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ABBA v2.0

First off let me thank you JP Salas and stat
Thank you for all your help with this pinball could not have done it without you
Thank you JPSalas for letting me use your table template and for the help with coding
Thanks to STAT, for helping me with a bug I had With B2S and critiquing the game. Many of you may remember this group from the 70's and 80's they were, I think bigger than Kiss. There is an included Instruction card in the zip file. The Instruction Card is written with LibreOffice Writer this has been saved with the open doc format. You should have no problem in using it with Microsoft word .

This table is built on Vortex a nice game from Taito 1981. I hope this VPX original will be a good addition to someone's  game list.

Ibid: After a response from slydog43 I can only give you a link to music files and let everyone get there own music to add to the script. This is due to copyright restrictions.
https://www.youtube....arch_query=abba. If you download music, it will need to be in MP3 format and placed in the music directory. Then change the script to play the files you have, remember to rename the files in music directory to conform to the script format.

Gray Ghost



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First up, good work. There's a lot of members out there in the communities that prefer a non pup version of dedicated PUP tables while they save up to buy a better PC or a cabinet. The table plays well. I changed the script for the MP3's to HiRez00's script for my personal preference and use. This seems to be the way to go now. It should be available herabouts or in one of the other sites.

I found the backglass staying up after closing the table. Easily fixed. Copy and paste the following at the bottom of the script:

Sub Table1_Exit
End Sub

I think you would have included this if the table had properly been tested , but no harm done.

Lastly, the instruction card file is corrupt. Could you repost it in plain text format.
I discovered that the instruction card can be opened in Microsoft's Wordpad rather than Word. (I got a "file is corrupt" message when I tried.). It looks blank if you have a white background because the text is white. Highlight the text by mousing over the page and change the colour to black and save as a .txt file. You will lose the formatting, but that that doesn't matter.




Edited by Greynurse
Update message on the instruction card file.
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Table loads up, plays music, I can exit now after I edited the script for the info above. 

Lights never come on in the B2S, music plays, can't start a game

If it was a different table i would say it seems like its missing the ROM - wont start

I am running 10.6 - i checked it does have the taito.vbs in the scripts folder

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Table metadata still mentions vortex


✔ Select a table to launch · Vortex (Taito do Brasil - 1981)  (ABBAv2.0)
✔ Choose an option · Show Details
version: Version(
TableInfo {
    table_name: "Vortex (Taito do Brasil - 1981) ",
    author_name: "jpsalas",
    screenshot: [],
    table_blurb: "",


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