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Inhabiting Mars

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5 From 8 reviews
349.88 MB File Size
Inhabiting Mars ROM Name
Joe Picasso, Oqqsan and JP Salas Created by
Joe Picasso Artwork by
Oqqsan Scripting by
Original Manufacturer
2023 Year

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"Place the 'Inhabitingmars.gif' in your ...DirectOutput/Config folder"


This table is very unique and works in a very odd way. If you never played orbiter 1 then you might get overwhelmed by its oddity.

Its uniqueness lies in the special gravity where the ball pushes and pulls away from pop bumpers and even goes all the way around the flippers. 

Use the Magna save buttons to flip the flippers downwards. a reveres flip.  this technique is crucial to keep in mind to get far in the game.







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· Edited by mikepmcs

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This game is nutso awesome! It challenges you mentally and believe it or not, physically, because my wrists/lower arms were on fire by the second game switching back and forth from upper to lower flippers. Really out of the box with great everything from topper to wheel and everything in between.  Went with the alt backglass because I can never get the full dmd to load other than squished on my dmd screen. I'm still trying to figure out how to change the dmd dimensions on a per game basis and not globally. I like the alt backgIass I chose because it has all the creators names as well in the lower left corner.  

I truly appreciate the all in one zip file that contained everything I needed to make this aesthetically perfect right from the start. I will change nothing.

I put the gif file where instructed but I'm curious if I'm supposed to see something? Doesn't matter really, the game plays and looks great.

Bravo Zulu on this release.

Thank you!



20230218_084117 (Medium).jpg

20230218_084058 (Medium).jpg

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Thought I'd wait longer before dropping a review. This is GREAT. The gravity and the flow of the ball as it orbits the satellite "bumpers" and the gravity of the blackhole/drain, just brilliant. Simply one of the best pinball games I've played, and best envisioning of a space themed table at that, the gravity is brilliant. The effects are great, and I haven't unlock all its mysteries yet. Also saw Smaug preview the table, impressive then, so much more impressive to experience and play!

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I have been following this table on multiple streams from Smaug. It is a blast to play with unique elements. Thank you for your hard work everyone. Looking forward to many worm sightings. 

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I steered clear of this table for  a  long time since the original VPX version of Orbitor 1 (never played the original) annoyed the hell out of me and I was damned if I was going to play more of that same maddening, confusing mess!

If you're in the same boat as me, let me tell you that everything Orbitor 1 is doing wrong, this table is getting right. The gravity feels intuitive, the use of down flips via the magnasave buttons is inspired, and it's incredibly fun to play, with great sound, music and voice work. The overall package is amazing too, including basically everything you need to set this up on your cab, including wheel graphics and three (!) backglasses (though I would've liked to see an instruction card - oh well, guess I'll have to make my own 🙂) . This is a keeper for sure!

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Watched Manu stream this a few days ago and it looked so fun. Just played it for the first time myself and it's awesome! Thank you!

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At last, the orbitor 1 table needed updating and this nails it. Well done.

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This is great!  What a mind bender.  And in 3d?  WoW.  Thank you for something so artful and unique.  Kudos.

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