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Getaway Pin2DMD

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About This File

About This File

Author: Thomas Malenko

Credits: Everyone, especially JustAnotherRat, CB3, SlippiFishi, and Lucky1


extract the rar file to your vpinmame\altcolor\ folder for the getaway. This was made using L2 and L5 so it should work on either rom on a real or vpin (real files wont be released until completion)

Make sure you set the rom language to English, other languages will likely have issues with text triggering

Donations welcome and much appreciated: https://paypal.me/Malenk0

Please do not share or upload these files somewhere else, lead the people to this site instead.

What's New in Version 0.15 Vpin FINAL   See changelog


Release Change Log:

.15    I lied. More vpin shenanigans. This is the last release for a vpin (seriously this time) barring some sort of massive bug
    Attract Mode:
        Grand Champion
            -deleted all old triggers
            -redid from scratch
            -new keyframe mask and triggers
            -added frame, trigger, and mask for Williams to presents to title card
            -secondary sequence of Williams to presents, and presents to title for redundant triggering
            -additional triggers and resequencing
        Grand Champion to Ace transition
            -deleted all old triggers
            -redid from scratch
            -new keyframe mask and triggers
        Ace drivers
            -deleted all old triggers
            -redid from scratch
            -new keyframe mask and triggers
            -looped key frames for the numbers
            -this should remove the color bleeding to the "checkered flag"
            -added additional keyframes for Checkered wipes
            -added additional keyframes for Ace Drive scores
        Title to "La Grange"
            -cut, colored, triggered
            -cut, colored, triggered
        "LaGrange" to Grand Champion
            -cut, colored, and triggered
            -extra triggers added
    Donut Heaven
        -2 cop sequence recut to avoid the animation dropping out half way through
        -1 cop sequence recut to avoid the animation dropping out half way through
    Extra Ball
        -Blinged up 2 of the 3 sequences a little
        -recut to 1 to 1 frame matching
        -new triggers, should fix "blinking" issue, I hope
    Loops for super jackpot
        -adjusted color mask for really high scores that only WOB can get
    Loops to Lite Jackpot
        -adjusted palette , removed blue "glitch"
    Super Charger Boost Maxed
        -new sequence, mask and trigger
        -neat little 3d effect
    High Score Entry
        -cut colored and triggered
        -tried to make it work for all entries using the same trigger, will need tested
    Speed Trap Cop
        -better defined the collar, hat, and jacket
        -adjusted greys
        -adjusted skin tone
        -cut colored and triggered
    Burn Rubber Map
        -numerous scenes colored and triggered for the version that has it, see notes after video section if you want a slightly more in depth breakdown
        -default palette is grey white and green so the map looks presentable
    Bonus Held
        -replce palette trigger with scene replacement
        -added "flag wipe" animation and trigger
    Super Charge Millions
        -Removed a trigger for a big number 2 that may have interfered with the rest of the triggers (namely the super charger millions with a 2)
        -added Redline Trigger 11:30 in new video, it had a 2x on the screen that broke the existing trigger
        -additional triggers 
    Match Scene
        -When I redid the coloring for each player to have their own color I messed up the mask for the big number
        -New color masks made for about 1/2 the frames to remove the flickering of the big number
        -I found this thanks to WOBs videos :)
        -change the match number back to white
        -found and removed last purple trigger
        -this keeps all the jackpot scenes red and white, yellow 25m, and grey explosion
        -this also allows a few frames of jackpot that use the default palette to flash green.
        -I like the end result 
    Push Start
        -removed the blue
        -was supposed to look like police lights, but it looked like a glitch and I didnt like it
        -added extra triggers and masks for credit dot on screen
    Video Mode How to
        -added scene trigger and mask for gear shifter screen

    Video Mode
        -created simple mask to color the score red, and make the mountain green, brown, and white.

        For the version with triggers:
        -colored and triggered over 220 frames.
        -just proving to myself it cant realistically be brute forced
            -best guess is there are about 56,000+ possible frame combinations
                -5 road line variations
                -speed limit sign on the left
                -speed limit sign on the right
                -billboard on the left
                -billboard on the right
                -caution sign on the left
                -caution sign on the right
                -car in left lane
                -car in right lane
                -car in center lane
                -player car in left lane
                -player car between left and center lane
                -player car in center lane
                -player car between center and right lane
                -player car in right lane
                    -there are never more than 2 cpu cars on screen
                    -there are never more then 2 signs on screen
                    -signs do not repeat 
                    -sign are not in a specific order
                    -if a sign is on the left, that same sign wont be on screen at the same time on the right
                    -CPU cars DO NOT come at the player at the same speed
                        -some repeat the same lane spot for as few as 2 frames and as many as 5 frames
                        -CPU cars have 5 locations along the lane
                            this means there are 50 frames of car viables not including sign or player car variables
            -realistically there are about 220 frames possible PER car lane (approx 1100 frames)
            -a frame every 3 minutes means 55 hours of coloring for video mode alone
            I was working on a mask to ignore the lane markers, but WOB never goes left

    50,000+ frames? no waiz!
        ~50 car variables
        each sign has ~45 variables
        ~5 player location variables
        ~5 lane marker variables
        50x45x5x5 = 56,250

    Map notes:
     There's only 1 map and its about 4 screens tall
    Map loops onto itself.
    The road is always the same
    Location dots are always the same
    The location names are randomly/dynamically generated
    The path "driven" on the road is also random/dynamic
    I didnt break down the varial math but Id guess around 800 possible sequences

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Amazing work, thanks for sharing!

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Great Man, thanks, miss some Scenes but thats very nice for now :)

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

thank you !

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Thanks! it's very cool !

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

thanks for the continued updates to this great game.  nice job done..

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