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Congo (Williams 1995) VPW Mod 1.0.0

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The VPin Workshop members present a table tune-up for Congo by Williams!


This is one from Williams "rubbish film, great pinball!" series, and really shouldn't be missed, a true under appreciated gem.

•    Inserts & Lighting Overhaul: Skitso
•    nFozzy physics: Rastan350
•    Fleep Sounds: Rastan350

•    Ramps: Flupper & Benji
•    VR Stuff & Fixes: Sixtoe
•    Miscellaneous fixes and tweaks: Sixtoe, iaakki, Skitso, tomate

•    Apron and VUK guard Primitives: tomate

•    Playfield Mesh: Bord

•    Jungle 360 VR Room: 3rdaxis (from his Grand Lizard VR Room)

•    Table Assets and Scans: Mwong
•    Testing: Rik, Rastan350, Panik Flip gaming, VPW team
This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us including, in this case nFozzy, Dark, LoadedWeapon and JPSalas.

Thank you to Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics. Thanks you to Fleep for sounds. Thanks to all before us.


'Started from Skitsos personal mod
'004 - Rastan350 - new physics and sounds
'005 - Skitso - reworked all GI and flashers, improved insert lighting, new LUT
'006 - iaakki - debugged some flip physics issues and now live catch and nudge works, flip angles changed, removed some lights, flip physics parameters updated
'007 - Skitso - temporary fix for broken flashers. Replaced SHOOT AGAIN and KICKBACK insert textures to a more visually pleasing ones.
'008 - iaakki - merged flashers. Solflash17 created for "modulated" Amy flasher
'009 - Skitso - fixed flashers, fixed ball shadow depth bias issue, added one missing GI light under left ramp, made upper lane guide lamps to show through AMY's hand, new volcano ramp textures, improved Grey playfield texture and shadows, new dark texture for yellow hit targets on Grey playfield, added tiny bit of DL to Grey when GI is lit, fixed right sligshot plastics material and repositioned light beneath
'010 - Skitso - improved rule card texture, backwall texture and left ramp decal. Added backfacing transparent triangles rendering to ramps, improved bumber lighting.
'011 - iaakki - ball drop sounds fixed. It is still bugged occasionally but not sure why..
'012 - Skitso - better upper PF laneguide prim, improved lights for upper lane guides, tweaked flashers.
'015 - iaakki - fixed ramp exits so that ball drop sounds can work properly
'016 - Sixtoe - Re-organised whole table, added VR room and assets, replaced rails and sideblades (switchable for art ones, which I redid a bit), raised some lights and dropped others (to stop it cutting prims in half), fixed z fighting for several walls, removed numerous unused assets, redid sling rubbers and area (including physics objects), cut holes in playfield and made drop holes, turned off backfacing rendering for ramps as it breaks VR, will try and find a workaround, raised DL meanwhile, removed redundant drop code, removed wall that stopped ball dropping off wire ramp, probably some other stuff I forgot
'017 - Benji - New ramps based on flupper's new tutorial
'018 - Flupper - New ramp models, new ramp textures. "plsatic_ramps" texture in image manager is better for VR
'019 - tomate - LowPoly left ramp added.
'020 - tomate - flipperTimer added, flippers prims and shadows, slightly corrected left flipper location, New wireRamps prims, plastic ramps slightly modified to fit wire ramps, DC-3 model added
'021 - tomate - WireRamps textures added, split wire ramps (up and down), down wireRamp reflection disabled, plastic plane recovered from previous version
'022 - iaakki - Gorilla flips physics change, LUT changer added with failsafe improvements, Cabinet mode improved, RampLook option added
'023 - Sixtoe - Complete fixtures and fittings pass, changed most things, tons of small tweaks and adjustments to positions of things, drilled a hole in the plastic ramp, added seperate VR graphics setup for ramps and wire runs, unified timers, probably something else I forgot.
'024 - Sixtoe - Tinkered with the metals and lighting to get the fixings more natural and suited to table.
'026 - tomate - new 3d apron and apron texture added, apron rails and POV fixed
'027 - Sixtoe - Added playfield mesh from Bord, more tinkering and adjusting including apron area for VR and finally punting it out the door
'RC2 - Skitso - Fixed playfield mesh location, made ball shinier, altered few materials, made apron a tad more in shadow.
'RC3 - iaakki - Fixed GI control, added TargetBouncerEnabled and RubberizerEnabled script options to make table feel more real
'RC4 - Skitso - Improved GI, small insert tweaks
'RC4.1 - Skitso - Grouped a few missing GI lights
'RC4.2 - tomate - post-draw textures added, new primitives and textures for VUK exits added
'RC5 - Sixtoe - Sling kickers adjusted, changed back wall layout, adjusted vuk prims and added material, fixed leftrampdrop height and visibility, tweaked metal pole on left orbit, changed env image, altered materials and textures for metals and volcano, cropped new GI lamps.
'RC6 - iaakki - FlipperNudge tuned. Sw55 target had incorrect phys parameters. gi_bulb022/23 adjust
'RC7 - Skitso - tuned satellite inserts and made all purple inserts more natural color, tuned Gi_Bulb014, tuned perimeter defence flasher
'RC8 - iaakki - l82f fixed. ramp tied to gi. RubberBand material adjusted, ramp41 decal adjusted
'RC9 - Sixtoe - Fixed VR script, altered desktop backdrop, minor tweaks.


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