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Star Wars: Death Star Assault - GALACTIC EDITION (PinEvent V2) 1.0.0

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Star Wars: Death Star Assault - GALACTIC EDITION


Original Ultimate Pro table by SLAMT1LT




Table version: 1.0 - GALACTIC EDITION – PinEvent V2 (July 2022)



A long time ago (2005) on a pinball editor far, far away... this table started its long journey.


First it started as the Sci-Fi Classic example table in 2005. Then SLAMT1LT created his Star Wars mod in 2010, which then evolved over the years to his Ultra version, then his Ultimate version, then finally his Ultimate Pro 1.06 version in 2020. I then updated that table with my Epic Space Battles mod in 2021, and then for PinEvent afterward.


In 2022, I present my massive GALACTIC EDITION update!


This table has been completely updated and modernized to use the newest BAM features to create an amazing real-time visual treat that will blow you away! Almost everything you saw before has been updated to the max (or replaced) and many cool new additions have been added!


Epic Space Battles were just the beginning. This table is so big it requires you to patch FP and BAM to allow them to access 4 GB of ram, just to run it! I highly recommend you watch the "evolution" video below to see many of the new features.


I've also updated this table to my PinEvent V2 standard, to allow for optional DOF, SSF, PUPDMD and other features that take this to another level!







Some of the new features and updates:


- complete overhaul of the table to both modernize it and removal of older unused items

- new light inserts models with normal maps

- new 4K art for playfield, plastics, decals, apron, backbox, etc

- new updated shadowmaps for GI, flashers, lightsabers (for new coloured lighting and shadows), and suited for new ray cast shadows

- new shadow layer overlays that appears over decals, but not over openings on the pf

- new ambient shadows on the pf and plastics

- new fully updated lighting

- new beacon flasher

- new colour changeable wireramps

- new lightsaber models, and updated glow and lighting effects

- new models for Death Star, R2-D2, Millenium Falcon

- new updated R2-D2 hologram

- trench run plungerlane model

- new 3d docking bay window on the backwall with flyby space ships

- new fully animated turbo laser cannon that track flyby ships and fires at them when the bumpers are hit (or the player presses buttons)

- x-wing, tie fighter, vader tie fighter, y-wing ships that fly by

- space battles that have x-wings / tie fighters / laser blasts / explosions flying all around the game

- epic Death Star explosion effect!

- animated characters for Darth Vader, Yoda, C3PO, Stormtroopers, Pilot Luke Skywalker, GNK Droid

- VR room with spaceship hallway, planets, space, flying ships

- Star Wars arcade game easter egg (behind the player)

- BB-8 animated ball option (thanks Gimli)

- new 128x32 FP DMD

- new attract mode with Darth Vader's DISCO-RAMA with all characters dancing and animated colour changing spotlights... and new remastered Star Wars Disco theme music

- new PinEvent V2 support for DOF, PUP SSF, PUP DMD, PUP Stream, etc

- loads of other fixes, new details and other things I've lost track of...



This all combined makes for the most explosive and visually stunning Star Wars table you've ever seen! Pure adrenaline!


Thanks to SLAMT1LT for making such a great table to add all this to!



The WIP thread for the table can be seen here:








For a video preview of this table in action check out this video:







To see a video that shows the evolution of this table from 2005 to 2022, and how I updated the table, watch this video:









Thanks of course to these awesome contributors:


SLAMT1LT: original Ultimate Pro table


Matt Ellis: original Sci-Fi Classic table / layout

Schlabber34: insert jewel images

FLEEP: mechanical sounds

Fuzzel: original Vader Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Turbo Laser cannon models

Gimli: BB-8 ball and animation code

ravarcade: BAM and support

Nailbuster: Pinup Player, PUP DMD, PUP SSF

Chris Leathley: Future Pinball








This table is a fan-made work of passion, and is NOT intended for commercial usage or to be included in any part of a commercial sale!






****** This table is a 4 player game ******



Desktop Static Camera Views


Press C to cycle through BAM's Desktop Static camera views (if using the included CFG file)



While in Attract mode, the following options can be changed:


Left Flipper: change lightsaber colour

Right Flipper: BB-8 ball, chrome ball

Plunger button: wire ramp colours (blue / red, chrome / chrome, lightsaber colour / red)

Left Magna (Special 1): change backglass art

Right Magna (Special 2): toggle lightsabers on / off



When the ball is in the plungerlane, the following will launch the ball:


Plunger button, Left / Right Magna (Special 1 / 2 / Fire Button)



During Gameplay, the following will fire the Turbo Laser Cannon (just for fun)


Plunger button, Left / Right Magna (Special 1 / 2 / Fire Button)









BAM Ray Cast Ball Shadows:


- this table was created to look best with the new BAM Ray Cast Ball shadows

- this feature is disabled by default

- this feature requires a fast video card, and will use much more of your GPU

- if enabling it slows down the game... then your PC may not be fast enough to handle it (and you should disable it)


You can enable Ray Cast shadows in the BAM menu, or in TABLE OPTIONS in the table script


- open BAM menu while in-game (~ or Q by default), and goto "Addons - Configure Ball and Shadows"

- Sharpness = 0.850, Dark Level = -1.0

To disable this feature, disable it in both the BAM menu and the TABLE OPTIONS

BAM Menu settings:


BAM Lighting and Post Processing settings are set by the table script and will ALWAYS override the user's settings

this is needed to ensure that all lighting is set correctly at all times.




This version of the table has BAM dynamic physics (DF1) added to it






PinEvent V2 features for this table:





PUP Stream

Night Mode key



Note: for PUP Stream there is no Playfield Mini Screen option






Game not running smooth?


If your PC is struggling to run the game at a good fps, you can try setting the following options in the TABLE OPTIONS in the table script, and see if any of them help:


BB8_Ball = 2

SpaceRoom_enabled = false

use_ShadowMaps = false

use_GI_Shadows = false

use_Lightsaber_Shadows = false

use_RayCast_Shadows = false (also disable this in BAM menu - Addons - Configure Ball and Shadows)

if using PinEvent V2 features, disable PUPStream for this table


You can try disabling "Playfield Reflections" and "Anti-aliasing" in the FP "Video/Rendering Options" menu


If you have 4GB or less of VRAM on your GPU, then you can try enabling Texture Compression in FP's Video Settings









All Visual C++ updates (to allow BAM to work properly). An easy All-in-One Installer can be found here (reboot after installing):





Future Pinball and BAM (1.5-349 or higher) is REQUIRED to play this table!





****** Don't assume you have the latest BAM. If in doubt, update it! ******


If you only need to update BAM:


- backup your entire BAM folder (located at Future Pinball \ BAM)

- download the latest BAM update zip file (not the installer), link is below

- install the latest BAM update (replace all files)

- copy the BAM.cfg, Reality.dat, Default.cfg from your backup BAM folder and replace the files in your BAM folder (these are your previous BAM settings)





Ready to go "BAM Settings" (proper default view for cabinets, better static desktop views, etc)


- I highly recommend you install my "BAM Settings" files, if you have never done so before!

- download my "Future Pinball and BAM Mega Guide" zip file (link is below)

- open the zip file for the setup you have (BAM settings for Cabinet.zip, or BAM settings for Desktop.zip)

- extract the files (BAM.cfg, Reality.dat, Default.cfg) into the BAM folder (overwrite the current files)



****** 4 GB patch is REQUIRED for both Future Pinball and BAM! ******


This table REQUIRES that FuturePinball.exe and FPLoader.exe (BAM) be patched to allow them to access 4 GB of ram (by default they can only access 2 GB ram)


You can get the app to patch them at this link here:




I HIGHLY recommend you read my page that explains how to do the patching here (very easy!):






TerryRed's Future Pinball and BAM Mega Guide


This has a FAQ with answers to most problems, and other helpful info, and has essential settings files:





Future Pinball Video Settings and Editor Settings:


- you MUST have the correct Video and Editor settings for this table to work correctly!

- I have included a picture of these settings in the table's zip file



Run FPLoader.exe in BAM folder to play this table. DO NOT run directly from the FuturePinball.exe:


- don't trust start menu or desktop icons, as they may point to FuturePimball.exe instead of FPLoader.exe

- some people may need to run FPLoader.exe as Administrator at least one time for BAM to work

- set FPLoader.exe to Windows 8 compatibility mode to prevent crashing









TABLE file: “Star Wars DSA - Galactic Edition (1.0 - PinEvent V2).fpt”


- this goes in your “Future Pinball \ Tables” folder


CFG file: “Star Wars DSA - Galactic Edition (1.0 - PinEvent V2).cfg”


- this goes in your “BAM \ CFG” folder

- it gives cabinet users a proper cabinet POV

- it gives desktop users new static camera views (press C to cycle through them)

- it must be named the same as the table file to work




- this is only needed if using PUP DMD or PUP SSF

- this goes in your “PUPVideos” folder

- in the PuP-Pack folder, run the “Option” BAT file that matches your setup


PinEvent V2


If you want to use any PinEvent V2 features (DOF, PUP SSF, PUP DMD), read the included install instructions in the table's zip file!






********** HOW TO PLAY THE TABLE **********


- only use FPLoader.exe (this is BAM) in the BAM folder to play this table. DO NOT run directly from the FuturePinball.exe

- don't trust start menu or desktop icons, as they may point to FuturePimball.exe instead of FPLoader.exe

- run FPLoader.exe in Windows 8 compatibility mode to prevent crashing

- you “may” need to run FPLoader.exe as Administrator “once” for BAM to work correctly (DO NOT keep it set to Run as Administrator)

- you MUST use the proper Video settings for FP (I have included them in the table's zip file)

- ALWAYS completely close Future Pinball after exiting a table, or loading another table

- Future Pinball needs to start “fresh” every time you load and start a table






Known Issue - Crash after a "Fail" and returning to Attract


There is a known issue / bug that causes the table to crash when returning to Attract mode after either failing Time Attack, or when the Death Star destroys your planet. I mentioned this in the table script, but forgot to add it to the Install Instructions (I'll upload a new version of the instructions with this added).


We don't know what causes it, and apparently SLAM had the same issue long ago (could be a FP or BAM bug).


It only happens randomly (more likely on Time Attack when failing)... but there's nothing I can currently do about it.








Read the Install Instructions included in the table's zip file.


It tells you everything you need to know, has a very helpful FAQ, and has lots of pretty pictures!


Again, read the FAQ and the Install Instructions in the table's zip file!






CHANGELOG (v1.0 - first release):


- table started as Star Wars DSA (Ultimate Pro 1.06) - Epic Space Battles

- updates to the table, layout, code, sound, music, items, lighting, models, etc

- removed older items / surfaces / lights no longer used

- updated BAM lighting and post processing

- new 128x32 "FP" DMD

- new beacon flasher

- new insert models, lighting, and textures

- new artwork for playfield, plastics, apron, backbox, decals

- new shadowmaps for G.I, flashers, lightsabers

- new "cut shadows" overlay images for G.I. and lightsabers

- new lightsaber models, lighting, and glow effects

- new models: Death Star, R2-D2, X-Wing, Vader Tie Fighter. Tie Fighter, Turbo Laser Cannon, Millenium Falcon

- new models: Y-Wing, BB-8 ball, trench run plungerlane

- new backwall 3D docking bay window / space / ships

- new VR Space Room: ship hallway / GNK droid / planets / space / flyby ships / Star Wars Arcade game and animation

- new animated characters: Darth Vader, Yoda, C3-PO, Storm Troopers, Luke Skywalker (arcade game pilot)

- updated R2-D2 hologram and images (also includes Ball Save and Death Star Countdown)

- new animated space battle sequences: flying ships, lasers, explosions, falcon fly-by with spotlight

- new fully animated turbo laser cannon that tracks fly-by x-wings, and blasts lasers at them when bumpers are hit

- new remastered Star Wars Disco attract music

- updated mini-game: now you can play on the playfield using animated Millenium Falcon, Tie Fighters, and flashers

- new Darth Vader's DISCO-RAMA: animated colour changing spot lights, dancing Darth Vader / Yoda / C3-PO / Stormtroopers

- updated attract mode. Added flyby camera option

- added new Death Star explosion effects

- new FLEEP mechanical sounds

- updated physics for DF1 and added ravarcade's spinner code

- PinEvent V2 support for DOF, SSF, PUPDMD, and PUP Stream

- added many TABLE OPTIONS to customize many tings on startup, and for performance, etc.

- a huge amount of work and lots of other updates and details I can't keep track of :)






















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