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Olympics (Gottlieb) (1962) (Itchigo)

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Itchigo Created by
Bodydump, Bent98 Artwork by
Itchigo Scripting by
1962 Year

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Olympics Gottlieb 1962

What author COULDN'T use a Bodydump redraw? All graphics credit has to go to Bodydump and Bent98. I found some pictures on the IPDB (which are no longer there) and gave them to him. He redrew the enitre playfield, plastics, and bumpercaps.

Some ruleset/physics change credits have to go to my friend PBecker1946, of Pinball Nirvana.

I did the actual build. The original game had a ball loader, and a plunger. After working with several other em's in playtesting, I found this to be accurate, but tedious to play. Hence, you do not have to load the ball.

I did a lot of code optimization so it's not real coding friendly for new builders. But I've been playing a game of how low can I reduce the script. At one point I had it down to 550 lines. No functionality has been lost doing this.

For the most part, you advance cities, until you hit special. Not much of a ruleset actually, just keep moving forward, and keep it in play. Slingshots alternate between 1 and 10, depending on the light. Bumpers also toggle on and off, and score accordingly.

It uses primatives, so use at least VP 9.16.

A wheel, playfield, backglass screenshots, and the direct b2s are included with the zip.

Also available at Roguepinball.


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