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O Brother Where Art Thou 1.6

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This is a tribute to the Coen Brother's 2000 film from Touchstone Pictures, and the Grammy Award winning soundtrack produced by T-Bone Burnett. This does NOT include the music files. See below for instructions.


This was developed and tested in Ver. 10.6. Users of 10.7 report issues with the game.


It is a collaboration with Scottacus (hours of scripting and adjusting, and game improvements) and bord (physics and game improvements). I'm grateful to both, and Loserman76 for some early scripting proof of concepts,  for their time and patience.  I appreciate all comments good and bad, and bringing issues to light. Thanks also to the beta testers: Thalamus (who also recommended a key improvement to multiball), JFR1, mlager. Also to Arngrim for DOF in v1.5.


Hold left flipper button for option menu.



It's tough, but, I hope, sort of addicting. You are on a journey to find the treasure, your score is your take of the loot. You must first lock Everett's, Delmar's, and Pete's saucers with balls to escape the chain gang. Multiball is a mad scramble to get away. The center "Skedaddle" saucer (behind the DTs) scores $5000 per hit in multiball  Then you must collect objects on the playfield. Once you have the object(s) for that stage, ball lock for multiball begins again, and you shoot the 3 saucers. Repeat until you reach the treasure. Don't forget backflips.


NOTE: Your progress through the journey does not reset on each ball, but other goals do. When more than one player, players are amassing their individual take of the treasure, but they are working together to complete the journey.


O Brother Where Art Thou

Zoss Pinball Co., 2021


1. Follow the Flashing Inserts! Seek the Treasure!

2. First, escape the chain gang! Lock balls in Everett, Pete & Delmar Saucers to start Multiball.

3. When one ball remains in play, the next stage of your journey will begin.

4. Shoot for targets/triggers with flashing lights.

5. Once flashing targets are hit, the Trio’s Saucers will lock balls for Multiball.

6. Shoot for SKEDADDLE for big payout: $5000 per hit during multiball.

7. Drop Targets: BONA earns 2X. FIDE earns 3x

8. Collect 5 Rollover Keys to double Multipliers. Each 5 Keys collected lights a Lock. 3 locks = extra ball.

9. Dapper Dan target lights bumpers, FOP target turns ‘em off.

10. Sling hits sell records. Get 20 per ball and get a "big fat contract."

11. The blue "Light Fingers" light behind the DTs is a skill shot with a good payoff.  But it only comes on when you have a shot. 


Hope you enjoy it. Onevox


A note about SLOPE. Some folks have reported a floaty ball in VPX 10.7. If you are using 10.7 and this is your only issue, try increasing the PF slope to 6.5 or 6.75. If you are on 10.6 and the ball isn't fast enough for your tastes, try playing the game for a while before changing the slope. The game is supposed to be slow, then frenetic (multiball), then slow, just like the scenes in the movie. 



NOTE: Distribution of this table or its related files on a computer, virtual pinball machine or storage device, which is SOLD as part of a commercial product, or sharing this file as part of "all in one" package installation via Mega (or similar sites) or via a file transfer process is not allowed. 


Add music: Buy the soundtrack, or grab the songs from your music library, convert to .mp3 and rename them  as shown below . Place them in an unzipped folder named "OBWAT" and put that folder in your VPX Music folder.  


Here are the songs used:

OBWAT1.mp3     Man of Constant Sorrow, studio version

OBWAT2.mp3    Man of Constant Sorrow, rally version

OBWAT3.mp3    In the Jailhouse Now

OBWAT4.mp3    Keep on the Sunny Side

OBWAT5.mp3    I'll Fly Away

OBWAT6.mp3    Big Rock Candy Mountain

OBWAT7.mp3    Hard Time Killing Floor Blues

OBWAT8.mp3    Angel Band

OBWAT9.mp3    You Are My Sunshine

OBWAT11.mp3    In The Highways

OBWAT13.mp3    I Am Weary

What's New in Version 1.6   See changelog


1.6 Increased ball rolling sounds a little, including on ramps. And some other small tweaks

      Zip file includes an OBWAT folder with the "chime10" file needed for the Options Music Volume setting. This folder goes in your Music folder, and is where your songs should go. 


1.5 Now with DOF by Arngrim.

Included in the ZIP
v10.6 required

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Great graphics, layout and music.  Play is a little floaty but I went into the vpx editor, options for the game and  changed the gravity from 0.97 to 1.97 and they play is much livelier. 


I have found that many tables, especially the EM ones have a floaty, slower play to them so changing the gravity setting usually produces a much livelier game.


Really enjoyable game, thanks very much.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Wow. To think Cuphead Pro, one of the best E&Ms around, was just a warm-up to this magnificent table! What a neatly integrated audio/visual experience. Onevox rocks!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

The sound bytes and music go excellent with the aesthetic of the playfield which capture the feel of the era and movie very well. The playfield is top notch 10/10 graphically.

The physics are a bit slow and floaty, and I can't hear the ball at all, but it's still lots of fun! 

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   1 of 5 members found this review helpful 1 / 5 members

Ball Physics are way too slow, plz fix this.

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Très belle table vraiment bien à jouer !

Excellent merci pour le travail !

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Sorry a bit late to the party on this one, but wow!! what an absolutely amazing table!!

I would give it 10 stars if possible. I had no idea this even existed...

1. Great movie, It is one that can make you laugh out loud!

2. Loved finding the songs and forgot how good the sound track really track is.

3. Table graphics and game play physics are second to none, this truly is a work of art!

Thank you for sharing this masterpiece so we can all enjoy it, cheers!


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I find that original tables are much more hit-or-miss than recreations (for me, anyway). But, man, is this a HIT. Fun theme, great music, and well designed table. Thanks for this!

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Excellent work sir.  Love the callouts and art style, the whole theme is unified well and reflects the feel of the movie brilliantly. Thanks so much for the continued updates.  I've come nowhere near completing the journey but we had a lot of fun with a 4 player session of this a few weekends back.  I like using the 4 player mode as a jukebox with this one, walk by play a ball till it drains then walk off and just let the music play for a bit.  


Looking forward to any future projects of yours.

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This table is bonafide!  If you are a Dapper Dan man you need to check out this table.


Onevox, Scottacus, and Bord have created a beautiful table with wonderful gameplay.  Clear time and care was made in making this table and tying the gameplay to the movies theme.  The sounds and music really work well with the table. Some commented on the slower physics, but I found them appropriate to the old-timey feel.  I also appreciate the continued support they have provided in improving the table based on feedback.  I hope the authors stay around these parts and don't up and R-U-N-N-O-F-T!


Clearly a 5 star table! I've spoken my piece and counted to three.


So long, boys. See you in the funny papers.

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Beautiful work. Very fun table that respects and enjoys the theme. Post initial release support is great.

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Unlike a few others, I feel like the slower speed meshes well with the table.  The table is beautiful, and I hope that I'll be able to get past step 3 before too long!

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THis table and your steampunk table are 2 tables i been extied to see come to full fruition for a long time. You sir have made my day! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. This is a beauty and plays very well. Great fun! Thank You!

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Beautiful table.

Thank you very much 😉

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