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Radical (Bally 1990) Prototype VPW Mod 1.0.1

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**Reupload, nothing new since 1.0.1 - Dec. '20

Fleep sounds, nFozzy Physics, 3D inserts, new ramp textures, lighting updates, Flupper domes and bumpers, integrated VR Room by Sixtoe, and more! Thanks to JP Salas for his original work on this table and permission to work on it.
This release wouldn't have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us.
Skate or die!

'xxx - benji - New plastics, fleeps sounds, physics, various versions
'009 - iaakki - new cutout pf and insert text images, most of the insert types in, many inserts needs adjust, renaming and linking
'010 - iaakki - some more inserts...
'011 - iaakki - rest of the inserts layed, lights needs tuning, pf and insert images updated one more time, need to add additional lights for some inserts
'012 - iaakki - insert work finished
'013 - iaakki - Flupper domees... RampDecals to non-static
'014 - iaakki - Flupper Bumpers
'017 - iaakki - Desktop POV fixed, dropsounds checked, side blade reflections checked, some djent to those standup targets, DisableUpperSling option added
'RC1 - Sixtoe - Fixed the backglass cabinet lamps, tons of small corrections and tweaks to primitives, new holes in playfield, tweaked the vr room, fixed some depth bias issues,
'changed the drop target material so they pop a little more, changed table lighting settings
'RC2 - iaakki - Added DL to sideblades and ramps for GI update. Minor tweak to plunger lane. Flasher options fine tune. Reflections on for bats.
'RC3 - iaakki - bumper tune up, debug cleanup..
'v100 - iaakki - release
'v101 - iaakki - CabinetMode off by default


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