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Junk Yard (Williams 1996)

Time to infiltrate Crazy Bob's at the Junk Yard and build the Jalopy!

This mod includes the latest VPW enhancements to modernize the older Junk Yard version for physics, sound and playability.

* nFozzy physics
* Dynamic Ball Shadows
* Fleep sounds / rolling / ramp
* Flupper Domes
* LUT selector
* New playfield with better image quality
* Lots of small tweaks to improve game play or aesthetics.
* More detailed change log notes are in the script headers.

Also, a huge improvement to the game play experience is dtatane's amazing alt color rendering of the Junk Yard DMD located at https://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/6943-junk-yard-64-colors

Quick History:
The only VPX version of Junk Yard was version 1.3 (last updated 10/12/16) with mfuegemann as the main author and help from Fuzzel, Dark and Hauntfreaks. There was also a SG1bsoN mod which was mostly lighting updates to an interesting color scheme.

I gave v1.3 a quick flip and immediately realized it needed an update on the physics front. I would later realize it needed other updates as I learned more about the VPW example table packages, etc. The physics obviously jump out at you the fastest if they are using the older VPX defaults.

So, back about 6 months ago, I reached out to apophis about trying to learn how to upgrade the physics and he helped me get started with the bord YouTube tutorials / documents, etc. Fast forward here and it has been a learning journey for me to understand how VPX works, how to code the upgrade packages from the Example table, etc.

I really just wanted to see this table get better physics, aesthetics and gameplay as a general goal for the project with the intention of learning VPX along the way on something that needed a little TLC.

Thanks to all of the team at Williams listed on the IPDB link.

Thanks to the original VPX authors: mfuegemann, Fuzzel, Dark and Hauntfreaks

Thanks to apophis, bord, Wylte and Sixtoe for coding assistance and thanks to PinStratsDan, Smaug, FriscoPinball and the VPW team for testing. 






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Hello, when it starts it makes a constant strange noise, it stays during the game too, I think it's from the crane, because when I hit the table (that is, the crane ball shakes) it sounds even louder. How could I solve it? I use VPX 10.7.2 Final. Thanks for the great job. :)


Sorry for my bad English.

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