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The Simpsons Kooky Carnival (Stern 2006)

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About This File

This project started out because i was searching through the Vpinmame list of roms and saw a Simpsons game that we did not have.  I ended up buying a cabinet and populated playfield for $80 and took it home and scanned it.  This was probably 6 years ago...


The game can be found at most Chuck E. Cheese franchise locations and is a coin roller game that uses Stern Whitestar boards and many parts from The Simpsons Pinball Parts.  The game features a shaker motor, moving ramps, moving Bart toy and a bunch of flashers and cool lights.  I took the game with help from many others and made it a pitch and bat type game similar to Pennant Fever that i helped build many years ago.  The left flipper pitches the ball, right swings.  The magnasave buttons change the LUTs.  The goal is to get the coin in the W-I-N holes on 3 shots, yeah good luck...   there is no coin in or start button, game is always running in real life.


The  "Good"  This and the Backglass came from all scanned assets.  32 Assassin helped me initially getting this going because we had to trick the ticket dispenser and the switch when you insert a coin to roll down.  Took some time to figure it out.  Game plays as it should if there was a ball in it instead of a coin.


The "Bad" 

1.  The 2 ramps are static, i have another version that they move but the issue is you cannot have Primitive ramps move and be collidable.  We had to make VPX ramps that were invisible that were collidable but getting them to sync up with the visual ramps was a nightmare.  This was a community effort so it will be open to mod if anyone want to play with it and get it working.  The VPX ramps are still there just not collidable and commented out in the script  

2.  There are GI lights under the back green plastics.  I did not add them because I couldn't get them to work,   gave up...

3.  There are 3 solenoid controlled lights in the script.  The lights are above homer and comic book guys head and point down.  These provide most of the lighting in the game.  The only way to properly do this is to use Blender.  If someone wants to give it a shot by all means.

4.  No desktop version, I don’t use it.  If someone wants to make that thanks


This table is free to mod and publish without permission if:

1.  It is posted on VP Universe only, definitely not VP Forums!!!!

2.  You actually fix one of the above issues!  If you just wanna mod then fine, mod and keep on your cab.  If you have a really cool mod then contact me and we can talk.  We don't need 10,000 versions of this table around because others, you know who you are on VPF, like to "fix" other people lights..


Lastly, I would like to thank all those that have contributed to this table.  I am sorry that I don't remember all the names because this has been a 5 year project, please message me if you want your name added to the credits and don't be mad, its not intentional.  From what I remember and can look back at, 32Assassin for scripting help, Wildman B2s, Arngrim DOF, cant remember who helped stich the PF scans,  Dazz for scanning all the 3D models in, Rawd for making the 3d models usable in VPX, Remdwaas, Cyberpez and Rawd for help with scripting, ramp testing and other various items, Flupper for help with flashers.  I know I probably missed people so let me know but generally the VPW guys for all the help getting this done.


B2s is in the download


Rom is here

Thanks to Hauntfreaks for animated wheels


What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


NVRAM is required and included

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Great work on this table.  It's not easy, but it's some Simpsons fun and that is always much appreciated!

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The table metadata could use an update

showing info for tables/The Simpsons Kooky Carnival (Stern 2006)/The Simpsons Kooky Carnival (Stern 2006).vpx
      VPX Version: 10.72
       Table Name: Visual Pinball Demo Table
          Version: 1.1
           Author: [not set] [not set] http://www.vpforums.org/
    Save revision: 30
        Save date: Fri Dec  2 22:06:44 2022
     Release Date: [not set]
      Description: Press C to enable manual Ball Control via the arrow keys and B
            Blurb: [not set]
            Rules: [not set]


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Interesting. I was playing this in Calgary AB Canada a few months back. I had never heard of it before, but noticed the Stern machine in a Chuck E. Cheese. Also noticed that the toys inside where identical to the Simpsons Pinball Party table, so it would be a good target for a retro fit if needed, but my guess is this table would be much rarer to come across at market. Never thought I would ever see a VPX version. Very Cool. Thanks For Sharing!!!!

dcam-AB2022 (23).JPG

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Génial !!! J'ai hâte de l'essayer, j'aime beaucoup les simpsons :) 

Merci à vous pour votre partage et votre travail 

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