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The Wiggler (Bally 1967) 2.26

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The Wiggler is another Ted Zale table with zipper flippers, one way locking gates, multiple game modes, multiball and his patented mushroom bumpers.  This table also has a "wiggle lane" that makes the ball "wiggle" back and forth as it makes its way down it.  He reused this same concept on Sea Ray and Mariner.  I did this table because the art work is killer but I've never seen or played one in the wild.


A wheel image is available here:


This  hybrid Desktop, Cab and VR all in one table is made for vpx 10.6 but may run well in 10.7 (I've never tested that).  The table is set as desktop/cab and to play in VR just edit the top section of the script.  To alter the table's settings please hold the left flipper button between games to enter the game options menu.  To change the LUT for the table hold the magnasave button between games.


Features include:

- VR mode with selectable room/minimal views in game using the left flipper options menu between games

-Bord blender renders

-Addition of the most resent nFozzy and crew physics

-Onevox's LUTs for on the fly contrast and brightness control

-New three dimensional sound routines from Whirlwind

-New save file system that has an easy to read text file and is game version specific to prevent problems when upgrading

-New scoring logic that blocks scores that occur too fast for an EM pin mech (again from Whirlwind)


Thanks to all of the folks who helped bring this table to completion, especially the VR discord group who got me going with VR!


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