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Mario Andretti (Gottlieb 1995) (10.7)

This is a hybrid version of 1995 Gottlieb Mario Andretti. The four views include Fullscreen, Desktop, Full Single Screen, and VR. The B2S file is included for cabs. Left magna save selects LUT settings. Options in script include glass on/off, glass scratches on/off, left posters in VR on/off, right posters in VR on/off, and logo in VR on/off. Thanks to the VPW crew for the VR room and their auto VR switching.


The original vpx conversion was made by Steely and Rascal from a VP8 version made by Destruk. This hybrid version was made from RyGuy's MOD of the original conversion.


Credits go out to the following.

Ahr1man - many VR enhancements and help along with beta testing all views and reporting bugs.

Rawd - adjusting VR view angle and enhancements, advice, and beta testing.

Steely - for the awesome work on the car spinner physics and collision.

RyGuy - for his mod which included LUT and graphic cleanup.

Destruk - for the VP8 version of this table.

Rascal - for converting the table to vpx and now for his part in making this into a hybrid.




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