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NBA Fastbreak (Bally 1997) VPW Mod 1.2.4

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When Tomate joined VPW he brought Darth Marino's NBA Fastbreak with him and hit the ground running! A veteran of Sketchup, he learned Blender surprisingly fast and baked out new textures for pretty much everything. There is only handful of objects that hasn't been redone in past 4 months. A thousand stuck balls later with much debugging, lighting and miscellaneous other contributions from iaakki and Sixtoe and we had shot and scored a decent tune-up for this table: Nfozzy physics, Fleep sounds, 3D inserts, flupper domes, VR room and more!
Includes Desktop, Cab and VR versions in one VPX.
Plastics, Ramps, Nuts, Bolts: Tomate
Wires: Tomate, Mr_H
Playfield: EBisLit, iaakki
Physics: RothbauerW, Benji, iaakki
Inserts: iaakki
Lights: iaakki, Sixtoe
VR Room: Sixtoe
Miscellaneous tweaks: iaakki, Sixtoe, Benji, Oqqsan
Testing: VPin Workshop Discord, Rik Laubach
This release wouldn't have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us including Darth Marino, DJRobX, CarnyPriest, MaX, Aurich, bmiki75, JPSalas
Thank you to Flupper for 3D insert techniques & domes. Thank you to Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics.

' 005 - iaakki - PF and insert images, first inserts added. All lights moved to different layers
' 006 - iaakki - PF material fixed. Adding more inserts, right ramp invisible for now
' 007 - tomate - All the new geometry inside. Layer 1:Non-colidables primitives Layer 2:Colidables LowPoly primitives Layer 3:original VPX objetcs aligned. Added new rubber stuff.
' 008 - iaakki - fixed missing wall diverters
' 009 - tomate - Fixed issue with bumpers, remove collidable wall in position of diverter1, fixed plastics texture problems, added a collidable wall on shot clock, fixed geometry of the RRamp
' 010 - tomate - Added some new geometries, aligned rubbers and addded new POV
' 011 - iaakki - combined inserts and graphics from separate version
' 012 - tomate - New textures
' 013 - tomate - Improve plastic textures, shadows on PF, new apron
' 014 - tomate - More work on textures
' 015 - tomate - Work on file weight, fixed wall problem in player #3, new apron texture, some additional fixes
' 016 - Benji - Added nfozzy physics to flippers, rubber dampening is in script but not assigned to any objects yet.Physics material assigned to collidable ramp primitives
' 017 - Benji - Added darkening/contrast LUT and DL to ramps_laterl primitive (can be disabled in options below). Added collidable rubber sleeves primitives on layer 10 and assigned physics material and nfozzy dampening event
' 018 - tomate - New lighting and color correction with LUTs, new PF with color correction, shadow layer added
' 019 - tomate - Diverter added, fix on collideable walls to prevent ball from getting stuck, new flippers added, triggers fixed, some minor adjustments in textures, clock numbers fixed
' 020 - Benji - Added physics to rubber bands
' 021 - iaakki - flupper domes partially done
' 022 - tomate - Added PF mesh, values of sides passes fixed, force value for sw25 fixed, color correction to PF
' 023 - iaakki - flasher domes done
' 024 - iaakki - GI redone and connected, PF GI missing from strings 2 and 3, gInsertLevel const added to reduce insert brightness globally
' 025 - tomate - Clean script flippers williams logo, blenddisablelighting to Ramp_central added, new water level added, new transparent textures for plastic ramps added
' 026 - tomate - fix the height of the bulbs under Jam & Slam ramps, new siderails and sidewalls added, GlobalFlasher added on PF at layer10
' 027 - Benji - Added Fleep sound package and DJRobX wire/plastic/metal ramp bumps.
' 030 - iaakki - included flipper logos. Flipnudge is having some issues still
' 031 - Sixtoe - Added VR Room, fixed flipper shadows, trimmed lights, unified timmers (including removing redundant timers), removed legacy nudging system, fixed numerous VR depth bias issues, replaced flasher for red left turbo bumper flasher and hooked it up to the flasher system
' 032 - Benji - Removed extra glosiness from new flippers by creating new material for flippers. Got new Flipper Nudge functionality working
' 033 - iaakki - Diverter2, Flipper_collide sub, FlipperSlack&Checklivecatch calls fixed and slackyFlips const added -> Flip tricks works
' 034 - tomate - fixed kicker sw66 (player # 3) shooting power, adjustments on collideable walls to prevent ball jamming, adjust DL of new bats
' 035 - tomate - Primitives of collidable Ramps fixed, usless old collidable objects removed
' 036 - sixtoe/tomate - Shadow ball added, gamma correction to ramps decals
' 037.1 - Sixtoe - Updated VR cabinet, corrected ramp materials for VR, added left ramp lid, aligned 3rd basket flasher, corrected blooms for all basket flashers, added new bloom for flasher10
' 037.2 - Sixtoe - removed LowPoly_Ramps001 collision primitive as was a duplicate, hid everything visible outside of table limits, created apron "shoot" button and light, corrected apron prim so UV isn't broken, repositioned all slings and sling rubbers, fixed right sling
' 037.3 - Sixtoe - added cabinet start light, hooked up existing off cabninet start and shoot lights for desktop mode?, hooked GlobalFlasher to GI system, created sidewall "off" images and hooked up the sidewalls to the GI system for both the normal and VR version (crowd currently not implemented)
' 038 - iaakki - fixed POV and some insert light bulb values
' 039 - tomate - fixed upper right rubber, new texture for the ball, POV adjusted to show the full apron
' 040 - tomate - adjustments to apron and metals textures, tweaks DL on some objects, change ramp materials to look brighter
' 041 - iaakki - top area pf gi redone
' 042 - iaakki - Some plastic GI light heights retuned
' 043 - Sixtoe - changed lamp decal materials so that they work properly, set back to active so they're still see through, fixed some lights, fixed the start button to not show in vr, changed and adjusted the apron walls to show in VR, changed the material of the defender as it was broken in vr, hooked up rollvers to new sound code, removed old sound code and la1-6 walls, droppped playfield hole surrounds, tidied up playfield holes and made a new one for a sw43 target,
' 044 - tomate/iaakki - low res for some textures, StandUp targets separation into 3 prims and animation done, modify backwall texture
' 045 - tomate/oqq - correct apron wall height plastic under central ramp texture, add movments to bumperRings and separate prims
' 046 - tomate - add cabinet mode (working half), removed white things under the ramps, added subtle transparency to the ramp decals, so the lights below can be seen a bit, new yellow targets prims and textures
' 046.1 - tomate - yellow targets working
' 047 - Sixtoe - VR room settings fixed and tweaked, ultra minimal vr added, fixed desktop mode, fixed ball jumping into plunger lane by adding new cover wall, fixed ramp primitive have a hole in it, removed crowd sides for now, fixed desktop pov, turned flipper strength way down
' 048 - iaakki - Desktop POV adjusted, standup target bounces reduced, pf friction increased, Flasherbase1 height fixed
' 049 - Sixtoe - Fixed low poly ramp stopping ball going up left ramp, then fixed it getting stuck there!, adjusted right ramp roof again, added new wall on left by food kicker to stop ball trap, repositioned basket loop to fix POV and make sounds appear near top of table, added missing rubbers to outlane pegs, fixed blade/sidewall texture collision in cabinetmode, added wall on slam ramp to stop ball falling off wire ramp back onto slam ramp
' 050 - iaakki - Standup targets elasticity reduced. Sw64 surface fixed to 55h, l57 brightness reduced, insert paint layer color adjustment
' 051 - tomate - fix Pincab_rails mesh, change material settings and mapped. Fix POV's, now is working in FS and DT mode.
' 052 - iaakki - fine tuned flip positions, fixed lamp update functions to reset properly for all lamps.
' 053 - iaakki - sw46 and sw63 surface fixed, diverter sounds added
' 054 - tomate - Change size and textures of SideBlades, add roof to left plastic, raised the top of the LeftRamp roof to prevent ball hitting, add thickness to PF and mapping
' 054.1 - tomate - Restored the old roof of the left ramp as the new one didn´t work
' 055 - iaakki- ScSp reflections on by default, cabinetmode raises flasherblooms to 500, flasherlights adjusted and lifted to same level as the plastic.
' 056 - Sixtoe - extended collidable wall around the orbit loop to remove ball traps on the top corners, added code to adjust flashbloom height and Y position to cabinet mode, adjusted wire ramp disable lighting to stop lights coming through it in VR, removed rundant ring1/2/3 walls, switched metal post to plastic post under white flasher, adjusted switch 64 height, added bumper1 top wall,
' RC1 - tomate - make not visible wall over main bumper, set 100% sound effect Volume, set CabinetMode = 0
' RC2 - Sixtoe - Adjusted slam ramp, added kicker primitives to basket shots, added additional wall on slingshot back, tweaked a handful of other things
' RC3 - Sixtoe - Adjusted flippers, removed sling added in error, changed height of wireexit1
' RC4 - iaakki - Round standup target fixed to feel more natural, redclock script error fixed
' RC5 - tomate - red clock numbers added
' RC6 - tomate - redclocktimer enabled, add kicker primitive to middle-left hole, some tweaks in decal_ramps textures and Left ramp texture, new textures for laneguides
' RC7 - tomate - increase Cabflash.height value to 520, change POV to match cabinet view, add a wall under cnetral ramp to prevent ball jams, separate the primitives from the laneguides and made them non-collideable, add wall on the laneguides to avoid sorcery
' 100 - iaakki - flasherbloom default heights checked, ball counts fixed, default options set
' 1.01 - Sixtoe - Added option to disable flasherblooms', added wall under slam loop to stop trapped balls, changed colour of top right flasher to white, adjusted flasherlight's heights and turned lights down now they're both working.
' 1.02 - tomate - Corrected size of the upper domes, position of the central left dome slightly modified, added wall in the upper right plastic and sloping walls in the central ramp sector to prevent jamming, new sideblades ON/OFF textures for cabinet mode
' 1.03 - tomate - adds wall behind the basket to avoid jamming when the ball goes slow on the left ramp
' 1.04 - tomate - Adjusted the start angle of the flippers to 120/-120 and reduced the strength to 3200, lowered opacity of ShootbuttonOff and StartButtonOn so they are not visible in DT mode
' 1.05 - benji - adjusted nfozzy physics, sorted out rubbers added right physics materials ect. Sling sounds till broken. See line commmented out near line 600.
' 1.06 - iaakki - adjust rubbers, default to desktop mode, adjust flasher fade speeds, hide emreel basket in desktopmode, adjust top flasher positions, fix flasher lit sizes, reverted flip strength back to 3250
' 1.07 - Benji - nFozzy physics 'one more time'. Properly separated rubber post meshes from rubberband meshes in 3D application, re-imported non-visible collidable rubber bands + posts assigned to dPosts and rubber bands physics materials
' 1.08 - Sixtoe - Added shoot button option for it to appear in shooter / plunger lane.
' 1.09 - Sixtoe - Went over the flashers and fixed numerous issues, fixed a couple of normal lights and adjusted a few things. Hooked up slacktimer to global timer.
' 1.10 - benji - Divided rubber bands into third segment (center 'stretched' segment'), imported this new invisible collidable mesh, and applied new physics material to it
' 1.11 - iaakki - updated some NF and scripts and parameters that were old, moved triggers sw115 and sw117 slightly
' 1.12 - iaakki - Laneguides and pegs tied to GI. Laneguide material changed.
' 1.13 - iaakki - Minor improvement to lighting dynamics. N/D slider 5 -> 4 and gInsertLevel 0.5 -> 0.9
' 1.14 - tomate - make the shoot button a little smaller to fit better
' 1.15 - benji - reduced polygons on rubber bands collidable meshes
' 1.16 - iaakki - slingshot adjust
' 1.17 - iaakki - GI shape and insert adjust
' 1.18 - iaakki - Fixed one more ball stuck behind basket (wall14, sw117 reshape), "in paint" inserts dimmed a bit, improved basket front edge to work more like in real cabinet.
' 1.19 - tomate - Dashboard normals corrected
' 1.2.0 - tomate - invisible wall under defender to prevent ball stuck, rised disable lighting of decals a little bit, moved all colliadable objects to layer 2, collideable left lane protection added, roof upper right plastic added, lock all the objects
' 1.2.3 - iaakki - refactored NF flip code, postes_metalicos set non-collidable
' 1.2.4 - iaakki - Fixed slingshot thresholds, some rubber dampeners and sounds for few posts.


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