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Secret Service (Data East 1988)

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335.31 MB File Size
ssvc_a26.zip ROM Name
Derek Crosby, Initial Script Template by 32Assassin Created by
Derek Crosby Original Table Scan by : roccodimarco Artwork by
Derek Crosby, Original VPX Blueprint by 32Assassin Scripting by
Data East Manufacturer
1988 Year

2 Screenshots

What's New in Version 1.3   See changelog


This is version 1.3

  1. Changed Translucency of the Plastic on top of the Slings, as well as the Main Ramp to the rails, so that the airplane decal has better depth, and it looks less like it's "Milky" Plastic
  2. Fixed some of the cabinet sides leaking light and whatever is in the background through to the front in cabinet mod
  3. Adjusted some of the bottom ramp wires, so that they align better with the top wires
  4. (BIG Update) I went through and replaced all the sound-effects to be localized to the table, so it should be fully SSF compatible. Any bugs in this please report them.
  5. Noticed one of the Bumpers had the image upside down, so I fixed the image and re-imported it.
  6. Uses ssvc_a26.zip for the rom, if you want to search it out, while you download this file. If this is an update, the same rom will work, it hasn't changed.


  • Knocker Removed, the knocker was making sounds at inappropriate times, and it didn't seem like it was firing when the actual knocker would, so I removed it, has it as Solenoid 31 I think in the script, but I don't think that's the correct one
    Anybody has any concrete info on which switch it is, then please post, and I will correct and test it.

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This table is a ton of fun!  Great sounds and call outs, interesting theming, and a classic gameplay loop.  I have no idea how accurate this recreation is, but I find myself returning to it time and time again.   I consider it a hidden gem!

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