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Terminator 2 (Williams 1991) g5k

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153.15 MB File Size
t2_l8 (I think, check script) ROM Name
g5k Created by
g5k Artwork by
g5k and DjRobX (SSF) Scripting by
Williams Manufacturer
1991 (VPX Recreation 2018) Year

2 Screenshots

Check the top of the script for some user options.


This version (1.1d) was lifted from my cabinet and has been adjusted along the way. I can't recall what has changed since 1.1c which was the version out there.


This Terminator 2 build was the start for me in vpx authoring. I had an idea to do it differently back in 2018 and use ray traced baked lighting...and feck me – it worked! The backglass I made from photos I took from a real one. Originally hosted on the now defunct Monster Bash Pincab. DJRobx helped out with implementing code for SSF and Ninuzzu added the laser mod. Also special mention to nFozzy and his version that was around at that time which I used to help learn how it all worked.


I've been reluctant to upload my work  because I don't have the time to support it. I love this game and it plays so close to the real table I have in my studio. 


I've been on a lengthy hiatus, King Flupper and the VPW guys are inspiring to watch. Hopefully some time next year to dip the toes back in the water.


Enjoy! (more of the back catalogue coming)

Included in download
Contact Author First.
v10.6 optional

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members


The table is so much like the original table by Williams

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Sooooo stoked to see g5k table on VPU! Your tables are literally the gold standard. Love to see this here and hope to see more! Cheers and THANK YOU!!!

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· Edited by nodz509

   5 of 7 members found this review helpful 5 / 7 members

please dont be reluctant to sharre, i still remember when your afm dropped cause i was to be frank blown the fuck away by it,  and the VR version is seriously in a class of its own, your attention to detail and how your games play is nothing short of "wtf!!? how the fuck IS THIS VP?!"  and im not some tourist blowing smoke, i've been restoring and repairing machines for a decade i work in an arcade as the pin tech and i play and host tournaments, alot of which i win, in other words i kinda know my shit and how the ball should move, i've owned most of the games people recreate on here and if you ever need video of any machines i have access to so you can time ball returns on habitrails or see how the ball bounces, or whatever questions i could possibly help with i would be much obliged,  i have access to over 30 machines and with instructions could provide pics of entire sets of playfield plastics (alot of new sterns come with extra slingshot plastics and a multitude of drop/standup target decals etc. etc.)  we have a handful of system 11 and 90s/y2k dmd games and then a shit ton of LCD sterns and our collection is always growing.  I have manuals and can provide pics of lamp and switch matrix layouts and with my experience and access to many many games (im also friends with a couple arcade owners so i have access to games other than just the ones at waterland and on our route) so I would be an ideal candidate for beta testing cause not only do i know how these games feel in IRL i learn the rules very thuroughly so for example i can play a game and tell if a credit dot exists cause of a switch not working or if it just needs the date and time set,  I not only play IRL and work on machines a ton but i'm currently ranked right around #200 out of over a million players on the pinball fx3 cross-platform leaderboards and i was a member of TPA's closed beta for monthly table releases starting at the end of season 3 all the way until they lost the bally/wms licenses and was part of the pfx3 beta so i have experience playtesting for some big shots.  VPX is what it is because this community is very passionate about pinball so i would love to give back to this community so here is my my offer to help however i can,  first off if i wasnt broke as shit i would love to "beer me" a bunch of you guys but i dont even use credit/debit cards so unless you live in seattle and  i can "beer me button" you in a local barcade i only have the aforementioned resources i can offer as well as a couple hours a day i could spend beta testing WIP's.  again my offer stands for any and all VPX authors.  I would love to help.  -Nate "NODzilla" Carter 


p.s. if anyone wants a list of the games i have access to shoot me a message and i'll get back to you within a couple days. 


Thanks again for all you guys do VP has already surpassed any expectations i've ever had for visual pinball and is getting better everyday!


p.s.p.s.  g5k I am soooooo stoked to see your work popping up on VPU and wanted to let you know how appreciated you are and i think i can speak for more than just myself when i say i got super excited like i got an early christmas present when i read "more back catalogue to come".  cant even tell you in words how happy i am your sharing, your work is sooooo much better than you give yourself credit for,  being humble is admirable but sir you have earned the right to boast as its obvious you really work your ass off on these.  ok i shuttup now. peace.

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· Edited by S.K

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God damn bro im traveling down this Pinball rabbit hole because I really want to play this machine again but the tutorials here are just shit when I try to run this with some shady thing I found somewhere it tells me "Cant start Gamet2_l8 object required" :c



Download this 

and put it AS A ZIP in your \VPinMAME\roms Folder


Now that I got it working... It plays wonderfully! Just like the real thing, thanks!

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This is one of the greatest virtual pinball tables ever created!


Thanks g5k!!

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Awesome table, nice updates! This is one of my favorite tables and its a blast to play it in such quality. 5 stars ****

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Thanks for sharing.  This table looks great with a Pup Pack and DMD Colorization.  Here's your creativity on the Atgames Legends Pinball cabinet.



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I’ve played this table more than any other and it’s just how I remember it in the arcade.  The skull shot is as tough as a real pin and everything looks simply stunning.  I can not get over how good this is.  Unreal.  Thank you!

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Amazing table! Thank you for your work.  Such a treat to fire up and play with my wife.  

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Many many thanks G5K for this great table. It is my all-time favorite and looks fantastic and feels great.

This version plays exactly, as i would  remember playing the original machine back in the 90's. Kept spending coins after coins in our local casino and skipping some school lessons. 😀

Actually this table brought me back to virtual pinball and now its time to finally finish my cabinet build, which i started and abandoned 7 years ago!

Greets and gratitude,



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This is incredible! I don't remember whose table it was that I started on, but let's just say it was lacking. Then I came across a "chrome" edition vpin and while it was better than the first, it didn't look or feel right. Now to the present day, I randomly stumbled across this version of T2 while browsing the VPX tables. Not actively looking for another T2 mind you - just the screen shot grabbing my attention. WOW! Loading this recreation up on my setup (even if it's an AtGames Pinball, stock playfield) it looks stunning - even real! The physics are top notch, hitting ramps and "loading"the gun is so much easier here than the other versions I've played. Stellar work, I'm glad I discovered am amazing table author!

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This table looks and plays great. It feels more true to life than previous versions I have played in the past. Definitely recommend this one. 

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bon retour G5k et comme d'habitude un travail magnifique, merci de partager 

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