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Operation Thunder (Gottlieb 1992) (10.8)

This is a hybrid version of a 1992 Premier Operation Thunder pinball table. It has four views (Desktop, Fullscreen, Full Single Screen, and VR). If you enable B2S in desktop mode it will automatically make the segment display invisible for those who like to play desktop with B2S. This table was originally made in VP9 by mfuegemann and converted to VPX by Rascal. Here is the link to that version so you can read the details from there.



As mentioned, this table will disable the segment displays and the vpinmame display if B2S is enabled. LUT setting can be changed using the left magnasave button.  VR is automatically detected when VR is enabled in VP-GL VR settings. Other VR settings include Logo on/off, right posters on/off, left posters on/off, glass on/off, and glass scratches on/off. These are set at the top of the script. This table was made with the beta 10.8 GL version of VPX and is recommended to use that version. It has been reported during beta testing that some people running the 64bit version of 10.8 see some black dot anomallys and are not present if they run it in the 32bit version of VP GL. This is a bug in the 64bit version, because Ahr1man painstakingly deleted objects all the way down to the playfield and was unable to remove all the dots. This was more prominent in Fullscreen and Full Single Screen modes.


Thanks go out to the following people.

mfuegemann - for the awesome work he did on this table for VP9.

Ahr1man - for beta testing, bug reporting, and inspecting up close all objects on the table.

Rawd - for beta testing and confirming bugs.

Gigalula - for beta testing and suggesting some game play modifications on the upper flipper to make it easier to hit the left ramp.

tamoore - for beta testing.




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