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Fathom (Bally 1981) 1.0.0 - redbone(colorsmod)

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fathom.zip ROM Name
redbone Created by
redbone Artwork by
redbone, Goldchicco, 32assassin Scripting by
Bally Manufacturer
1981 Year

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This table was modded after talking with Vogliadicane and Goldchicco.  I settled on using Goldchicco's table because it was the most recent updated with some modern scripting features.  I debated with myself quite a bit about even doing one because their 3 tables are really awesome.   The LED and Antique MODS from Vogliadicane are undeniably unique and awesome.   Goldchicco's table has the modern scripting and a bit of fixes.  I knew there were some gains to be had on playfield quality and slight gains on plastics.  I ended up recreating both by going back and pulling together some some online resources, ideas from Vogliadicane's plastics and even some of 32assassin's playfield.  Beyond playfield and plastics, my focus was some accents on certain playfield elements using lights. I just really wanted to have some fun with this table.  Some of you purists may not like it. :P   You can turn these on/off in the script if you don't like them.  Several lights and hues were tweaked to accent portions of the plastics as well.  One of the last bigger things I did was create new bumper caps.  I actually used a picture of an antique iridescent plate I found on ebay to create these. I thought it worked pretty nice.  The inserts got worked a bit too and again.. colors added everywhere.  I tried to make it new and interesting without overdoing it. 

Here are some more highlights - 

-rebuilt and upscaled playfield
-extended some graphics on playfield 
-new iridescent bumper caps
-new octopus and colors on bumper caps

-rebuilt spinner

-new ball images
-playfield color corrections on upper left mermaid
-rebuilt and upscaled plastics
-drop target graphics rebuilt and realigned
-triton graphic on left drop targets
-lighting tweaks everywhere - COLORS
-many inlays redone
-lots of accent lighting added
-bumpers to 11 (from 7) for more speed
-flippers to 2000 (from 1800) for more speed
-lots of new text for correct font
-reworked other misc graphics
-fixed a few lights not coming on
-added a couple of easter eggs on the playfield :)  Who can find them first? lol think...   "I'm Old Gregg"


Below are notes from Goldchicco's release:

This is a complete rebuilt of 32assassin table ver 2.0


Big thank you to you to:

Vogliadicane for the Plastics image/

agentEighty6 for adding the nFozzy flippers


What's new:

* New lights, new lighting
* New table physics
* Added nFozzy flippers (thanks @agentEighty6)
* Reworked all the images, cleaned and 
* New Plastics image (thanks @Vogliadicane)
* Added Flippers Shadows and Ball Shadows
* Added light bulbs primitives for GI
* Added missing mechanical sounds and replaced 
   ball rolling sound
* Tuned Slingshots and Bumpers force
* Corrected Rubbers Hit Height
* Added JP's LUT code
* New instruction Cards in the apron
* Repositioned Bumpers correctly
* Changed Drop Targets height so they don't 
  disappear when down


To rotate and select between the nine LUT files press and Hold the Left Magnasave and rotate pressing the Right Magnasave.


Backglass can be found here:


Hope you enjoy it and please leave constructive feedback or comments in the support topic and will try to make it better.
All Logos, Copyrights and Trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Permission to Mod: Yes with approval

Contact Author First.
v10.7 required

What's New in Version 1.1.1   See changelog


Script has been updated based on changes from  @Goldchicco and his help from  @mopebe


I also took this opportunity to make the ball better by setting the ball image and the decal it to ball_magic2 as the default.  It just looks better. :)

Lastly, I can't submit an update without increasing graphic quality in some way!  I recreated 9 more inserts and texts in or around them.  The ones up through the middle and at the top should be a little more crisp now.

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