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VooDoo's Carnival pinball 1.0.0

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About This File

This has been A long time coming! I have worked on this table for over 2 years ( learning to script ,gimp and video editing), and is my first Original table. This table would still be sitting on my desktop had I not had the help of a few people, to many for me to list here...which is why I put the thanks in the "attract mode" of the table!  So, as I mentioned this is my first creation, if you find "bugs" feel free to comment here and I will try to fix them as time permits. I hope you enjoy the game! 

Voodoo started as A table about voodoo, then I thought about doing "killer clowns from outer space". Not being able to make my mind up , I combined the ideas to what it is now.

A carnival run by an evil clown 😁

this version has no wizard mode...yet. it is also a difficult game (shot wise) .

check the script for options!

this is a "pup" required table so you will need to have pinup player working. It was created in 10.6 but plays fine in 10.7

Orbital pin framework was the base of this table 

All DOF ( for those lucky enough to have it set up) scripting was done by Apophis

rules write up by Wylte


NOTE: for people without default keys,  open the script and comment out or delete line 1357.  If you havent had a problem, no need to worry.



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