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Lately I converted a lot of Loserman76 tables to VR, because I didn't want to play them in a completely dark room anymore.
I will upload them little by little in the next time.

At the same time I made two tutorials, how to do these EM-conversions in a simple way.
One tutorial is short and suitable for people, who know, how to use the editor.
The second tutorial is quite extensive and suitable for beginners.
In the meantime, I am able to do these conversions in 5 to 10 minutes; albeit with a generic artwork for the backbox and cabinet.
However, there is a simple way, to insert the appropriate artwork; as I do in my conversions.
I created a folder, that contains two template tables; one with normal backbox and one with wedge head.
Furthermore, the folder contains the materials and the images.
Both instructions are in English and German.
I would be happy, if they help one or the other and we get to see some new VR tables in the future.
I am grateful for any suggestions for improvement. However, the instructions are not intended for basic explanations, as that would go beyond the scope.
So please test them out.
Many greetings.



5-minute conversion to virtual reality.pdf 5-Minuten-Konvertierung in Virtual Reality.pdf Anleitung zur Konvertierung von Tischen in Virtual Reality.pdf Instructions for converting pinball to virtual reality.pdf

Tutorial Videos

Optionally you can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo to your tutorial


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Was going through your tutorial and there is a dead mega link right off the bat at:


The file contains the VR table, the materials and the graphics.
I always copy and unzip the file to the folder of the table I want to convert. But you can put it anywhere and unzip it.
Opening the table, to be converted in the editor

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