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    Zaccaria's 1985 Robot is a table that is quite simple, but VERY addicting. Your main goal on Robot, is to defeat the Robot. In order to defeat him, you have to launch the ball across The Robot Bridge, that will activate 5 robot minions. Knocking these minion down three times, will defeat the Robot of Zaccaria. There is nothing quite hitting that Rainbow Bridge shot. The multiplier is also very unique, with its three standup square targets. Hitting them does not drop them, but does black out a light. Knocking out all three lights will advance your multiplier. Directly across from the targets is a somewhat hidden slingshot that will help you knock these lights out. Up top, you have three lanes along with three lights. Completing these three lanes on one ball, will activate the outlane saves. I recommend trying to get these save activated quickly, because the outlanes can be deadly on this table. Your yellow drop targets on the right, will bank you point big points on the Orange Special target. Plus, after a few target drops, the Robot will congratulate you with a "nice shot." As with all Zaccaria tables, the last ball will collect you bonus time for the final ball. There are a few more shots I'm leaving out, but trust me, you will have a blast with this table. Now for this table itself. Wylte did absolutely one of the best jobs of recreating a table that I have played yet on my cab. Robot has been floating around for a while, but was always in rough shape, and needed a big overhaul. Until then, I was playing the Zaccaria release on steam, which was fine, but when you would watch a vide of the real table and then compare to the steam version, it was light year behind. With Wytle release, you really will feel like your playing the real deal. Go ahead. Play four or five games. Get a good feel for the game, understand the rules and shots, and then play the sixth game full tilt. After playing that sixth game, go on youtube and watch a gameplay video of the real machine, and you will swear you are watching yourself play. It's truly remarkable what he was able to pull off on this one, and deserves to be in everyone's rotation. His Robot table has dethroned the steam Zaccaria robot table from my cab, and my only hope is that he tackles more Zaccaria tables. Easily 5 stars. A must have. Great job to all those involved, especially Wylte.
  1. Version 1.0.0


    I know the Zaccaria tables are not to popular around these parts, but I do continue to buy every release. That includes the new Postal tables, which to be honest are actually very fun. I needed some wheels to match my current style for the Zaccaria tables so I put these together. This is for the entire collection. Enjoy.
  2. Excited to try this one! Robot is by far one of my favorite tables to play on the zaccaria game and I'm excited to see how this compares. The zaccaria table was brilliant at one time, but they updated it and totally ruined it. You could no longer hit the robot bridge from the right flipper from capture. After complaining over and over, they finally adjusted the shot, but it was never the same. When this table is adjusted correctly, its LOADS of fun. It has a simple rule set, and a lot of chances to keep the ball in play. I have been at the cab in about four months, but this one might bring me back to it!
  3. Earlier this week, I was able to play the real Joust pinball table and I had a blast playing it. Fortunately for me, I have the table before it was ultimately lost in vpinball being shut down. However; I'm having trouble replicating the game I played. If you have ever played or watch a video of the Joust table, there are flippers on each end of the table, and you can play 2 player, where you and friend are shooting balls back and forth at each other. However; if you want to play single player, you can. This is how I played. You control both sets of flippers, and it was a blast! So I was excited to go home and play, but when I fire up my table, the only mode I can play is 1p vs cp. Where the table just keeps shooting balls out at rapid fire, instead of one ball like a regular table. Does anyone have this table and know how to change the gameplay?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a static backglass for the new Doom Eternal table. Thanks to HiRez00 for his Spiderman Backglass that I used as a template. No lights or anything fancy. Feel free to do what you want with it, and reupload if your heart so desires!
  5. I went to the silverball museum tonight and was able to get one of the workers to remove the glass so that I was able to snap some pictures of the golfers face as well. I didn’t want to hold him up so I was rushing a bit, plus I was holding up a few tables on each side, so I hope what I grabbed was enough to help out!
  6. If Im not mistaken, this game is at the silverball museum on the boardwalk in Asbury park nj. I always end up playing this for a few minutes every year. If I end up going to Asbury this year (I go every year) I’ll try and remember to snag some pictures!
  7. These popped up in my facebook marketplace. I grabbed them before they were gone. Not the best, but I figured it's always good to have resource pictures!
  8. Table looks great! Unfortunately, this table is too much for my cab. This is the only table I have ran into that I can't get to run. I mean I can run the table, but the ball will be by the left slingshot, then be on the other side of the table, but I wont see the ball roll that way, it just appears. The middle of the pf and coming out of the shooter I get the heaviest lags and stutters. I tried the usual tricks, and I can't get the stuttering to stop. Oh well, still an awesome update! All your other updates work no problem and have all been added to the cab this week!
  9. So I continued down this rabbit hole, and for the life of me I can not find the rules for the ramp shots. What I believe should happen, is each successful volley back and forth lights the points light, then the hold ball light, then finally extra ball. However; using ball control, I was never able to get these lights besides the points light to activate. Watching a video of JPs black belt, the first ramp shot lit the hold ball bonus light and not the points light. So I’m not sure if sliders table has these lights programmed to score volleys or if there is some rules I’m missing.
    Another Gottlieb that is often overlooked. Victory may have a ridiculous theme, F-1 cars strapped with machine guns, but the gameplay is ridiculously fun! The rules are very straight forward, complete the 7 laps then finish the race. Complete lap shots quickly and score a multiplier. Plus a lot of skill shots throughout the game will keep you coming back for more. Schlabber, was able to take a solid Victory table and somehow make it even better! The shots all feel lineup and accurate, plus the awesome “trick” shots, such as backhanding the ball into shots, and using the momentum to hit switch shots. Do yourself a favor and learn the rules, because this game will quickly become one of your favorites! Great Job on this release and an easy 5 stars!
  10. Yup Sliderpoint! Thalamus, there is no problem in terms of scripting or errors, but as demonstrated here timestamp 3:34, if you can volley the ball back and forth you will get higher value points. However; in sliderpoints version, you are unable to make the volley. I'm not sure if its the angle of the flipper or position. It's by no means game breaking, I just remember when he released it, I told him about it, and was wondering if he ever looked into it.
  11. Awesome. One of my all time favorite tables to play. Can't wait to get home and try this one out!
  12. Love this table and it looks beyond awesome. A question for anyone out there, but my pc does not like ball shadows. For whatever reason, if there is a shadow under the ball, I get very minor stutter. I recently upgraded my processor and ram, so the issue isn't that much of a problem now, but I have gotten used to the look of not having the shadow under the ball. With that said, I cannot get the shadow off the ball on this table. Usually I can get it off by going through the script, but on this table, I can't figure it out. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  13. I'm assuming because I can no longer find the table, it was part of vpinball.com. Anyway, i'm not looking for it to download, but wondering if someone can help me out with the table. One of the shots on the real table, is a volley shot. You can hit the ball from one side of the ramp to the other. I believe if you successfully volley three times in a row, you are award a bonus. However; on this version of the table (Forgive me, I forget his name. I remember his avatar was a guy dressed in purple with red eyes) the shot is not possible. I have tried to tinker with my table and have yet to find a solution. If you have this table, can you take a look and see if you can figure it out? I know there is a JP version of this table, but I REALLY like the look and feel of this table. There is just something about it that feels charming. Thanks for any help!
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