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Black Knight 2000 (Williams 1989) w VR Room

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bk2k_l4.zip ROM Name
UnclePaulie, original by Flupper Created by
Williams Manufacturer
1989 Year

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Thank you to Flupper for the permission to mod his 1.3 version of the table.  Flupper did significant improvements to the lighting on 4k cabs, all lighting inserts, several glow ball options, and several other additions.  It looks fantastic!  I requested to make this a hybrid table for desktop and VR users.  Also, I wanted to get all the latest VPW sound and physics updates added as well.  Thanks to the VPW team for all tutorials, advice, code, etc. for the physics, sounds, etc.  A HUGE thank you to Rothbauerw for all his advice, feedback, and suggestions on this table.  It makes it play amazing!  Also thanks to PinStratsDan, Apophis, Rawd, Wylte, Fluffhead, Sixtoe, Tomate, and Flupper for testing and feedback.


There are LOTS of options on this table.  All of Flupper's cabinet mode settings from his 1.3 version are intact and are the default settings for cabinet mode (lighting, ball choice, pov, reflections, bloom, etc.).  IF you want to change that, it's all via the script options.  


Options include:  VR, cab, desktop modes; VR room customizations, LUT, rail glow, brightness, bloom, flipper bats, a playfield RANSOM plate, and ball choices.  They are all at the top of the script.  


NOTE:  You MUST choose which mode you are going to play in the script options at a minimum... VR, desktop, or cab_mode.


Updates by UnclePaulie include:
- Hybrid mode for VR, cab, and desktop
- Two VR room environments and an option for a clock and a topper
- Animated backglass in VR
- Brightness, bloom, reflections, and other lighting settings
- Updated to Roth/nFozzy phsics and flipper physics settings
- Updated to Fleep sounds
- Updated the ramproll and ball rolling sounds.
- Added dynamic shadows, and optimized to reduce stutter in VR on some systems.
- Updated to newer drop targets and drop target physics.
- Added in updated rubberizer code for flippers for more natural bounce.
- Additional ball options added... especially for VR users.
- Option for bright or dark LUT.
- Adjusted some of the inset light shapes to correct for small light leaks
- Adjusted rollover targets to be oriented correctly, and added plywood cutouts.
- Resized the flipper to a more natural length.
- Added a plunger groove to keep ball from floating around in plunger lane
- Added new relay sounds to the various light objects that turn on and off.
- Optimized other parts of code to help with stutter.


What's New in Version 2.0.2   See changelog


Version 2.0.2


Updates are mostly for VR users:


- Small dynamic shadows code update.  The second DSSources is referencing 0 (X position) when it should be 1 (Y)
- Added Magna Save button on the right, and animated it in VR.
- Retro27 made some VR additions including an alternate topper, a poster flyer, a power cord, side rail plates, and a couple other small VR tweaks.  

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Uncle Paulie knocked it out of the park with this update.  The updated physics, sounds, and VRRoom are a perfect compliment to Flupper's original Black Knight 2000 table.  This is a must have for desktop, cab, or VR.


Thanks Uncle Paulie and Flupper!

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Absolutely fantastic!

The new VPW physics (Nfozzy?)  and Fleep sounds make it play like a dream. Fantastic job!

The rubber posts at the bottom of the upper playfield now seem to react very very realistically allowing better timing and control for the shots up there, really amazing achievement!

Thank you so much! One of my all time favorite tables!



Minor point of criticism for an otherwise outstanding release:

It would be nice if we can still use custom values/parameters in the table properties like ball image/scratches and bloom values. At the moment it is overridden by script options.

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Plays well

Thank you for all these options !


Thank's Flupper1 and everyone involved, thank you UnclePaulie for this new version !

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I'm blown away with how good this table looks and plays.  Thank you!!!

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I've had a lot of games on it, and even though the table is right-flipper dominant, the responsive physics gives you so much control when you do miss a shot.  Well done Uncle Paulie, you did a great job to make this table play so well.  

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Holy options Batman!! This is a great update, both versions VPX and VR look, play and feel awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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