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Playboy (Stern FS)

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playboys.zip ROM Name
85vett and Luvthatapex. I did the drawing and Luvthatapex did the scripting. Was a team effort. Created by
85vett Artwork by
Luvthatapex Scripting by
2002 Year

1 Screenshot

This table was a from scratch build recreating the Stern Playboy machine. It was co built by myself (85vett) and Luvthatapex. Special thanks goes out to him for all the scripting work. I spent most of the time on redrawing the images. I think we paired up nicely and built a fun table.

Fair warning that this is a resource hog table due to the number of animations (6 total) in the machine. Plus we added a PG and a mature version all in the same table. I have no issues on my cab running it with my ledwiz while in hyperpin. Outside of hyperpin I do get some stutters when the ledwiz is active. For weaker machines you may want to export the images and resize them to be a lower resolution.

In order to change this table from the PG version to the mature version you need to change the "0" to a "1" on line number 8. ****Warning, the mature version contains nudity. Due not make this script change if this is offensive to you or others that will be able to play/watch the game.****

Their is a direct BS2 backglass for this table that luvthatapex made at - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2377-playboy-stern-2002/

In the media pack I added an alternative translite and a couple different wheel images. The alternative backglass is not a DB2S backglass so keep that in mind if you want to use it. I think it goes well with the mature version of the table. Media pack can be found here - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2378-playboy-stern-2002/

This table was built under the 9.16 version 608 build. I've played it under the released 9.1.5 release and haven't noticed any glitches.

Hope you enjoy!

*** Update 7/21 - Vesion 1.02 ***

Thanks to the assistance of Aaron James I am launching an update to this table. Aaron tweak some setting to make the table more efficient which should help with PC performance. Some of the things updated are:

- Alpha Plunger was updated

- X/Y coordiantes updated to make the table less wide looking

- physics of the game updated : flippers/rubbers by outlanes /some walls/etc. Table is a bit more bouncy now.

- all alpha ramp flashers updated to "additive bi" which makes them look more like The flashers on JP's tables

- Updated wall on the left side of skill shot. This should prevent balls from rolling in behind the Skill shot animation when you shoot the ball just to the edge of the lane.

- Round Walls added above each sling shot to prevent the ball from stopping on them. Played several games and haven't had it happen again yet.

- Added a cover to the whole next to the left ramp. This should prevent the ball from flying into that gap and sticking. Never could get it to happen so hopefully this fixes that issue

- Other minor changes to help with table performance

Most of the above was completed by Aaron (thanks again for the help).

Lastly, in an effort to make sure everyone whom wants to be able to play this table can (hopefully). I created 3 versions. Which are:

- High res - Same images as the previous release. Only for those with pretty strong systems.

- Low Res - Playfield images and plastic images have been had the resolution reduced. This should help those that have a good system but were getting some studder or texture issues. On my 46 inch LED (now you know why I go with high res images :-)) it's a bit blurry but smaller monitors or TV's should be OK.

- Low Res and No GI Flashers - I took the low res one step further and removed all the GI alpha ramp flashers. They weren't animated but these are the things that made the lights glow (outside of the basic GI tweaks on the table images).

For all 3 versions I did not touch the Girl animations. If you still have issues I would recommend reducing the resolution on them. I couldn't bring myself to do that as I think that's the best part of the table, so hopefully one of the three table version will work for most of you.

*** Update 9/23 - Version 1.03 ***

- Script changes made to fix the centerfold bug with MB.

- Script changes made to allow the splash triangle to stop on triple jackpot and splash when appropriate. Bonus here is you can now see the girls better :-)

- left ramp adjusted to allow the ball to roll under it. Switch 23 it now hit-able and this should prevent ball hangups there.

- added wall to the left of the left ramp in the void space to help prevent balls being hung up their as well.

- script change to the tease frame animation so it moves more inline with the real table.

Big thanks to dupe3d for the scripting changes.

I also resized the images so hopefully the full version is playable on everyone's system. If it is not playable for you then you may want to try and resize the images more. What I've uploaded is the lowest res I want to go as lower than that it starts to impact clarity on the playfield. the resize cut most playfield and plastic images in half.

*** Update 9/24 - Version 1.04 ***

Fixing the bugs that were introduced with 1.03.

- Changed the top lane screw to non-colideable so it wont impede the ball from rolling down the wire gate.

- added another one way gate that is not visible in the shooter lane which will help prevent ball hang ups

- fixed Switches 25, 41 and 42 so they now register properly

- watched some more videos of the real table and have corrected the grotto kicker to now kick the ball into the pops as it does on the real table.

- removed the dark black from around the switch wires. Now looks more natural

- added back the high res version by request

***High res version is only for high power systems. IT WILL crash your Visual Pinball application if you can't run the images needed. If this happens use the low res version. If it still crashes you will need to resize them smaller. Going small then what is in the low res really messes with the clarity so I'm not uploading a table of that nature.****


What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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