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  1. Version 1.0.0


    NOTE: THIS FILE IS OUTDATED. Please download from above. B2S Screen Res Identifier can be used to help setup your B2S Screen Resolutions and screen setup Usage: Simple to use. Move screens around as indicated on each window. Once happy click save and a ScreenRes.txt file is created/updated in the same location as the exe file.
  2. Herweh


    Love it, Wildman. Thx so much!
  3. Version 1.0


    WHIRLWIND for VP9.2+ by ICPjuggla, Cosmic80 and Herweh Playfield by ClarkKent Very, very special thanks to Blackmoor for providing us awesome scans and images of his pin, for play-testing a lot to get the gameplay feeling as accurate as possible and to always be there to answer all our questions. This is a 'from scratch' rebuild. Check out the options in the table script. You are able to select the plunger lane direction, the apron's cards color and the option to rotate the Williams logo on the apron like Whirlwind's fan. Thanks for and to: - Fading lamps code, flasher images and a lot inspiration from JPSalas - Bumper's meshes and a lot inspiration from UncleWilly - Some sound files, flipper tap and saucer code from JimmyFingers - Alpha Ramp Plunger code by Koadic - Ball rolling code by JimmyFingers and/or Rascal - B2B Collision code by Steely & Pinball Ken and Koadic - Play testing by Blackmoor and Lobotomy. Hopefully we haven't forgotten anybody. The table features 'Customizable Options' at the top of the table script. You may select VPinMAME, UVP or B2S, DMD rotation, GI and/or Flashers on/off, Cabinet Sounds or Ball Size. There are some more settings to affect the gameplay. Have a lot fun.
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