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[New VP10 Hybrid Alert] Tron Legacy LE (Stern 2011) VPW Mod

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Tron Legacy LE (Stern 2011) VPW Mod

Greetings Program!


Tron Legacy LE Tune-Up by members of VPin Workshop . This one was supposed to, again, be just a fast physics update;


"Yeah, we'll just do a quick 'add nfozzy physics to this' and get it out the door..."

*a month later after everyone's tweaked every part of the table*



Turns out everyone is very fond of the table and wanted to join in, it might well get updated again in the future... especially if we can find a proper playfield scan (especially of the LE!)


Loads of new stuff including new physics, ramps, acrylic protectors, flashers, lighting, inserts, sound and shadows,




-          nFozzy physics: Astro, Fluffhead35, iaakki, Sixtoe

-          Physical Re-alignment: Sixtoe

-          Playfield and Inserts: Sixtoe, Astronasty, iaakki

-          Ramp & Ropelight Primitive Update: Tomate

-          Fleep Sounds: Fluffhead

-          Flashers and Lighting: Sixtoe, iaakki, Hauntfreaks

-          Shadows: Wylte

-          Acrylics and Plastics: Sixtoe

-          VRRoom: Sixtoe (Minimal Room), Rawd (Fancy Room), leojreimroc (3D Backglass)

-          Misc Tweaks: VPW Team

-          Advice / Real Machine Comparison: G5k

-          Testing: Rik & VPW Team

'0.00 - Astronasty - Added nfozzy physics, rubberizer aand target bouncer code.
'0.01 - Sixtoe - Physical object table rebuild including missing rubbers and objects, flupper flashers added, nfozzy physics table objects added on layer 9, realigned some visual table objects, some other tweaks, cut lights to VR cabinet dimensions.
'0.02 - Sixtoe - Significantly adjusted all collidable objects, filled holes, added missing rubbers in shooter lane and above pop bumpers and removed certain things.
'0.03 - Fluffhead35 - Completed Nfozzy Physics.  Added new targetbouncer logic, added 2nd rummberizer function for flippers, added coil rampup, fleep sound
'0.04 - Fluffhead35 - Fixed typo in Class_Initialize in myTurnTable class
'0.05 - Wylte - Dynamic Ball Shadows, Spotlight tweaks
'0.06 - iaakki - Ball image update, FastFlips changed, Alternative TargetBouncer added as option 2, Left orb return fixed
'0.07 - Wylte - Fixed spotlights not being in GI -_-"
'0.08 - iaakki - Right outlane fix, all lights moved to use NF Lampz, GI redone, some insert prims, textures and materials imported, TargetBouncer values tuned
'0.09 - Scrapped
'0.10 - Sixtoe - Insert prims set up (still WIP, need some new textures), slings redone (still WIP), disc texture touched up, some table prims edited, maybe other tweaks.
'0.11 - iaakki - added one missing insert texture. Fixed some other insert textures.
'0.12 - iaakki - new PF and insert text images added, positions fine tuned, adding lights to lit the texts properly. Adding fXXTOP flashers to inserts to light the text properly
'0.13 - iaakki - saved insert text layer on PSP and it fixed the edges, now all insert Z's are at zero
'0.14 - Astronasty - Added new PF/inserts images with recognizer cutout. Shifted end of ramp stop to make ball bounce back more.
'0.15 - Sixtoe - Added disc overlays to their inserts and changed insert primitives, redid most of the ambient insert lighting, added text flasher overlay to most inserts, messed around with light colours, added optional aftermarket acrylics, tweaked some stuff, probably other things...
'0.16 - tomate - Added plastic ramps prims with some fixes and new textures, POV fixed, night/day cycle reduced a bit
'0.17 - Astronasty - Actually changed the POV, commented out blue flippers and added white one, added new PF with yellow top lanes.
'0.18 - iaakki - reworked some GI areas so they don't affect inserts that much. Adjusted Tron inserts and some other inserts.
'0.19 - Astronasty - New PF and insert PNGs to try to reduce jaggies.
'0.20 - tomate - Right ramp beginning fixed, ramps metal plates fixed, left VPX ramp cap fixed, LED strip prim and VPX fixed to match the new ramp shape, Astronasty's improved playfield placed
'0.21 - Fluffhead35 - Added in option for original target bouncer alongside new one
'0.22 - Messed with GI more, split out lighting so that's easier to mess with now, added missing rubber.
'0.23 - iaakki - fixed some lights and code. Made that top flip shot possible. Targetbouncer fiddled once more.
'0.24 - iaakki - cabinet mode improved, flipper strength to 2900, FlipperCoilRampupMode default to 1, Wall54 fixed so orb feels better. Green insert off materials done, inserts 51-53 done
'0.25 - Sixtoe - Added discs back on playfield, added color corrected slings, adjusted flynn kicker, adjusted height of acrylic walls, fixed VR depth bias issues (argh!), added LE rubbers (White) with switch, hooked up flynn sign to GI, flasherbases adjusted so they're rotated correctly.
'0.26 - HauntFreaks - GI tweaks
'0.27 - Wylte - Added fading materials to spotlight shadows, tweaks to cutoff.  Attempted to add a toggle, but I don't know Lampz well enough yet
'0.28 - iaakki - Adjusted SW7 and SW8 collidables, adjusted Wall61, double checked default options
'0.29 - Sixtoe - Hooked up acrylics to GI, fixed f129a floating, fixed primitive32 sunken plastic, fixed rear flasher flares so they're correctly aligned, moved spotlight shadow prims so they're hidden in vr, set some solid prims to disable light from below, fixed some metals material & texture issues, changed height of shadows to stop z clashing, fixed rear right vr cabinet foot normals, tweaked GI on left inlane to better match right side and stop blowing out left sling plastic as much.
'0.30 - apophis - Fixed spotlight shadow error.
'v1.0 - Sixtoe - Tidied up for release, changed VR backbox shape.
' We thank the previous friends of TRON (Apologies if we have missed anyone)
' G5k:    Playfield, plastics, ramps and other graphical improvements, new arcade primitive, modified ramp primitives, Lighting, material and physics adjustments and general trial and error adjustments.
' DJRobX: Updated physics and code to bring table inline with VPX 10.4 routines, ROM-controlled GI and PWM flasher support. Merging changes between existing tables. Fastflips hardcoded.. 
' Sixtoe: VR conversion, table mods and tweaking.
' ICPjuggla, freneticamnesic: Original VPX Table (V1.3f)
' 85Vette: Original VP9 table
' Rom: Original FP table
' TerryRed: PinUp Player original mod removed (to work with Pinup proper May 2018 onward) Table is a standard VPX table now. Ball Controller Mod added.
' Dozer: Fixed recognizer and disc turntable movement (not all light mods moved to this version)
' RustyCardores: Surround sound mod, new sounds added (where there were none)
' Hannibal: Lighting and graphical improvements
' Draifet: Physics and graphical improvements
' HauntFreaks: Graphical and material improvements.

-- End Of Line.


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First off, this table rocks!  Thank you for all the hard work.  I noticed that my table slows down a good bit whenever the ramps flash - is that particularly resource intensive or do you know any way to avoid?  I'm using a RTX 2060s but am running at 4k 60fps so maybe I need to downgrade some settings?  Most tables run amazing, this one generally does except for that issue.  Replacing PUP pack with a backglass image did not make a difference. Thank you

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  • 2 months later...

Team i came to you after two days trying to get back this Beautifull table and PUP pack working together

after upgrading DMDETX to last version and BSSERVER 2.0 + Vpinmame to prepare for the X64 (following procedure) 

this is the only table with the pup not working .. triggering video . i try all potential method found on the net meaning : update back all elements ensure no dll blocked . the INI file is correctly setup for Pup = true

ROM setup in english (USA) / external DMD..


i am struggling ..



pupLOG showing no PUPCATURE start...



20230319 16:10:12 Open called

20230319 16-10:12 Set Game Name thread tra 174h



i've to said that i compare to other PuPPACK and all work fine (Avatar , ...)


i also try to reinstall pinup popper nothing

only stay on image not fix i see the light moving but nothing is trigger no intro video no music

thanks for support




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Love this table!   Only issue I’m having is getting the LEDs on the back wall of the play field to turn on.   I’ve adjusted everything in the script file I could think of. Could anyone point me in the right direction on what to modify to have them work?   Thanks!

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