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Disco Fever (Williams 1979)

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60.68 MB File Size
disco_l1 ROM Name
drinkcristal Created by
drinkcristal Artwork by
drinkcristal + whole community Scripting by
Williams Manufacturer
1979 Year

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(Updated from VR only)

Time to put on Saturday Night fever and light up the glitter ball, I introduce to you Disco Fever.

This is my first attempt at a SS table from the ground up.

I need to thank all from the community as there is a little piece of something from everyone to make this table. In particular, this table has the banana flippers flippers (selectable by magnasave) from Time Warp. The author of that table is Gilrock/bord/rothbauerw are ok with me publishing this table.

I had used the playfield images from IPDB so the table appears as a well worn table. If there is anyone that wants to re-draw or enhance any or all of the artwork, please feel free.
I have included the ROM as the one on vpforum had no sound.

Based on some feedback (and that I didn't realise that Wildman had produced an excellent b2s  (thanks Rawd 🙂 )
( https://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2197-disco-feverwilliams1978/ ) I have updated the table to support desktop and b2s (look in the script to amend as needed).

I welcome any feedback and let me know if there are any bugs. I hope you enjoy this early SS Williams table,

v10.6 required
v10.6 optional
v10.7 required
v10.7 optional

What's New in Version 2.0.3   See changelog


A big thank you to Dak38 for updating the playfield artwork. Looks awesome now 🙂


Some other changes:

- re-arranged playfield lights,

- better hiding of other elements not used depending on mode (eg VR elements not leaking into cabinet view)

- Dak38 found a light not triggering

- sound moved to playfield only

- corrected direction of playfield in cabinet mode (right to left now)

- added some settings examples in the script for desktopmode and cabinetmode settings

Please do let me know if anyone finds any other issues needing to be corrected. 🙂

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A table I have been waiting ages for!  I touched up the old vp9 table years ago in hopes someone would be inspired to create the vpx version.  Unfortunately, no one was.... until now!  MyPC died a few months  ago, and I was about to hang up vpinball, but I noticed this table was created, and it inspired me to bring the pc back to life!  This morning I was able to finally get the pc back up and running and fired this table up ASAP! 

I was only able to get one round in  before I had to head out to work, but the one game I played I had a blast with!  Those banana flippers are INCREDIBLE! As for how the game plays, I can't say just yet, because I have yet to really get a lot of time with the table.  But from table creation pov, its a solid 5.  

I'm not sure how people are updating tables to have those wild sound mods (Think new blackout table) but if someone added those sounds to this, I think this table would feel like the real thing!   Great job, and once I get a few games in, I will def come back and review the game! 

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Boy those banana flippers sure have some whip to them :) Table plays great in both versions, thanks for sharing.

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