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X-Men LE (Stern 2012) 2.0.0

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X-Men LE (Stern 2012) v2.0.1 Wolverine and Magneto LE editions, also with built in optional minimal VR room!


Tables evolution;

Original table by: Freneticamnesic

Modified by: ICPjuggla

Modified by: HauntFreaks (visuals, lighting, 3D models for LE toys)

Converted to LE by: DJrobX (code, lighting, flashers, LE toys), primitives: Bord (ramps, ramps shadows)

Extensive code work by DJrobX Add modulated flasher support VPX surround sound support LE conversion: Re-mapped table lights to LE locations Add moving Iceman ramp Add night crawler pop-ups and animations Add magneto spinning turntable Color GI support Physics tweaks 7 color GI mod to change the GI colors with 7 distinct colors


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ V2.0 :

New playfield by ebislit.

Adjusted most table assets to match new playfield and remove VR issues. (Sixtoe)

Added 3D Apron (thanks Knorr) (Sixtoe)

Added primitive rails (3rdaxis/Flupper/Sixtoe)

Added fluppers flashers (thanks Flupper)

Added missing and replacement of fixtures and fittings primitives (thanks Dark) (Sixtoe)

Reworked flipper lanes and laneguide assets to match real machine. (Sixtoe)

Added table GI LED flasher and local GI bulb glows. (Sixtoe)

Changed lower spotlights to flashers. (Sixtoe)

Numerous bugfixes (including fixing magneto centre lane, iceman ramp ball clipping, ball draining directly from wolverine magnet, improved magnets, Cyclops spinner being upside down and ramp gates being...funky). (Sixtoe)

Modification of some existing primitives and walls to fix issues, including splitting most of the large all in one fixture & fittings primitives, so you can now move the drain pins independently.

Numerous bits of artwork... work? (Sixtoe)

Added Magneto LE theme as script option. (Sixtoe)

Added VR cabinet and minimal VR room (cabinet by 3rdaxis, simplified by flupper, further simplified and unified assets by Sixtoe, Minimal VR Room by Sixtoe)

Added VR cabinet and room as script option (Sixtoe)

Fixing the code when Sixtoe's brain hurt (DJRobX)

Added fastflips (Sixtoe)

Rework back GI lights and create proper backwall flashers (DJRobX/Sixtoe)

Rework physics per NFozzy/Rothbauerw tutorial (DJRobX)


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ v2.0.1 

Physics updates to more closely match recently played real one (BrandonLaw)

Fix apron and plunger elements to dynamic so Magneto mode shows correct apron


We also want thank all the testers and devs! :)




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