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Get Smart (Original)

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drincristal Created by
drinkcristal plus WillyCWonka Artwork by
drinkcristal + community Scripting by
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2021 Year

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*** Major Update to include basic DOF support, pup pack and artwork *** see change log for details


Get Smart was a 60's TV Series that can still make me laugh today.


I was inspired to develop this original table by seeing what others have done with tables like TNA and UT CTF. 


This table uses the AFM layout as the base as I like the mix or ramps/loops and the centre objective which I have re-purposed as Control HQ. 


No ROM needed and the game was principally designed for use in VR but has the elements to work in desktop and cabinet (amend in script).


I have coded all the different game modes with some more obvious than others. I have used the advantage that this is virtual to create the Target Practice and Shoot Siegfried game modes. Try the skillshot 😉 The animation is inspired by the Lord of the Rings pinball


I have tried to recreate the ambience of a TV episode especially with the background audio and random callouts from iconic scenes. I hope this brings back memories for those familiar to the TV show and for those not, maybe encourage them to watch a show.


Game rules are on the table with some points to note:


The aim is to complete all tasks and challenges to start Agent Frenzy - a timed unlimited multiball to return agents to Control HQ.

I have introduced a new (I think) concept. Extra Life. Seeing games are free to play, the concept of buying a ball has been changed to earn the ability to buy a ball at the end of the game. This carries from game to game and the player has the choice to play the life or save it for another game. Extra life is earned during game play only and is not easy to earn. There is a small chance to get a random award in Carlsons lab.


I have borrowed table elements from many different sources so would like to thank everyone in the community for their contributions to virtual pinball. I would like to thank leojreimroc for testing the table and providing great suggestions including nudging me to make it desktop compatible. Thanks Rawd for all your tips and guidance on table creation along the way.


The invite/challenge is out there... if you can create some unique playfield artwork and/or plastics that would suit the game (rather than my mugs attempt at amending the AFM artwork), I will work on a pup pack to bring some of the iconic scenes to the DMD. Game lights can be moved around or tweaked to suit a more interesting artwork design 😉


There are a large number or elements that make this game so if you find any bugs, please let me know so I can repair.

If you have any suggestions that would enhance the game play, I am all ears. 


Set up in script for various game modes. Please note I don't have a cabinet so I cannot test the game fully in that mode. Apologies in advance if there are some bugs or added instructions required.


Once you change the script as you want, save and play. If you have played a game and change the mode of play, you will likely need to shut VPX completely and re-start (as the controller may be changed).


VR - Just set VRroom = 1 in script and everything else should sort itself out.


Desktop users:

Set VRroom = 0 & desktopmode = 1. You will also need to set up the Backglass/POV to be in desktop mode 


FSS users:

Set VRroom = 1 try inclination at 60, FOV 35, layback, XY rotation, X offset, Y offset = 0, Z offset = -700 and X, Y, Z scale at 1.


Cabinet Users:

Set VRroom = 0 , desktopmode = 0 , b2son = 1, form1_off = 0. You will also need to set up the Backglass/POV to be in Fullscreen mode and uncheck "Test Desktop". Some I believe also have the general Video/Graphics set as "Use always FS backdrop settings". That should work I believe. 

A directb2s is included in the zip file. Please let me know if there are any issues with it (as I don't have a cabinet to test all aspects of it)

Note, I have placed the DMD onto the bottom right instruction area for cabinet users (as I don't know how to put it on a directb2s or FlexDMD).


Please enjoy

Edited by drinkcristal
code for 10.8 support

included in zip
v10.6 required

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


2.0.2 - I've added some code to take advantage of auto detect of set up in VPX 10.8.


I only have a VR and desktop for testing. I've tested with the latest b2s server, flexDMD, freezy and pup pack player successfully. Please let me know any feedback in the comments if there are any issues

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Thanks for bringing this TV Series to VR, yep I watched it as a kid :) Table is good fun. 

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Never heard of this TV serie but I must admit your table is very fun and nice to play. Thanks for sharing this !

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