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Catacomb (Stern 1981) - redbone(MOD) v1.0.0

This is a mod of a table released by HSM on 1/25/2020 over on VPF.

My mod includes lighting tweaks and a heavily reworked playfield and plastics.  The rework features include:


  • corrected reflections on the playfield picked up by the original picture/scans where blacks weren't showing well in some areas
  • removed many dust/scratches and other flaws on the base playfield and plastics
  • upscaled all the major individual plastics and playfield items using Upscayl and chaiNNer with various  AI models
  • smart sharpen filters after upscaled
  • downsized images to something more manageable
  • cleaned up some of the inlays
  • realigned some lighting
  • adjusted some lighting values
  • fixed corrupt .png file for ball
  • fixed transparency issues under some plastics
  • used instruction card from ipdb





original description from vpf below:


A VPX conversion of mfuegemann 's VP9 Table.
I had a lot of hours into this before I realized that 32assassin had already released a VPX conversion of this table, but I was to far along to quit.
A portion of code was borrowed from his table to run mfuegemann's dB2s file correctly.  STAT is credited for adding this code.


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Thank You for the table, playing in cabinet mode, is there a way to disable the bagetelle pop-up on the playfield screen after the ball drains, in cabinet mode the backglass b2s' bagetelle works so the pop-up on the playfield after the ball drains messes with the originally perception of the game. 

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