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PIN2DMD EVO - DMD multicolor now also for DE 128x16 and SEGA 192x64


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Hi guys,


I have worked with @Rene368 to get a few board updates happening. He has completed the update to the Sega 192x64 which moves the location of the ribbon cable connector. It is only a minor update but for anyone wanting to use this version, please see the attached files below. Please note I have not tested this yet so please go over them or wait until someone else has completed an order and confirmed. I will be doing one in a little bit. Full credit to René for making this happen!





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Howdy all.  I'm working with a 128x16 EVO board I've just assembled and I'm having some issues with missing dots in the displayed text.  I've got the board set to DE 128x16, enhancer is on for DE Hook.  Firmware is the 4.51 release.  The ROM installed is the original display ROM from the plasma display.  Any help on what I should be doubled checking on the board or in the settings would be appreciated.  Everything appears as expected on the original plasma, so I don't suspect anything is wrong with the cabling or MPU itself.  Text in the config menus looks fine.


Thanks in advance.



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