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Krull (Gottlieb 1983) (10.8)


This is a hybrid update to my vpx conversion of a rare Gottlieb 1983 Krull pinball machine. For more details of the table I updated check out this link.



Special thanks go out to the following people.

Ahr1man and his hawk eyes and his 4k monitor with his magnifying glass for finding every pixel out of place.

Rawd for being Rawd and just so I can boost his popularity more than it already is.

Smaug for his really slick video intro and help getting the word out. Also for beta testing.

Gigalula for beta testing and reporting.

tamoore for beta testing and reporting.

Studlygoorite for beta testing and reporting, he found that I had a bunch of sounds set to the backglass that should have been set to the playfield.

VPW team for many VR settings and object for the VR view.


And of course thanks to kevinleedrum and mfuegemann for the 2014 vp9 version.


I hope I got all the people that helped, if not let me know and I will add you.




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