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Bone Busters Inc. (Gottlieb 1989) 1.5a

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About This File

Bone Busters Inc. (Gottlieb 1989) VPX


I'm pleased to share this table because I think it works fully for the first time.
I spent a lot of time to fix the kickers, the flashers, the GI lights, some lights, some inserts, and the Opera Jackpot inserts,...
The sounds, the code, the lighting, most visuals, the gameplay,... have been improved.
I did my best to reproduce this pinball machine as close as possible to the real model.


Some options are available in the script to improve even more the lighting (LightsMod "0" should be fully accurate) and to change some other things like the sound volumes, LUT selection, right-up flipper key, instruction cards...

Some settings are also available with dipswitches (F6 key ingame)


But I have to say I did some elements of this table too quickly, I'm not a good 3D model builder and some primitives for the big plastic ramps would be really needed (at this time they are made only with walls and ramps...). So if someone else wants to take care of this and do the remaining job, please contact me :)


A big thank you to Apophis who added the Fleep sounds pacakge, nFozzy physics & flippers and other physics mods: flipper rubberizer, flipper coil rampup option, target bouncer.


Big thanks to 32Assassin for the beta table he released some time ago and thanks also to hmueck for the previous VPX versions.
Their works helped me a lot to rebuild this table and I took some elements directly from their tables (no need to do again the nice jobs they already did).


Thanks also to Colver and fluffhead35 for their testings, Sheltemke for testing and helping with some arts, eMBee for the apron, HauntFreaks for the playfield color corrections and the VPinWorkshop discord team for their friendly support (sorry if I forgot someone else)



Side Notes :

- By default the right-up flipper is controlled by the right-magnasave button (just like the real machine)

If you prefer there is an option in the script to use the right flipper button instead.

- Some game settings are available through dipswitches (press F6 ingame to acces).

The table should be launched again after any changes to apply the new settings


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