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Winner (Williams 1971)

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CactusDude / Warbler33 Created by
bord (backglass render in Blender) Artwork by
Williams Manufacturer
1971 Year

4 Screenshots

Here’s Williams’ “Winner” from 1971. I saw a video of one on YouTube and thought it looked pretty cool. I hadn’t recreated a table with flippers before, so I figured why not overcompensate and make one with four flippers. I’m sure it’s not a *perfect* recreation: the lighting is far from professional, the slingshot kicks are weak, and I’m not sure the payouts are even working. But the ball shoots out, the horses move, and I even made a backglass file. I think it’s a fun table, so I figure it’s time to share.


I have to thank the folks who built Hi-Score Pool (Chicago Coin 1971). I wouldn’t have been able to make this table work without the ball turret I repurposed from that table. So, thanks to them (and check that table out if you haven’t. It’s a fun one. BorgDog uploaded it).

Playfield graphics redraw, backglass, and the coding for this specific game done by Warbler33 / CactusDude.

Download includes table, B2S backglass, and tarcisio style wheel.



5/Credit – Insert Credits

1/Start – Start Game

Plunger/Enter or Spacebar – Fire ball turret

Flipper Keys/Shifts – Corresponding flippers

**Depending on how your default keys are set up, your keyboard equivalents may not match**


**Table is optimized for cabinets. It's possible to play on a desktop, but you probably won't have score reels, etc. If you're interested in making a better desktop version, read the paragraph below.**


For people interested in modifying the table, please get in touch. If you just want to fix a minor issue (fix a bug in the code, etc.) I’d prefer to upload the updated version here and credit you for whatever contribution you make. If you’re interested in tackling larger issues (vastly improving visuals, making a new backglass, etc.) I’d probably be happy to have you upload it separately (and obviously have you mention that it’s a mod or goes with this table). So, please, just get in touch so I can give my stamp of approval and we can discuss the logistics of sharing your contributions. Thanks for understanding.


*FYI I'm Warbler33 on VPF and CactusDude here. So if you notice a lack of "CactusDude" being mentioned in the table's file, it's because I'm too lazy to go back and add mention of CactusDude now. You can read the release notes on Ballyhoo (Bally 1932) to get some more detail on that.*

Contact Author First.
v10.6 optional

What's New in Version 0.98   See changelog


  • Hopefully the ball doesn't miss the drain and disappear anymore (it would occasionally & randomly happen in the last version).
  • Made some adjustments to the winning horse goal selector code. This should also mean that Player 1 & 2 should never be assigned the same horse now.
  • Added Pmax65's code for the horse reset animation that they left in a comment over on VPF.
  • You now should be awarded points if your horse wins the race. (The instruction card I found on IPDB that I used to help set the rules for my table left the amount of points blank, so I assume it was an adjustable thing. I set the Purse to 10,000 points. You can open the code and adjust the points as you see fit. Just change what "Purse" is equal to).
  • Tweaked apron to include updated instructions.
  • Tweaked tilt code (should cost only the ball in play now).
  • There's now a Bookie timer to give credit payouts when your horse wins. You should now win credits based on the scale laid out on the apron card. (First ball = 3 credits, Second ball = 2 credits, Third-Fifth ball = 1 credit).

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Thank you for the nice update

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Love it! it's such a different game, thanks for painstakingly getting the rules right and updating, this one is a great "who gets the next round" game. #winner

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