers, exported flipper texture and toned down saturation for more 'arcade' style flippers
'071 - iaakki - Minor GI shape adjustments near flips. Livecatch tweaked, Cabinet mode added
'072 - Sixtoe - Added VR Room & built in backbox, unified timers, removed redundant stuff, trimmed lights and fixed some lighting issues, dropped the triggers, transparancy issue remains on the centre glass roulette cover for VR, needs more work on lighting
'073 - Brad1X - Updated Table Info and Script info
'074 - iaakki - MetalSides option created, POV reworked by altering offsets only, VRBlockerWall made invisible in desktop and cabinet modes
'075 - iaakki - Flashers reworked one more time..
'076 - Benji - Re-applied POV from 074 (it got changed at some point)
'077 - iaakki - Smaller haze images
'078 - Sixtoe - Added extra sideblade primitive and refactored mode switches, center glass disabled in VR.
'079 - iaakki - Some cleanup, darksides feature removed, static rendering disabled for siderails.
'2.01 - Skitso - GI rework
'2.02 - iaakki - Updated to latest physics, also separated posts and rubber bands.
'2.03 - Sixtoe - Redid VR options, minimal room added as big room is "heavy", fixed broken cabinet mode, added drop holes, various other fixes.


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